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LLH Chapter 408 The Truth Behind The Existence Of The Other World

The days of sleep finally passed away, and Masahiko woke up after a long absence.

After having lunch, he teased the little princes, who grow some red hair during his absence, then Masahiko went back to his room and checked his LV10 Yin Release harvest.

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief.

Minato showed a rare helpless look, “Kushina, what were you thinking pulling off the hair on the elder’s leg?”

Kushina smiled wryly, “Grandpa’s hair is very strong, I needed to use my whole strength to pull it out.”

Minato was slightly confused, “So…?”

Kushina’s expression become serious, “It’s so stupid, but hear me out, I was thinking about finding someone, who can turn that hair into a strong armor, it can be of great use in crucial moments!”

The corner of Minato’s mouth twitched, and for the first time, he discovered how simple-minded his wife can be.

“It’s a pity that Grandpa shaved the remaining leg hair… I was thinking about making something for little Natsuki.”

Minato: “… hmm.”


In the bedroom, Masahiko was staring at his attribute column.

There were two main changes. The first is that “Ninjutsu,” has been upgraded from 20,000 to 30,000, and the second is that his rank has been changed from sss- to sss. Originally, he had to turn on the Sage Mode to reach sss, and now it became his basic state, however, opening the Sage Mode, wasn’t enough to reach the sss+.

“My strength has been improved a lot. Although the power of Kekkei Mora and the Yin-Yang Releases has increased by a few points, the gained spiritual spaces are occupied by the loss of the Gates. From here on, I will have to bid farewell to the Eight Gates… And my main gain will be the spiritual spaces.”

Masahiko’s consciousness actually split into two strands, one controlling the body and the other entering the spiritual space.

“Sure enough, the spirit space can only be entered by the consciousness, not the body. However, I didn’t expect that the outside body can still move freely after the consciousness enters the space, which is too convenient.”

In the Spiritual Space, Masahiko’s consciousness slowly manifested his body shape. The surrounding scenery was completely different from his Eight Trigram Space. Everything here was shrouded in white mist.

Masahiko’s thoughts moved slightly, and the scenery around his body changed. The surrounding fog slowly dissipated, and the familiar building of Kushina’s house appeared in front of him.

Masahiko stepped in and found that the furnishings in the house were no different from the outside world. Even Minato, Kushina, and the little princes were at home, but they were motionless. Masahiko concentrated for a while, but he couldn’t let them act in the Spiritual Space.

“Are they supposed to be the shell of my consciousness…?”

As if thinking of something, Masahiko’s expression moved slightly, and hurriedly walked out of Kushina’s house, and found that except for this lonely building, other places were covered by the same fog.

Using the same method, Masahiko made one building appear after another until the fog was forced to drive a few kilometers away, but his made Masahiko mentally exhausted.

“This is really how far my thoughts can reach, and how far the space can expand.” Masahiko took a deep breath and looked at the frozen acquaintances around him with a complex expression. After a while, he closed his eyes slightly, and everything in front of him shattered and turned into a white mist.

“They are all constructed by the owner of the spiritual space. I control death and life here. I can only create shape though and not the soul… But what would happen if I pull the souls of others in here?” Masahiko had a bold idea.

The outside world.

Masahiko’s body received the message from his consciousness, and without hesitation, he immediately got up and took action, flashing into a barren mountain and wilderness through the node in his Eight Trigram Space.

“Let’s experiment with small animals first.”


After half a day, Masahiko left the wildness rubbing his belly.

He would never kill innocent people indiscriminately, so he decided to experiment on small animals and eat them afterward.

Masahiko was full of joy at this time because he had four kinds of living creatures in his space; rabbits, snakes, and bears… who could eat the other two.

“Since the soul can really survive in the spiritual space, then this thing can be really useful.” Masahiko sighed slightly.

After he finished experimenting on the animal, it was natural that it’s the human’s turn. But people can’t be eaten… Masahiko could only look around for drying people, wait for them to die, and put their souls in his spiritual space.

This experiment took him half a month, and the result made him ecstatic.

Whether it was an ordinary person or a ninja, the soul can stay in his spiritual space after death. As long as the master of the space doesn’t want to wipe them out, they can live in the spiritual space for countless years.

The lifespan of the soul is much longer than that of the physical body. Masahiko estimated that the speed of the soul dissipation in his pace can be more than 500 years even for ordinary people with weak souls.

Of course, the stronger the soul, the longer it can live there.

“An alternative for immortality… If I had leveled up my Yin Release earlier those younger generations wouldn’t have left me one by one…” Masahiko sighed, feeling slightly sad.

“No, the spiritual space is just a temporary residence for the souls, we still have to find a way to revive them!”

Masahiko frowned, and all the animals and people in the space felt that they were being banished from heaven, and a dozen souls appeared in front of him.

“Go to the other world where you’re supposed to be, my space can’t always have you.”

Having souls in his spiritual space was very exhausting, Masahiko estimated that he can only allow thirty to fifty people to move here freely. And since the number of places is limited he cannot waste it on these experimental products.

However, what happened next made Masahiko’s face change colors.

Except for a few ninjas who were dragged and disappeared by an inexplicable force, the other civilians and animal souls began to disintegrate at an accelerated rate and finally disappeared out of thin air.

“The other world only accepts ninjas?” Masahiko froze for a while, then he let out a sigh, “Six Paths old man, you really know how to play this game. This so-called other-world… is just something similar to my spiritual space?”

The so-called underworld is probably created by the Six Paths. And he only accepts ninjas in it. And because the number is too great, he didn’t give the consciousness, and they can’t move freely in it.

“This is why I can’t use the Edo Tensei, even though others can. You’re preventing me from grabbing the souls from your space…”

“In this case… I only need to find someone who can grab them for me, then take them into my space. I’ll wait until I have enough power to start this wave!”

“The moment Hashirama and Mito’s bodies collapse, I will take them into my space instantly. No one will be able to use them against me in the future!”

With such a big gain, Masahiko returned to Konoha with a smile on his face, to suddenly hear about the bad news.

“Uchiha Kagami, is critically ill!”