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LLH Chapter 397: Inherit

Konoha, September 1, Year 55, Legendary Suckers Casino.

“I didn’t expect Nawaki to make such a choice…. Haha, that’s good!” Hashirama laughed.

Masahiko nodded, “I would never have the courage to give the Hokage position that I’ve been chasing for my entire life. I’m truly proud of my second great-great-great-grandson!”

“Yes, you should be. He’s my grandson!” Hashirama followed closely.

Mito, next to them smiled helplessly, while silently watched the two fighting each other.


After half an hour.

Hashirama felt a little embarrassed. He looked at Masahiko, who was still feeling irritated, coughed lightly, then tried to change the subject, “So have they determined to elect an Uchiha as the Fifth Hokage?”

Masahiko turned and said, “To be honest, even if Nawaki didn’t give up, he wouldn’t have beaten Obito. That stupid disciple has a very idiotic appearance, which is very pleasing and popular. He has a lot of friends, even among the Uchiha.”

“Nawaki voluntarily withdrew, so he could solve Sasuke’s mess… I regret it sometimes…”

Mito shook her head and said, “You did for Nawaki’s sake. He wouldn’t have married Mikoto if you didn’t help back then.”

“Hehehe, the same can be said about you and Hashirama…”

Hashirama didn’t say anything, but his face kept twitching, and two pieces fell off.

Masahiko frowned, “This filthy Edo Tensei body doesn’t look good anymore. How long will it last?”

Hashirama thought for a while, “If we don’t overdo it, it will be more than a year.”

Masahiko hesitated slightly after hearing these words, “Madara should have gotten rid of that guy’s control too, but his time should be over soon too. I haven’t heard from him for so long. Did he die already?”


Madara certainly didn’t die.

His figure appeared in a forest somewhere in the northwest of the Land of Fire, and in front of him was a five-meter-deep pit that had just been dug.

His Edo Tensei body was in a mess too, but he was unwilling to cover himself. Without White Zetsu’s help, he went round and round. And it took him a full eight months to find out all the information he needed, including the distribution of the Bijuu, the Akatsuki, and the conflict between the double-bun guy and Masahiko.

After thinking about it for a long time, he chose to wait for now. Waiting for that guy’s next move, for Masahiko, waiting…

“The old man is 123 years old this year, even if he can live longer, he won’t live for more than 132 years, but what if he can live up to 150? Or even 200 years?”

Madara looked at the pit full of seals and jumped into it.

“There are still some benefits to the Edo Tensei technique. People who are already dead can’t die again. Seal yourself up and go out once every six months, and your body can last for a hundred years. We’ll see who gets bored first!”

Madara buried himself…



Masahiko sneezed out and frowned, “Who’s talking about the ancestor? I don’t sneeze with such a strong vitality. Is it Madara, cursing me in secret?”

Rubbing his nose, Masahiko cursed secretly, “It must be him! I don’t know where that sandbag is hidden, but I’ll dig five meters in the ground to find you if you dare to curse this ancestor!”

“Second Grandpa, Tsunade is back.”

Masahiko was startled, “That was fast.”

He went to the Legendary Suckers Casino after eating at noon and informed them about the recent incidents with them. Tsunade said she wanted to go back to Konoha and left Masahiko with two grandparents to take care of the casino.

Masahiko originally thought he was going to sleep the night here in the casino. However, Tasunde took less than two hours. It seems that he can still catch up with the dinner made by Minato…

However, after a long while.

Mito laughed, got up, and put her cloak on, “I’ll go and bring Tsunade in.”

Masahiko reluctantly shook his head and glanced at Hashirama. As soon as Tsunade came, the guy forgot about everything and instantly started gambling.

After a few moments, Mito went for the rescue and dragged the legendary sucker.

“Great Grandpa, I’ve been waiting for a long time,” Tsunade looked as usual.

Masahiko raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Did you go there? What did Nawaki say, does he regrets it?”

Tsunade shook her head and turned to Hashirama, “Grandpa, Nawaki passed the necklace you gave me back then to Itachi.”

Hashirama was startled, “It’s passed on…”

Masahiko looked at Mito, then smiled and said, “Hashirama, the necklace that you spent a lot of time making in the past wasn’t made in vain. It has become the inheritance of your dreams.”


It was night, at Kushina’s house, Masahiko hurried back.

“ Naruto, the old ancestor, had something to do before, so I let you rest for two days. Now we continue our training.”

“Oh,” Naruto said lightly.

Masahiko was taken aback, then turned to Minato and Kushina, “What’s wrong with the kid?”

Kushina shook her head, “It’s okay. He often does this. Grandpa, how is my babe today? Is she healthy?”

Masahiko nodded with a smile.

Minato still cared about Naruto, “I think today the Ninja Academy with conduct mid-year exams.”

“Oh?” Masahiko smiled and turned his head to look at Naruto, “Was your test the transformation technique?”

Naruto shook his head, looking slightly excited, “In today’s exam, I’ve almost won against Sasuke! I only needed a little bit more!”

“And Toneri?”

Naruto’s face collapsed, “Almost… I just needed a little bit more.”

Masahiko smiled, Toneri was the most talented, and he was one year older than Naruto and Sasuke, so they were chasing after him.

Seeing that Naruto had returned to hid gloomy mode, Masahiko said, “If you didn’t win, it means you didn’t work hard enough. Why are you discouraged?”

“No…” Naruto looked up, “It’s not that. I’ve heard that the Fifth Hokage has been chosen, and it’s brother Obito.”

“Huh? How did you know?” Masahiko said, then looked to Minato and Kushina, who looked surprised too. It seems that Naruto heard first.

“The Fifth Hokage is that kid, Obito?” Kushina moved her hands away from her stomach.

Minato smiled softly, “Obito? My dream has finally come true…”

“Well, he’s going to be elected. It’s estimated that everyone will get the news tomorrow.” Masahiko nodded, “Naruto, how did you know?”

“Shikamaru told me.”

“Shikamaru?” Masahiko frowned, “This matter is only known to a few of us for the time being, so… How? Smart people are great. I really want to level up my Yin Release quickly.”

“Witnessing the fifth Hokage selection will get definitely get me enough points. But I would need to wait for Kushina to recover first. It’s estimated to be… In May next year? There is still more than half a year!”

“Hey, are you really going to choose brother Obito?”

Masahiko returned to his senses and smiled, “Why? Did you want to be the next Hokage? Well, you have to grow up first, and I can’t wait to see that happening!”

Naruto ate the last bite of the meal and cheered up, “Old Ancestor, eat quickly. It’s time to practice! The Sixth Hokage position is waiting for me!”

Masahiko laughed. He was looking forward to the Sixth before the Fifth had even finished the selection: “Let’s go, I will train you to death!”