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LLH Chapter 399: Hokage Condidate

In front of the Hyuga Clan.

Masahiko pat Hinata’s little head, “We’re home, let’s go in… Have you remembered what I told you?”

“Yes… goodbye, ancestor!”

Hinata took a small step in the Hyuga station, and immediately a member of the family greeted her. When he saw Masahiko standing in the distance, he said in a daze, “Hinata-Sama, why did Uzumaki Masahiko walk you back home?”

“The ancestor asked Toneri to go, saying that he wanted to walk me home…” Hinata said in a low tone while looking back at Masahiko, feeling guilty.

In the distance, Masahiko waved his hand and smiled, giving her encouraging vibes, then turned away in a cool manner.

He even praised himself in his heart: “This old ancestor is doing a great job. I personally sent Hinata back and convinced Hinata to sell my story by teaching her what to say. Hiashi will definitely understand my intentions, without the need of bringing Naruto into the subject… With this, everything will go naturally…”

“The children’s affairs are left to them to settle. All of the matchmaking I’ve done have failed except for Kushina… love doesn’t make sense.”

“But looking at what happened in the classroom just now, I feel that Toneri is already history to Hinata. Naruto is favorited… when we go back, I will definitely double the amount of his training!”


The next day, Kushina’s house.

Masahiko learned from Obito the reason why the kids were dismissed early last night.

The Ninja Academy sent five elite teachers to jointly conduct a comprehensive ninja knowledge test for Obito and finally came to the conclusion that he was an idiot!

After that, the five did their researches and helped list all the knowledge he needed to master as soon as possible, and the result was a big fat book.

Masahiko flipped through the pages, and the densely packed book titles reminded him of the time he spent studying at Otogakure. He shook his head, chuckled then handed it to Minato.

Minato briefly glanced at it, nodded, and said, “This is indeed something every Hokage must learn.”

When Obito heard the word ‘Hokage,’ an unconcealable smirk appeared on his face. Now he already knows that he’s getting closer and closer to the position of the Hokage he always dreamt of.

But the smile quickly faded away, “These things must be mastered within this month. How can this be done!”

Looking at Minato with a bitter face, he said, “Sensei, do you have any tricks?”

Minato showed a bright smile, “I have learned all of these while teaching you.”

He sighed, then turned to Kushina, “Mother Kushina, do you know any tricks?”

Kushina felt her belly, “Umm, the baby is good.”

Mentally she wasn’t there with them.

Obito’s face was even more bitter, putting his last hope on Masahiko: “Master, do you have any tricks?”

“I have one… just one.” Seeing the joy on Obito’s face, Masahiko continued, “When I was studying before… Hey, what do you mean by that look? I’ve read books before! Well, as I was saying, I’ve learned that you can use Shadow Clone and study together with them. But you can’t overdo it. I could only use three at the same time. Obito… you can use one, and no more!”

“This will double the efficiency. You’re smart, Master! But this is too late. Is there any other way?

Masahiko: “…”

“Master? Sensei? Auntie?”

Masahiko’s eyes widened, “Hey, don’t call her that… do you want Kushina to beat the crap out of you?”

Originally, she didn’t notice it, but when Masahiko said this, she reacted, and said holding her belly, “Grandpa, don’t worry, I can’t do that now.”

Obito smiled bitterly, “Master, don’t make such a joke. You have another method, right?”

This matter was very important to him, and Obito’s face was full of seriousness.

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “There is a way!”

“Really?!” He said with a look of surprise on his face.


After half an hour, Obito’s house.

Obito and his shadow clone were sitting behind the wooden desk that was just made by Masahiko.

In front of the desk stood a very beautiful girl. This girl was holding a wooden stick in her hand, smiling very sweetly, with two cute dimples on her face, “Obito-Kun, you must study hard~ I will always look at you!”

Obito and his shadow clone looked up at Rin, who was holding the wooden stick in front of him, and then looked at Masahiko, who was smirking in the distance, then opened the book with a numb face, “Yes, study hard.”


Time went by quickly, and it was October.

Kushina’s belly got bigger, and the babe has grown healthier with every day.

Obito completed the most painful learning experience in his life under the supervision of Rin, and the Fifth Hokage selection came to an end temporarily.

This phase isn’t about selecting the next Hokage directly, but selecting four candidates suitable for the position by the clans in Konoha. They were Uchiha Obito, Hatake Kakashi, Sarutobi Shinnosuke, and Hyuga Hiashi.

The news about the Senju clan not participating in the election shocked everyone in the village.

In the next three months, Hiruzen will assign to the four people and then vote for the real fifth Hokage.

The selection of the Hokage position has become so special that smart people like Masahiko in the village could see the tricks.

It was evident that Hiruzen couldn’t entrust Obito with the job immediately, so he had to train him first.

And since none of the four were following Hiruzen every day, except for Obito, it became really obvious.

Shinnosuke and Kakashi were responsible for coordinating the Anbu’s work, intelligence, and tasks.

The current captain of the Anbu, Sakumo, is nearly 50 years old, and he also lost an arm. He will withdraw from his position after a year, and these two people will occupy the positions of the captain and the vice-captain, respectively.

The matter with Hiashi was even more obvious since he was assigned to take care of Konoha Council.

Because Obito was going to be the Fifth Hokage, Koharu and Homura have clearly stated that they will return to their hometowns. Coupled with the deteriorating of Uchiha Kagami, the current Konoha Council can be said to be alive only in name. Three positions were vacated.

Sakumo has one position on top, the other will be Hiashi, and the last one will fall on Nawaki. Hiruzen really wanted to take one of the seats, but… Masahiko felt that Obito wouldn’t then… be able to come out of his cocoon.


Inside the Legendary Sucker Casino.

“Princess Slug, Prince Frog, do you really have no intention of becoming Hokage?”

Tsunade waved her hand: “I don’t want to hurt Nawaki’s feelings.”

Jiraiya smiled helplessly; the hell is Frog Prince, “Nah, it’s troublesome to be a Hokage.”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “Neither of these people wants it. Obito… will really end up being the Hokage.”