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LLH Chapter 403 Fly Away

After watching Obito become the Fifth Hokage, Masahiko felt like he has really been living for so long.

Obviously, there’s nothing that will surprise him after all of this, but who knows? Maybe something will happen.

Obito became the Hokage on January 8th, and Kushina expected delivery date was March 8th, which was two full months apart, and this made Masahiko very uncomfortable.

Konoha has always been very lively.

After this event, there were no more witness points, even though the Anbu Captain and the Elders got changed. Masahiko embraced the calmness and lived his days happily.

Of course, all this was possible, because he had Naruto to train.

The exam for the second-grade promotion was coming soon, coupled with the stimulation and encouragement of Obito that became the Fifth Hokage at the age of 22, Masahiko hoped that he can train Naruto more strictly, which roughly means, “Old Ancestor, please don’t go easy on me.”

The child was self-motivated, and Masahiko had no reason to refuse. He trained Naruto very hard, and he had a good time while doing it.

“Why get bored when you have a Naruto!”

Naruto has spent nearly two months in dire straits.


Konoha March 1, Year 56th, Ninja Academy, Naruto Class.

“Elder, you’re here today…?” Iruka said respectfully.

“Don’t be nervous, I just came to see Naruto’s classmates.” Masahiko smiled and turned around, facing the kids in the class, “Children, hello, I’m Uzumaki Masahiko, I’m 124 years old, and you can call me Ancestor.”

“…Old Ancestor.” A sparse response emitted in the classroom.

“It seems that some of you don’t know me, it’s okay, I don’t mind that.” After a short pause, Masahiko continued his speech, “Anyway, if you don’t even know me, then you have no future.”

Many children’s expressions became suddenly weird, and some were started whispering.

Shikamaru buried his head under the table and muttered to Choji next to him, “He’s as troublesome as Dad told me.”

Choji chewed the potato chips and nodded in agreement.

“Akimitchi Choji!” Masahiko suddenly shouted.

Choji was startled, and desperately swallowed the chips in his mouth, then got up in a panic, “Here!”

Masahiko smiled, “Slow down, don’t choke, are these potato chips delicious?”

Choji hesitated for a moment, then looked at Shikamaru beside him, asking for help.

Shikamaru sighed helplessly, then stood up and said, “Old Ancestor, Choji thinks potato chips are delicious. Also, our father often talks about you, so we all know who you are.”

Masahiko smiled happily, “Sit down, you’re very promising. But remember, words can’t tell the entire story. The evaluations you get from your parents aren’t necessarily the truth.”

Shikamaru pondered: “Got it!”

“God boy, I’ll be a guest at your house later. I haven’t seen Shikaku for a long time and I really miss him.”

“I won’t help you anymore,” Shikamaru murmured, “What a pain…”

Masahiko stepped back two steps, “You should all remember me now, and you should also call me Ancestor when you meet me in the future. Am I clear?”


Many kids in Naruto’s class can be considered as walking witness points. It’s worth introducing himself to give them impressions so that he can get some points from them in the future.

As for staying to watch the exam, Masahiko wasn’t very interested.

He could tell in a glance whether these kids are strong or weak, and it’s difficult for kids with no experience in battle to surprise him. Before the start of each match, Masahiko could see the outcome at a glance, and even tell who’s going to win, which was really boring.

As for Naruto, he did make a lot of progress during this period. He once had the upper hand in the battle with Sasuke, but he eventually lost to the Fire Release… Since Naruto only mastered the three basic techniques. Masahiko didn’t have time to teach him any Ninjutsu.

Compared to the battle phase, the written test was more interesting. Masahiko was barely holding his laughs watching Naruto trying to pass the test without cheating.

“Cheating in exams reminds this old ancestor of the old day.”

There is something more interesting happened during the test.

During the written test, Hinata sneaked a glance at Naruto seven or eight times, and at Toneri a dozen times. The expression on her face was so cute that Masahiko wanted to walk to her seat and pinch her face.

Masahiko guessed that she’s checking on Naruto since she knows he would never cheat…

“If Hinata really likes Naruto, she will fall into that kind of selection problem. Whether to choose the person who loves you or the person you love?”


The test lasted all morning, during the lunch break, Masahiko took Iruka’s permission to take Naruto out for a month.

Naruto was originally very sad because he lost to Sasuke again, but the kid immediately got happy when he heard that he didn’t have to go to school for a month, “Hey! Old Ancestor, teach me how to breathe fire in this month!

Masahiko smiled, “Then you must learn how to fly first.”

Naruto was stunned for a while, “No, I meant Sasuke’s Fireball, I can learn that too, right?”

“You didn’t learn how to walk, and now you want to learn how to run? What you’re asking here is learning how to fly!”

Naruto didn’t understand a thing, “Nothing will stop me! I will definitely learn how to breathe fire!”

Masahiko ignored him.

Naruto kept making noises all the way until they came home.

Minato and Tsunade walked out of the house while protecting Kushina from left and right, followed by Kimimaro’s team carrying hold suitcases behind them.

“Huh? Kimimaro, Sister Haku… Brother, Karin, why are you here?”

“We’re going on a trip.” Masahiko smiled and waved to release the spaceship, “Little ones! Get on the ship!”


The Hokage Office.

After becoming a Hokage, Obito’s life was plain, and he have been dealing with trivial things all day. The only thing that could be considered big is the “Kushina’s deliverance.”

For this reason, Obito has been working on this very early, and with the help of Hiruzen, Konoha’s large and small clans have been coordinated. Now Konoha’s protective powers have increased by at least two levels compared to before, especially at the vicinity of Kushina’s home, which can be called a fortress now.

At this time, Obito had the village map in his hand, and he was using his not-so-smart mind to see whether there were any loopholes.

“With these, plus the master… surely there’s no problem, right?”

An Anbu suddenly appeared, “Hokage-Sama, Elder Masahiko flew away with Kushian-Sama.”

Obito froze for a moment, “Flew away? Kushina-San is about to give birth to a baby, where is he taking her?”

Looking up at the Anbu in front of him, he suddenly said, “Kakashi, is that you? Are you making jokes in such a situation?!”

“… Idiot.”

“… Asshole, what are you talking about? I’m the Hokage! The Fifth Hokage-Sama!”


“Ah! Damn it!”

A quarrel took place in the Hokage-Sama Office.