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LLH Chapter 400 Eating Cats For New Year Celebration

Time flies. Konoha’s 55th year came to an end.

Konoha January 1st, 56, noon.

Masahiko was busy in the kitchen at the Uzumaki Ichiraku Ramen.

As usual, Masahiko went to the Uzumaki Cemetery to visit his grave early this morning, bowed down, and even prayed for the old ancestor’s blessing, hoping that he would have a smooth year.

Today last year because of that bastard, who took away the Rinnegan eyes, attacked the Senju and the Uchiha teams, Masahiko didn’t eat a bit after he worked so hard to prepare a morning reunion dinner, and even the meal Sara left for him was eaten by that Fat Cat…

He didn’t want to make the same mistake this year.

“Konan, come here! This plate of meat is for the fat cat. Take it out!”

Konan smiled and took the plate.

Sara shook her head and said, “Father, how did Whitey offend you? This is obviously lamb.”

Masahiko looked at her, “In order to reduce the number of mouths, I will not call Fat Cat over this year. But it’s still a member of our family. If it ended up being here, you could feed it that plate.”

Sara laughed, “You’re so kind to Whitey.”

Masahiko raised his eyebrows and nodded while his hands kept moving. The lunch has basically been cooked and ready. Only the soup specially prepared for Kushina was left.

The babe in her belly is seven months old, and she couldn’t eat anything.

As early as a month ago, Masahiko took over the position of the chef from Minato’s hands and matched her diet with his 8LV medical skills, so the babe could grow even healthier in this critical time.

However, Masahiko couldn’t tell if the babe was benefiting from this like Naruto, who got fatter.

Fortunately, fat wasn’t the only thing that grew in him…

After being drilled by Masahiko for half a year, NAruto has made all-around progress.

In terms of hand sign, he was able to complete the three seals of the clone technique in one second, more than twice as fast as before. The amount of his Chakra has also increased by a factor of two, surpassing most of the Chunin.

His Kunai throwing techniques and his Taijutsu has also improved by leaps and bounds. Now he’s working hard, preparing to surpass Sasuke in the second grade to third-grade exam two months later.

Masahiko smiled without saying a word. Sasuke has been under pressure from Naruto these days, and since he’s training harder, it wasn’t easy to surpass him.

The two kids were pushing each other further and further. But the ‘older boy,’ Obito, was making faster progress, and it felt like he got reborn.

For the position of the Hokage that he always dreamed of, Obito actually studied and studied, including other things.

Over the past three months, Obito studied with Hiruzen every day and occasionally went to Kushina’s house to ask Minato guidance in the evening, and his immaturity gradually faded by half.

The previous silly smile he had was only shown in front of acquaintances, while in public, he started to look more and more like a true Hokage.

“The problem is… Shisui hasn’t come back yet, which is a bit awkward.” Masahiko murmured softly, blowing out the small fire in front of him.

The carrot and corn ribs soup in the casserole has been cooked. Masahiko wasn’t afraid of fire at all. He directly took out the casserole with both hands, walked out of the kitchen, and placed it on the table in front of Kushina, “It’s ready, but be careful it’s hot.”

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Kushina cupped her belly and said.

After seven months of pregnancy, her belly was already big, and the gesture of holding her belly finally became suitable.

Masahiko smiled, “Don’t be polite with me.”

When Masahiko turned and returned to his seat, Sara came with the last dish in her hand and sat down at the table, with everything in place.

“Old Ancestor, can we eat now?”

Minato pat Naruto’s head, “Don’t be rude.”

Masahiko glanced at everyone around him and said with a smile, “We’re finally here. Our long-awaited reunion. I want to say a few words if no one minds.”

“Yo! Sensei, is everything okay?” Nagato looked concerned.

“It’s okay.” Masahiko waved his hand, “This year, then Senju and the Uchiha won’t have to go out to worship their ancestors. I don’t think that guy would dare to attack Konoha. So I want to say something.”

“Moreover, this Sensei is 124 years old this year. This reunion dinner is one less meal. If I don’t say anything, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance in the future.”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Grandpa, you…?”

Masahiko smiled and said, “I’m just taking advantage of this reunion. My body is still healthy. I just want to talk about my expectations for this year.”

“First, I hope that Kushina will have her second child soon. And I hope that she will be a beautiful girl and that she will grow up healthy.

“The second… Nagato and Konan, for how long you two are going to delay your marriage? Are you going to drag it until I die?”

“Yo! It will be as soon as possible!” Nagato responded directly, and Konan glared at him without objection.

Masahiko nodded with satisfaction, “After eating this meal, I want you, Nagato, to announce that the leader of the Uzumaki clan is officially named a Kage. And you will be the First Uzukage.”

“Yo! Sensei.”

“The third expectation,” Masahiko coughed twice, then squeezed this sentence, “Sara, you’re also 31 years old this year. Will I be able to hold a grandson in my lifetime?”

Sara chuckled and shook her head. She knew her father very well, and she knew that he was only taking advantage of his this occasion and his age to force his ideas.

Masahiko sighed, “I’m afraid that one day I will come here and find you with a bold head? Are you a monk or something?”

“Old ancestor, can we eat?!”

“Shut up! Listen to God!”

“Idiot…” Naruto would have punched Kimimaro… if he could beat him.

“Don’t start making trouble!” Masahiko glared at him.

“Old Ancestor, I’m starving to death!”

“Okay, I’m…” Masahiko was about to say something, but his expression suddenly changed, “We should have eaten first, that damned bastard! The fat cat called me again.”

“Something happened to Konoha again?!”


Masahiko disappeared in the smoke.



Masahiko’s figure appeared on the table Teten’s family instantly turning on his perception, and at the same time, he said, “What’s the matter? Who’s invading us?”

Teten’s voice emitted from aside, “Ah! Fat Cat, so you can really call the Red-Haired uncle!”

“Meow~ Of course! There’s no invasion. I invited you to eat Tenten’s fish!”

Masahiko paused, and the corner of his mouth twitched, “You called me to eat fish? Didn’t we agree that we will only summon each other when something big is happening?”

“Meow~ Tenten is the one who prepared this fish. Isn’t this a big deal?”

“Uncle, don’t you like fish?” Tenten’s has been biased by Fat Cat, who loved to each fish.

Masahiko looked at Teten and forced a smile out, “I like eating fish, but… I thought this year I’m going to eat a big fat cat for dinner!”