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LLH Chapter 406 Mental Collapse

A total of more than 60 ninjas rushed to the battlefield from the Uzumaki side.

At that time, there weren’t so many clansmen who could join the battle, but even so, the Uzumaki Clan was a prosperous clan in the Warring States Period.

Of course, compared to the Senju and the Uchiha clans it was still far behind.

The Uchiha only came with twenty ninjas, and their leader was one of the elders, who couldn’t be ranked in the Uchiha’s house, making the Uzumaki side look like a big enemy.

“Speaking of which, what was the cause of this war?” Masahiko murmured softly, listening attentively to negotiation between the two sides.

But all he could hear was mosaics.

Masahiko’s memory didn’t contain the content of the negotiations between the two sides, so it’s naturally impossible to recall. At that time, little Masahiko was attracted by other things.

Of course, he wasn’t attracted by Naori. Although she was the first two-dimensional beauty he had ever met in the Naruto World, and among a group of people with black hair and eyes, she was eye-catching with her violet hair and red eyes, Masahiko didn’t fall on his knees just by looking at her. He was just immersed in her beauty…

Moreover, Masahiko could remember who she was now.

“Izanami, what era did I… come to?”

No one could answer his question, because he was only talking to himself, and was almost stabbed by a Kunai thrown over his way.

“Masahiko, don’t be nervous!” His brother reminded, “Have you found your opponent?”

Little Masahiko’s eyes gradually regained focus, and he fixed them on Naori’s little face, “Don’t worry, she’s so beautiful, how can I not find her…”

Masachi got used to Masahiko’s unreliable behavior. Hearing this, he sent out one last reminder, “Don’t get caught in her Genjutsu.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Go! Act as planned!”

The so-called original plan is to divide the manpower equally and ensure that three are fighting one. After all, they had the bigger number and they should use it against the Uchiha’s small squad, but Genjutsu is the issue…

The battlefield was split in this way, and little Masahiko easily matched Naori.

Following the instructions, none of the Uzumaki clansmen were looking into the Uchiha’s eyes, so little Masahiko’s gaze stayed below Naori’s neck…

The battlefield was different from usual exchanges. In such a crowded field, you also need to guard against others’ sudden attacks. And the Uchiha clansmen’s strength is also relatively strong. Therefore, little Masahiko didn’t have time for chitchat, which made him very uncomfortable.

The long sword and the Kunai clashed for the ninth time, little Masahiko finally adapted to the rhythm of the battlefield, and soon gained the upper hand. He was really strong among his peers at that time.

Suddenly, the turning point appeared inadvertently.

A burst of laughter that resounded throughout the battlefield made little Masahiko get distracted slightly: “Hahahaha! Did you think you killed me just now?! Die under my Izanagi!”


“Uncle Korami… is dead?!” Little Masahiko murmured, and his movements froze for a moment.

Hesitation on the battlefield is a fatal mistake, but fortunately, Naori’s next cut also lacked speed, which helped Masahiko block it.

Of course, Masahiko now knows that she got also distracted, but little Masahiko didn’t know that it was because she didn’t like Izanagi, and he thought that she fell in love with him.

In order to be more sure of this, he secretly raised his eyes and met her Sharingan eyes…

“It turned out to be like this. The others laughed at me saying that I used the Sexy Technique on the battlefield. At that time I… actually fell into her Genjutsu!” Masahiko was stunned.

Her pair of two tomoe Sharingan eyes were so red that little Masahiko’s hands formed three seals unwillingly, and in front of Naori’s eyes, he used his version of Sexy Technique…

Although like Naruto, the key parts were covered by smoke, the Sharingan eyes could perceive those hidden parts unwillingly.


Suddenly all the Uchiha members desperately wanted to rush to kill Masahiko, while the Uzumaki clansmen desperately tried to block them…

Naori was stunned.

She did use Genjutsu on Masahiko, a simple one that was supposed to unravel Masahiko’s flaws, not what was there under his pants…


It was the first time he hear Naori’s voice, which was as sweet as her appearance, but the two tomoe Sharingan eyes that evolved into two proved that her intentions weren’t as sweet as she looked…

Naori chased and Masahiko escaped apologizing.

“No, I didn’t, no…”

“My hands moved on itself…”

“Uchiha sister, I’m sorry, I will take full responsibility for this! Ah, no, don’t cut it!”

Masahiko’s unreliable character appeared in front of everyone for the first time, and he froze when he saw his father’s chest pierced by a sword.

“This is a battlefield, a battlefield where people will die at any time, what am I… doing?”

This was the last thought that little Masahiko had before he fell into a coma. This time he was stunned, by a kick to the back of the head from Naori… Fortunately, he didn’t break his neck, nor have his little brother cut.


When he woke up again, it was already three days later, he was lying side by side with his father and elder brother, which were also recuperating… It was his elder brother who rescued him.

His father survived, and the Uzumaki won the war.

His father and some of the elders showed some great tolerance and even praised Little Masahiko’s act, and could only feel sorry that he didn’t kill Naori when he had the chance.

Many people of the same age were a little dissatisfied with his behavior, and how it was shameful to use such a method in front of a girl.

But as a reincarnated person, little Masahiko couldn’t overcome this, and felt that he needed to take a step forward…

“Father, I want to take Uchiha Naori as my wife,” Masahiko said.

“You idiot, they are our enemies! And the Uchiha clan never gives their daughters to outsides, let alone the second daughter of the Patriarch himself!”

Of course, Masahiko knew this, but he felt that he has ruined the girl’s reputation by his behavior, and must do something.

This only proves how innocent he was. However, he didn’t know that the Uchiha would never allow such news to spread. When this story spread throughout the world, it was Masahiko who willingly turned into “a fruit girl” in front of everyone on the battlefield, and with that, he became the laughing stock of the Land of Fire…

In order to improve his strength faster, little Masahiko decided to take a shortcut. He gave up all Ninjutsu practice and only trained his three basic techniques and Shuriken throwing skills.
Little Masahiko couldn’t accept the fact that his system is only there to show his level. He wanted to level up these techniques to the MAXLV, hoping that these little techniques will turn into some magical ones.

In the eyes of outsiders, it was natural that he, the genius of the Uzumaki clan, was crushed by rumors. And as time passed, more people looked down on him, but Masahiko said that he will bear all of this in order to reach his goal…

However, when he was twenty years old, he heard that Uchiha Naori had died in a family conflict, and he mentally collapsed for the first time.

At the age of twenty-two, he finally honed these little skills to the full level, but only got a few special skills, and his rank only become special Shinobi. This time he completely collapsed mentally.

This collapse lasted until he was at the age of 33, Mito was born, and he met his first original acquaintance. At that time, he felt that he still had a chance to see Konoha establish, and that will surely regain his heart.

Therefore, he changed his goal and it was only to live happily.

He practiced again but found that his talent was no longer there, and at the age of 48 years old, he became a common ninja…


“My little heart was really fragile at that time.” Masahiko sighed lightly, “If only Naori didn’t use that Genjutsu on me… Wow, I’m about to collapse again!”