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LLH Chapter 401 Heritage

Ten minutes later, Masahiko returned to the Uzumaki with his stomach upright.

After he pushed the door of the Ichiraku Ramen right open, Masahiko said flatly, “There’s nothing wrong with Konoha, that stupid cat called me for noting.”

“We guessed so, so we waited for you… What the hell is that?!” The moment Kushina raised her head to look at Masahiko, she exclaimed.

All the people present were shocked, especially Sarah, “This is… Am I going to have a younger brother or sister?”

“Yo! Is Sensei pregnant?”

Naruto was surprised, “Can the ancestor get pregnant too?”

“God is omnipotent!”

Kushina held her laughter back and said, “Grandpa, look at the size of your belly… You’re at least nine months pregnant.”

Masahiko rubbed his stomach and walked back to his seat angrily, “Stop it, you can clearly sense what’s inside, right?”

Kushina smiled, “I always felt that Fat Cat isn’t normal.”

“Did you eat Whitey?” Sara exclaimed.

Masahiko nodded, “I had taught that lawless stupid cat a lesson… Well, if I’m going to eat, I need him out first.”

Naruto looked disgusted, “Old ancestor, do you still want to eat?!”

Masahiko smiled, turned, and opened his mouth, then blue flame energy came out, and his belly gradually shrank and returned to normal.

The blue flames condensed together and gradually manifested into the shape of a cat. Then they heard Fat Cat’s voice emitting, “Meow~ Your stomach is so dirty and smelly!”

Masahiko’s face darkened. How could you still smell anything after transforming into Chakra…

“This cat is really strong. It didn’t die even though it was eaten by God.”

“Meow~ It’s you kid again.”

Masahiko laughed and explained, “This cat can freely change back and forth between Chakra state and as* state. It would be really beneficial for the body if it’s eaten, but it’s not easy to digest.”

Kushina’s expression moved, “Then if I eat it…”

Masahiko was stunned because he could understand what Kushina was thinking, then he shook his head again and again, “No, the babe can’t stand its Chakra, and the blue flame has a certain burning property, so you can’t eat it casually.

“But your physique is strong enough. You’re free to eat it once you give birth…”

“Meow!” The Fat Cat exclaimed.

Masahiko smiled and said, “Well, no one will bother us again at this reunion dinner. Just now, this stupid cat burned everything in my stomach, and my appetite was greatly improved!”

“Oh! I can finally have dinner!”

“Fat Cat, you eat last.”

“Meow…” Fat Cat felt very sad.


Five days later.

The news about Uzugakure and the Uzukage, Uzumaki Nagato spread throughout the world and was recognized by all the nations, who were now sending gifts one after another.

Ignoring some small country and village leaders, who claim to be Kage, there are now Six Kages in the Shinobi World. Masahiko felt that after a while, he could find an excuse to organize a “Six Kage Meeting,” and he estimated that he could gain a huge amount of witness points.

But he wasn’t in a hurry. Masahiko has to get the witness points in front of him first. Early this morning, he rushed back to Konoha again since the final vote for the Fifth Hokage began.

In fact, it was just a form. Obito will win with an overwhelming advantage and then become the Fifth Hokage in three days; this has long been decided.

Masahiko at this time came to Uchiha Kagami’s home.

“I heard that you gave Fugaku your position two days ago?”

“It’s time to passed it on, cough cough…” Kagami coughed twice.

Masahiko frowned slightly, “It seems that you will be the next one that this ancestor will send away. I thought you could at least outlive Hiruzen.”

“The Mongekyou Sharingan puts a lot of pressure on the body, and I used it a lot when I was young.” Kagami responded softly, “But I have no regrets in my life. An Uchiha is a Hokage now, and Fugaku is also a good kid. Only Shisui…”

Masahiko nodded, “Don’t worry, I will let someone check on this. There may be something wrong with Shisui, but his life should be worry-free.”

“Then please, Elder Masahiko.”

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

There was a knock on the door that startled Masahiko and left him with a surprise on his face.

“Is it Inabi? Come in!” Kagami raised his voice slightly.

An ordinary-looking middle-aged man pushed in with a cup and plate in his hand, “Patriarch-Sama, Masahiko-Senpai, please have tea.”

Kagami coughed twice, “You can put it down. Also, I’m no longer the Patriarch.”

“Yes, Kagami-Sama.”

Kagami picked up the teacup but was stopped by Masahiko, “Don’t drink it. There is poison in it.”

Kagami was taken aback, “Poison?”

Uchiha Inabi in front of him suddenly stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, “Elder, I wouldn’t dare to poison you.”

Kagami’s expression changed, then he reacted, “You… You’re Orochimaru! What did you do to Inabi?”

“He’s okay. I guess he’s sleeping in one of the rooms.” Masahiko could tell that Orochimaru was only using the transformation technique.

Kagami frowned, “Orochimaru, how dare you sneak into Konoha at such a time?”

Masahiko smiled, “He’s confident that no one would be able to catch him. Orochimaru, your strength has improved again. What did you want to see me this time?”

Orochimaru lifted the transformation technique, revealing his familiar pale snake face, “Elder, I’m here to look for elder Kagami.”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched and repeated, “I’m going to say it again. What do you want from me?”

Orochimaru was taken aback, “I have heard that your disciple has become the first Uzukage. I’m here to congratulate you.”

Masahiko smiled with satisfaction, “I won’t ask you for a gift. O you have any other reasons to be here?”

“I’m looking for elder Kagami.”

Kagami was stunned for a while before he understood what had happened just now, then he felt relieved that Masahiko was around, “What’s the matter?”

Since Masahiko said that no one in Konoha could catch him, he didn’t feel like trying.

Orochimaru licked his lips, “I heard that you’re sick, and you will die soon. So, I wanted to ask you for your inheritance.”

Masahiko was speechless, is there anyone who speaks like this?

Kagami didn’t care about this, “Ask me for… inheritance?”

“I know that Mongekyou Sharingan doesn’t get destroyed after the death of its wielder. Keep it for now, and I will come to take it after you die,” Orochimaru slowly said, “As a reward, I will tell you some information about Shisui.”

Kagami almost jumped out of his bed when he heard this, “Do you know where Shisui is? Cough Cough…”

Masahiko raised his head intently and locked his eyes on Orochimaru, “You didn’t do it, right?”

Orochimaru shook his head, “He was taken away by a dark blue long-haired female ninja. If you want more information, Elder Kagami needs to agree…”

“Dark blue long hair… Female ninja? Is it… really?” Masahiko was startled.