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LLH: Chapter 09: Help!

The gloomy atmosphere controlled the Uzumaki Residence for the rest of the day.

              Hakubo was popular among the Uzumaki clan members. Brilliant even though he’s still young, handsome, and humble. If he learned the Flying Thunder God, you would have mistaken him for Minato.

“Unfortunately, I was born in the warring states era.” Masahiko thought of it.

During his 48 years of life in this world, Masahiko has witnessed a lot of deaths, to the point where he got really used to it.

He knows that there will be more tragedy in the future. Life always comes with death in the world; otherwise, he wouldn’t be reincarnated here in the first place.

“Live… At least until you see the end of this story…” Masahiko set his conviction.

The next day, Masahiko woke up early, ate breakfast, and then rushed to the hall.

The remnants of yesterday’s funeral have not thoroughly cleaned yet; Hakubo’s body was already buried last night. But the atmosphere still remains.

“Uncle, you are here.” The patriarch greets Masahiko as he sat in the main hall. His face looked tired.

Masahiko knows that if his family is going to start a war with a stronger Clan, they will need to strike first, a preemptive strike. The pressure on the patriarch must be heavy during this time, he can’t hastily make a decision. But Hakubo’s death can’t be in vain. This war must happen.

“Uncle, you should go to the Senju and ask them for help.” The patriarch spoke.

“But if the Senju joins the battle, the Uchiha will definitely interfere.” Masahiko replied.

“We’ve got no choice. In terms of power, we’re far behind the Kaguya clan. Only by bringing the Senju and Uchiha to the battlefield we’ll have a chance to win. The second elder has already gone to the Hyuga clan to ask for help.”

“Already? I understand I will immediately go to the Senju.” Masahiko nodded. He understood what the patriarch’s intent is. If he managed to make this battlefield have all the five sides, then the Uzumaki will have a chance.

Masahiko departed and walked along the same road he traveled from before. This is the third time this month.

“Okay, I can do this…” Masahiko cheered himself.

“Although there’s an in-law relationship now, It won’t be easy to convince the Senju to provide reinforcement.” Masahiko thought. “I have to be witty and find an opening to act.”

His journey was calm and smooth, without even realizing he was already in Senju territory.

“Hmmm… something is strange. The chakra concentration is unusually high. It seems Tobirama and Hashirama is doing something.” Masahiko could detect many Senju clansmen in the distance.

“They seemed to be led by one of the East-Senju elders, Tobu Senju.” Masahiko said while he was looking from a distance.

“Who’s there?” Hashirama felt that someone was watching them from afar. Now their attention is directed to Masahiko’s direction.

Masahiko was surprised that he got noticed. So the God of Shinobi can even sense him from this distance?

“Second Grandfather? Didn’t you already left?” Tobirama was surprised upon seeing Masahiko. Of course, it’s just yesterday when Masahiko bid farewell to him.

“Ahh… Yes, there’s something that I forget to bring.” Masahiko said, without telling the real purpose of his coming.

“The room should’ve been clean up already.”

Masahiko then interrupted Tobirama and said, “What is this? Am I not welcomed here?”

“Of course not! You’re more than welcome here, in fact, you can stay as long as you want.” Hashirama replied with a smile. But Tobirama’s face seemed dark.

Sure enough Masahiko replied, “Well if this the case, why don’t you start doing some Hand Signs to use your Wood Release, and build me a cabin here, it’ll be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it’s more convenient than a small room don’t you think?”

Hashirama looked confused, “Did I something wrong, Tobirama?”

Tobirama shrugged…

“Come on, I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously.” Masahiko said with a smile, “Hey, where are you going?”

Before Hashirama could speak, one of the elders said, “Cough… We are going hunting.”

Masahiko closed his eyes for a second, then smile and said, “Well, happy hunting.”

Masahiko shook his head and went towards the Senju clan residence.

“This kind of lie won’t deceive me.” Masahiko thought.

“Did he think he can fool me with such a lie? Tobu leading a team with both Hashirama and Tobirama in it, along with a bunch of elite shinobis. This can only mean one thing…”

“Things have changed now… I do no longer need to ask for help… Diplomacy can be really tricky sometimes.”

Masahiko thought for a moment and made up his mind.

“I will just go back there and do nothing…” Masahiko muttered, and he went straight to his room. He picked up some rocks and put it in his bag as if it were the thing he lost yesterday.

“It’s about time…”

As he went to the hall, a guard halted him and said, “Masahiko-Dono, the patriarch is calling for you.”

“I know.” Masahiko replied with a smirk.

“Well, stay tough now…” Masahiko thought to himself as he walked to the main hall.

“Ah Masahiko, come back to get something? Did you managed to find it?” As soon as he entered the hall, Butsuma greeted him.

“Well, yeah, sort of…” Masahiko replied shortly and didn’t take the initiative to open the conversation.

Butsuma paused for a while, then he said: “The two of us already become in-laws, family supposed to help each other.”

He sighed then continued: “I’ll get to the point, the Kaguya family suddenly intruding our east Senju brothers. Various tribes are disturbing us, and I hope that the Uzumaki could lend us a hand with the fight against the Kaguya clan.”

“Oh, this decision can’t be made by me alone. I’ll have to consult this with the patriarch and the other elder first.” Masahiko replied while he was laughing inside.

“Okay then, I hope you can bring me good news!”

“Be assured Butsuma-Dono, I will try my best to persuade our patriarch. After all, now we’re family. There shouldn’t be too much problem.” Masahiko quickly took this chance to act like a good man. Even Butsuma was slightly moved, and instantly, he looked at Masahiko in a different way.

Masahiko then bid farewell to Butsuma. He returned home with a bag of rocks, of course, the rocks got thrown away halfway. There are actual types of equipment for weight training, there’s no reason to use some stones.

Back to the Uzumaki Clan, the patriarch himself greeted Masahiko.

“Uncle, back so soon? Did the Senju agreed to help us?” The patriarch asked.

“Well… The Senju asked us for help…”, Masahiko replied.


Then Masahiko explained the situation to the clan patriarch.

“Is that so? Well, this works better for us. The Senju will be the main attacking force, and our people will receive fewer casualties.” The patriarch smiled and continued: “If this is the case, I don’t have to go in person, let the elders go with the Senju.” The patriarch smiled.

“…I will go too.” Masahiko hesitated first, then replied.

The patriarch was confused, it’s unusual for Masahiko to volunteer to participate in war, the previous patriarch had to force him to even participate in a battle. But why now?

“Okay then, please be careful.”

“Then, I will go back to prepare.” Masahiko ended this conversation, then he went home.

“From now on, I will have to participate in everything…” Masahiko sighed.

“I hope this war will be rewarded…”

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