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LLH Chapter 398: History

With the stimulation of the Fifth Hokage, Naruto became more hardworking, and his resistance to beating has also improved.

However, for the sake of his growth, Masahiko could only add a little bit of strength.

Yes, for his growth.


At the same time, the Hyuuga Clan.

Hiashi and the elders sat in the Patriarch’s Hall.

“This time… the Hokage is going to be one of the Uchiha.” Hiashi’s expression was solemn.

“The Senju are really willing to give up?” One of the elders said,” If they’re giving up, you, Patriarch…”

Hiashi waved his hand and shook his head, “I will fight as hard as I can, but in the end, there will only be a little hope. Uchiha Obito is supported by the Third, the Uchiha, the Senju, and Elder Masahiko, the advantage is too great.”

Everyone fell in silence.

After a long time, Hiashi spoke again, “I called you together because of other considerations. The Senju had two Hokage. The Uchiha will probably have one… When the time comes for a Sixth one, it should be our Hyuga’s turn. We should be ready for that time and start training a candidate now!”

“Training?” Everyone looked at each other, then an elder frowned and said, “Hinata-Sama has average talent, and apart from Terumi Mei, there was never a female Kage before. It’s a bit too difficult… Hanabi is too young. And for the same reason, she’s unluckily to become a Kage. Patriarch… Are you thinking about Neji? In my opinion, neither can he be. Konoha won’t accept a Hyuga branch clansman as a Hokage!”

Hizashi silently sighed and looked up at his elder brother.

Hiashi was silent for a moment and shook his head and said, “It’s not Neji. Among Hinata’s classmates, a child named Toneri has been pursuing her. I have been watching this child for more than a year… You know about his origin, right?”

The elders looked at each other with a thoughtful expression: “That kid can be regarded as one of our clansmen, and I heard that he’s very talented. If we can get him together with Hinata…”

Hizashi interrupted: “The child was brought here by Master Masahiko. He’s only here to go to the Academy. I’m afraid he will return to the Uzumaki after graduation.

Hiashi said lightly, “How do you think the Third made Kushina stay here in the first place?”

Hizashi’s face changed color: “Big Brother…”

“I have two daughters.”

Hizashi was silent. He knew the meaning of this, ‘if you have one daughter, it doesn’t matter if you don’t marry her, but if you have two, you must marry one.’ Because if he didn’t, sooner or later, Hinata or Hanabi would have a mark carved on her forehead.

The elders didn’t understand what Hiashi meant.

Hiashi pondered for a moment, “I will first tell Hinata not to resist this child’s pursuit and forget it for the time being… When the selection of the Fifth Hokage is settled, I’m going to meet Toneri in person!”


Kushina’s house, Naruto’s room.

Masahiko’s right hand emitted a soft white light, healing the bruises and swelling on Naruto’s body.

“Ow, ow… itchy…”

“Itching is good. Long muscles should itch.” Masahiko said with a smile and slowly retracted his right hand, “Okay, put on your clothes, this is the end of today’s practice, get ready to sleep!”

Naruto got up and put on his jacket, muttering, “Why should I wear clothes to sleep? It’s awkward…”

Masahiko paused, pondered, then kicked his butt, “Don’t talk back on the ancestor.”

“Ow…” Naruto rushed to the wall.

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, turned Naruto over with gravity, and lay him on the bed, “There, there. Now sleep…”


A week has passed in a blink of an eye.

The news about Obito and the selection of the next Hokage spread throughout the village very fast. But Masahiko’s focus wasn’t there.

When Naruto was training last night, Naruto’s unintentional story made him feel slightly worried.

“That bastard Toneri walks Hinata every day to home after school…”

IT was normal for Toneri to be around Hinata, but there was a problem with him walking her home.

Hinata is the eldest daughter of the Hyuga’s Patriarch. Normally a clansman takes her to and from school. This only means that the Hyuga Clan approves the relationship and even took the initiative to bring the two together.

If it was any other people, he would have left them alone, but Masahiko was worried for the sake of the next generation. If Hiashi forces Hinata and Toneri together, a Tenseigen will be born.”

“I have to go there and take a look,” Masahiko mumbled and walked to Academy.

Unexpectedly, he ran into Toneri head-on… he was walking alone.

“Damn it! Naruto, the trouble maker, lied to me!”

“Elder, why are you here?” Toneri asked in confusion.

Masahiko’s mouth twitched and tentatively asked, “Where is Hinata?”

Toneri’s face reddened: “You know? Naruto told you, right? Naruto and Sasuke had to pester me today, so I let Hinata go first and beat the two of them…”

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, so he was really walking her home. It seems that the Hyuga really approved this.

“You beat the two of them in only five minutes?”

Toneri shook his head, “The school was over 15 minutes early today, saying that there are some teachers who need to do other things.

Masahiko was speechless, “And I was wondering why there weren’t a lot of kids around… Naruto and Sasuke are still inside? You go back first. I’ll go see them.


In the Academy, Masahiko walked towards Naruto’s class and ran into Sasuke.

Sasuke was taken aback, bowed his head, and said hello, “Old Ancestor, you’re here to pick up… Naruto? He’s still packing his things in the classroom.”

When he said this, there was an evident trace of envy on his face because Naruto had made rapid progress under Masahiko’s practice recently, which made him feel pressured.

Masahiko smiled, “Go back and let your brother help you with your practice, don’t be caught up by Naruto.”


Sending Sasuke away, Masahiko walked into Naruto’s class in no hurry because, in addition to Naruto, he also sensed another Chakra.

“Why hasn’t Hinata gone yet?”

In the classroom, Naruto asked the same.

Hinata replied in a low tone, “Naruto-Kun, where is Toneri-Kun?”

“That bastard Toneri left. He never carries his schoolbag, nor does he know how he prepares his homework! He must be cheating with his eyes!”

Hinata: “…”

Naruto put his school bag on his back and turned around: “Aren’t you leaving? You shouldn’t wait for him. That bastard Toneri has really left.”

Hinata sounded like a mosquito: “But my father asked me… to go with Toneri-Kun.”

Masahiko sighed outside.

Naruto also heard Hinata’s words and smiled, “Don’t you like that bastard Toneri?”

Hinata’s voice went even lighter: “It’s my father…Although Toneri-Kun is kind to me… but…”

Naruto dug his ears, suspecting that he went deaf, and muttered, “How am I supposed to hear this?”

Naruto suddenly raised the volume, and his loud voice frightened Hinata: “So what are you going to achieve with such a low voice, if you like it or not, you must say it lough! Just like I like Sakura. If you don’t like him, let your father know and work harder, train and train, and if he keeps pursuing you, hit the bastard to the ground!”

“Nar-Naruto-Kun…” Hinata was startled.

Naruto turned and waved his hand, “I’m leaving! Hey, how did you come to pick me up, Ancestor?”

Masahiko looked at Naruto, then looked at Hinata’s flushed face, and then again at the trouble maker: “Ohoho, Toneri, that kid, is already history.”