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LLH Chapter 402 The Fifth Hokage

Kagami looked at the Uchiha’s symbol painted on the back of a book, opened it, and murmured, “Uchiha Naori, a genius Kunoichi during the Warring States Period, proficient in Genjutsu, swordsmanship, and Fire Release. She independently developed the Izanami, died at the age of 20, the cause of death… unknown.”

“Unknown?” Masahiko was startled, “Was it actually recorded this way?”

Kagami looked up for a moment, “Do you know something else?”

Masahiko closed his eyes slightly, “There are too many Uchiha clansmen that were immersed in the false reality of Izanami, but she only has one pair of eyes…”

Kagami nodded upon hearing that and closed the book, “So… Elder Naori was reincarnated by the Edo Tensei, and cast an illusion on Shisui? No way, no matter how talented she is, it’s a three tomoe Sharingan against a Mongekyou…”

Masahiko also felt that something was wrong, so he frowned and looked at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru said hoarsely: “It’s indeed a Kunoichi that was summoned by the Edo Tensei. One of her eyes was blinded, I don’t know about the other. Elder, you… seem to know more?”

Masahiko looked startled: “It’s really her! How did that bastard find her?!”

“Naori was the same age as me and we actually fought against each other. We were only 11 years old, and she had a two tomoe Sharingan.” Masahiko slowly stated, “Later in the battle, her Sharingan… suddenly awakened and evolved into a three tomoe one… beat me… and flee…”

“She fully opened her Sharingan at the age of 11?” Kagami pondered slightly, without asking Masahiko about any further information, “She died at the age of 20… 9 years later.”

Masahiko was also slightly startled, “Indeed… It’s possible.”

Silence fell in the room.

After a while, Masahiko said, “Orochimaru, thank you for the information. But Kagami can’t give you his eyes, so let’s choose another reward.”

Orochimaru’s face didn’t have any colors: “Elder, do you want this pair of Mangekyou Sharingan eyes?”

Kagami was startled, and Masahiko nodded looking at him, “Kagami, leave your eyes to me, I would be more useful.”

He needed the Rinnegan to resurrect the dead. He has been thinking about retrieving Madara’s eyes, but the double-bun guy always avoids him.

Masahiko felt that he should be able to use his strong Chakra to catalyze the evolvement of the Mongekyou Sharingan. As for an ordinary Sharingan, he would have needed to evolve it into the Mongekyou Sharingan first… what exactly would take to awaken it?

Kagami fell into silence, “It’s okay to leave it to you for safekeeping.”

“It’s a pity that you can’t take it anymore. Orochimaru, what else do you want? Kagami is giving me the reward you wanted, and now I will have to pay you back.”

Orochimaru licked his lips, “I don’t need anything else for the time being.”

Masahiko was startled, “Then it’s the same as last time. I owe you a favor, come to me when you need something. I also wanted to ask you something else. Do you think Obito becoming the Fifth Hokage is the guide of fate?”

Kagami was taken aback, “Do you believe in such a thing elder?”

“Destiny… is real.” Orochimaru said hoarsely, “This time I don’t think that it was guided by destiny.”

Masahiko laughed, “You don’t see it, don’t you? It seems that your understanding of destiny isn’t deep enough.”

“Of course, how can I be compared to you, elder?”

Kagami was at a loss, he couldn’t understand what these two were saying.

“Sure enough… I’m too old for this.”


The next day.

The voting result was announced, and Obito was looking with excitement at Masahiko.

“What are you so happy about, we all knew a long time ago!”

“But I’m the Hokage, the Hokage!”

Masahiko curled his lips, “So? Do you see anyone that cares in this room?”

With a dumb smile, Obito looked at Minato, then at Kushina, and finally looked again at Masahiko…

“I’ll go to find Kakashi.”

Minato smiled, “Obito, don’t forget your dream, and be a great Hokage!”

Kushina also faintly blessed him, “You can do it, boy!”

After hearing these words, a smile reappeared on Obito’s face, then he turned around and looked at Masahiko with expectant eyes.

Masahiko rolled his eyes and said, “Hurry up, go to Kakashi to show off as soon as possible. Also, don’t just of Kakashi, Rin should be waiting for you!”

Obito scratched his head, “Oh!”

Taking Obito to leave, Masahiko couldn’t help but sigh softly, “Stupid people have stupid blessings. This boy is so lucky.”

Minato nodded, “Yes, I’ve never imagined that he would be the Fifth Hokage. I even doubted that he would be the Sixth.”

“I didn’t mean this.” Masahiko said and shrugged, “And from the moment he was accepted by me as his master, his destiny was tied with success.”

Minato: “… Sure.”


At noon on January 8, 1956, in the open space in front of the Hokage Building.

The scene was quite spectacular. It was really noisy with gongs and drums.

However, it’s still a lot worse than when Minato became the Fourth Hokage.

“Minato was very popular, even though Obito isn’t bad. But that’s expected, it will take him a lot of effort to be recognized by everyone since he’s an Uchiha.” Masahiko murmured, catching a familiar figure from the corner of his eyes as he walked through the crowd.

“Orochimaru, you haven’t left yet? Why are you taking Uchiha Inari’s look? How did he offend you?”

Orochimaru disguising as Uchiha Inari licked the corner of his mouth, and didn’t answer Masahiko’s question, but instead said, “Elder, Sarutobi-Sensei has retired for the second time. Do you think he would end up in the same seat a few years later?”

Masahiko paused: “He can retire to death now.”

“I hope so.”

Masahiko frowned and looked at him deeply, then looked up at the top of the Hokage building.

Hiruzen wearing his Hokage hat walked to the edge.

The surrounding ninjas and civilians all calmed down, ready to listen to the teachings, while Masahiko silently blocked his ears with repulsive force, as he has heard enough of Hiruzen’s Will of Fire already.

Hiruzen spoke for ten minutes until the space around him was distorted and Obito slowly appeared.

“Oh? This way of appearance is very cool, who thought of this?” Masahiko laughed.

Dressed in the Hokage robe, Obito appeared; different from the way he showed up, he barely looked normal. His face was tense, and everyone could tell that he was a little nervous. He didn’t even dare to look down and kept looking straight ahead as if he saw a ghost, then started his speech.

“Isn’t these words written by Hiruzen? Oh man, the guy is 22 years old, and still a pushover.” Masahiko blocked his ears again.

Beside him, Orochimaru was suddenly missing, and replaced by Minato’s family.

“Grandpa! Why are you standing here alone?” Kushina was protecting her stomach with both hands.

“Oy, Grandpa?!”

Kushina: ???”

“Old Ancestor, I will definitely be the next Hokage!” Naruto shouted.

Naruto: “???”

Suddenly a few Chinese words appeared in front of Masahiko, “Witness and completely change the main storyline of Naruto World, The Fifth Hokage, get 50(*10) Witness Points.”

“500 points, hehehe.” Masahiko canceled the repulsive force, “What are you guys doing here?”