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LLH Chapter 395 The Strongest Genjutsu User in History

“They said they wouldn’t do it. They even nodded respectfully. I thought they were really going to give up.” Masahiko smiled helplessly, “If they were going to do it anyway, then why did they ask for my opinion? Shisui even pulled out the ‘missing’ card. It’s going to be more troublesome now.”

The plan of the three boys was simple and bold. The first step was to detonate the dispute through the discussion between Itachi and Shisui, and the second step was to provide compensation to the Senju; of course, it’s impossible to compensate Sasuke, but there were other ways. The third step was to take their time to clarify the truth. After that, the Uchiha won’t be able to make any more moves after the Senju’s suffer.

In this way, Sasuke’s matter is basically over. But Masahiko always felt that this was too idealistic, and Masahiko felt that the three kids who came out with this plan would change a lot after this, so he said no at the time, but he never expected that it would make them do it even more.

“Missing… huh?” Masahiko sighed and looked at Mikoto, who was being comforted by Kushina, “These boys are really naughty.”

“Naruto, the training tonight will be suspended.” Seeing how Naruto’s eyes widened, Masahiko added, “Get a good rest. We’re going to double the amount for tomorrow!”

“D-double?!” Naruto almost collapsed, but he refused to admit it, “If you wanna double it, then no problem, bring it on, Old Ancestor!”

Masahiko smiled, “Mikoto since the Uchiha’s clansmen are here, you should stay at Kushina’s house for now. Don’t worry, I’ll solve this matter.”

Mikoto nodded, then added, “But Sasuke… he refuses to come out with me.”

“Don’t worry.” Masahiko waved his hand.


As the sky darkened, the Senju Station became livelier.

In front of the Patriarch’s hall, Kagami was standing with a group of the Uchiha’s clansmen, while Hiruzen, accompanied by two of his elders, were surrounding Itachi and investigating him. However, a group of the Senju clansmen was also surrounding them to ensure that their future young Patriarch wouldn’t be bullied.

Masahiko chose to enter the station quietly, and found Sasuke, who was peeking in the distance, then patted his head.

Sasuke’s body stiffened slightly, but when he turned around and found that it was Masahiko, he turned back casually and said faintly, “So it was you.”

Masahiko raised his eyebrows. This child is really cocky and must be taught a lesson. But it wasn’t the right time for this. He also had to listen to what these people were talking about.

“The two went to the borders of the Land of Fire and the Land of River to investigate the whereabouts of unknown ninja activities. There were no gains, so they returned. They stopped at night, ate, and slept the night at the wild, but when it was dawn, Shisui disappeared…”

“There were no traces of a battle, and Itachi wasn’t even awakened?” Masahiko murmured everything Itachi said to Sasuke by his side.

Looking in the distance, Itachi looked a bit nervous.

Of course, no one from the Uchiha believed this story. Shisui, the Mongekyou Sharingan owner, disappeared inexplicably, but Itachi returned unscathed…

“Quiet!” Kagami’s voice echoed across the entire Senju station, “Itachi, recall everything again. You might have missed something.”

Itachi shook his head, “I’ve searched all around, and there were no signs of a battle. If there were, I would have noticed.”

Kagami took a halt, then turned around and said, “Hokage-Sama, can you share the details of the mission assigned to the two kids?”

Hiruzen pondered for a moment, then handed him the task book.

Masahiko frowned slightly, “I almost ignored this factor. Kagami’s 64 years old, he won’t withstand the parting of his grandson, Shisui. These boys are real trouble makers.”

It happened that someone asked Obito to find Itachi’s little brother; thus, Masahiko no longer hesitated and appeared.

He nodded his head in response and then turned to Obito, “Don’t worry, I will look for him myself later.”

With an anxious expression, Obito responded, “Master!”

“Master?” A few people whispered, until now, not a lot of people knew the relationship between Masahiko and Obito.

Masahiko smiled and turned to Kagami, “You don’t need to worry too. Shisui will be fine. With his strength, he should be fine unless it’s a sneak attack from Madara. And knowing that man, he would have left battle traces behind, if not a few meteors.”

Kagami bowed slightly, “Elder, please.”

“Ancestor, I left a wooden shadow clone at the borders of the Land of Fire and the Land of River. You can find it if you go in this direction!” Itachi said quickly and pointed to the northeast.

Masahiko turned around in a start. Is this a drama life event? This is too much, isn’t it?

Glancing at him with a helpless smile, Masahiko turned his head to give everyone around him, especially Nawaki, a relieved look, then disappeared with a flicker.


The borders of the Land of Fire and the Land of River.

Masahiko, who kept flashing continuously for more than ten minutes, rushed quickly to this place, then after sensing Itachi’s wooden shadow clone, he appeared in front of him.

“Ancestor!” Itachi’s clone spoke immediately, and with an expression was full of anxiety, he said, “Last night Shisui and I slept here, but he disappeared early in the morning.”

Masahiko was stunned, “Are you a clone from last year? You think you can fool me or something?”

The wooden shadow clone shook his head again and again, “Ancestor, after you said we shouldn’t do it, Shisui wasn’t convinced and wanted to execute the plan, but I stopped him…”

Masahiko was taken aback, “So, he’s really missing?!”

Masahiko instantly rose to the sky, then opened up his Mind’s Eye of the Kagura to the fullest. After a while, he landed again, frowning.

“There are no signs of a battle… Could it be that he sleepwalked last night? Burned to ashes? Or maybe someone trapped him in a Genjutsu? Itachi, you better not lie to me!”

Itachi smiled bitterly, “I’m really not lying. It can’t be a Genjutsu. Shisui is the strongest Genjutsu ninja in the history of the Uchiha Clan. Maybe he left on his own, but that would be a little troublesome…”

Masahiko shook his head and said, “The strongest Genjutsu user in the history of the Uchiha Clan? There have been two better Genjutsu users in the history of the Uchiha Clan. One lived two hundred years ago and developed Izanagi. Disgusting Genjutsu…”

“The other…” Masahiko paused.

“Old Ancestor?”

Masahiko sighed, “The other one was from my generation, a Kunoichi, who developed Izanami. At that time… well, if she hadn’t have that incident, she would have been remembered as the strongest Genjutsu user in the history of the Uchiha Clan. What a pity she was so…”

After saying this, Masahiko stared at Itachi coldly, “Boy, you better not lie to me!”