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LLH Chapter 410 The Awakening Of The Mongekyou Sharinagn

The class of souls continued in the spiritual space.

Facing Masahiko, the king of hell, the Six Paths didn’t say a word and tried to escape Masahiko’s spiritual space.

But Masahiko was reluctant about letting him go, he was an honorable man; a friend from afar came to visit, he can’t just leave before having a cup of tea!

As soon as he tried to walk away, he was stopped by Masahiko, who seemed rather more relaxed than the Six Path, and he even had the spare capacity to protect Kagami behind him.

The Six Paths’ Yin Release is naturally LV10 too.

But he was dead and the power he could call was limited. Kagami was taken away from him, and he himself was pulled over in the process by Masahiko.

And now that he’s in Masahiko’s territory he’s more vulnerable.

“Save your strength, you should know that you’re not my opponent here. If you don’t want to be this world’s Hades, then all you need to do is to give me Mito, Kenichiro, Nanako, Yoriko, Kenji, my eldest nephew… and the souls of Senju Brothers, and I will let you go!”

After hearing these words, the Six Paths raised his head and took a deep look at Masahiko, then raised his staff, and suddenly stopped all the resistance.

Masahiko was taken aback, and hurriedly canceled the mental shock that was about to hit the undefended Six Paths, and with that, the Hagoromo disappeared…

Masahiko was stunned for a while, “The damned old man! He left me with no other choice!”

Hagoromo knew that Masahiko wouldn’t dare to do anything to him, because the souls of his friends are in his hands, if something happens to him, the underworld will collapse… then the souls of the people Masahiko wants to rescue will be gone.

“Elder Masahiko, who was that person… the Six Paths?” Kagami said softly.

Masahiko turned his head when he heard these words, and felt a little satisfied. He won the fight. He only needs to think of a way to bring the others who are already in the Six Paths’ underworld.

“He’s selfish, he could at least give me a soul or two. But to create an underworld and fight this hard for a soul… the purpose doesn’t seem to be simple. And what about his other two sons, did they do the same? That guy who took the Rinnegan eyes wants to unseal Kaguya, the Six Paths doesn’t care, but when it comes o me, he fights with his life on the line, what kind of hatred or resentment is this…” Masahiko sighed.

“Elder Masahiko, is it okay if you… explain the current situation to me?”

Masahiko nodded, “That guy just now was the Six Paths… The ancestor of all ancestors if you want to call him that, but I’m ashamed to associate with him!”

Kagami sighed, “Elder Masahiko, please calm down.”

Masahiko looked helpless, his opponent run with the treasure, how can he calm down?

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko raised his sight, the scene in front of the two changed, and a teahouse slowly appeared, “Let’s go in and talk.”

Kagami was socked, and followed Masahiko into the teahouse. The interior was fully equipped, tea table and sets, and even cup with tea in it…

Masahiko picked his teacup and took a big sip out of his iced Coke, then finally calmed down, ”I miss this taste… Kagami, you can ask me any question.”

Kagami pondered for a moment, “What… are you drinking?”

Masahiko smiled helplessly, “Dark tea, haven’t you drunk it? Cough, do you have any serious questions though?”

“This is my spiritual space, which has just been built. Similar to the Six Paths’ spiritual space, but that place sucks, so just… do you understand?”

Fortunately, Kagami knew exactly what he meant, “So I’m the first resident of your underworld? It’s an honor.”

Masahiko shook his head, “Don’t flatter yourself. I had a few animals and people here before you as experimental subjects.”

Masahiko took another sip of iced Coke, “you’re the only person… ghost here. But don’t worry, Mito and Hashirama will come to accompany you in more than half a year. You can take advantage of this time to… practice throwing the dice!”

Kagami smiled, “I see.”

“Also this is a very calm and peaceful place, so you will find me here every three of five hours. So if you need anything, just tell me, but now… let me try something.” Masahiko’s expression became serious.

Kagami was startled, and subconsciously raised his hand, the fold on his hands were slowly smoothed by an inexplicable force.

After a while, Masahiko nodded with satisfaction, “The spiritual space can really allow you to stay in this state. After all, your soul is still young.

Kagami’s appearance returned to what he was when he was young, and the old sighs on his face were gone, “I didn’t expect to be able to regain my youth and live another life after death. Thank you, Elder Masahiko.”

“This life can be longer though, so don’t get tired of it. You should familiarize yourself with the new environment first, while I will go out to check the situation outside.” Masahiko’s body slowly disappeared.

In the space, Kagami sighed again; what happened today was really absurd and unreal. After a pause, he showed a bit of curiosity, then raised the teacup in front of him, “Black Tea?”

He took a sip, “Hmm…!”


The outside world.

In order to confront the Six Path, Masahiko invested most of his consciousness in the spiritual space, which almost made his body become cold…

After returning to his body, Masahiko moved around and frowned, “My Yang Release is LV10, and my body is still slightly stiff, which proves that going to the spiritual space is similar to the soul coming out of the body… In this way, will I be able to learn the Yamanaka technique…?”

These clans’ secret techniques are somewhat unique!” Masahiko sighed softly, looking at Kagami’s corpse in front of him, which was already cold, then he shouted, “Obito! Obito! Where are you, people?”

Although he was worried about Masahiko, the Fifth Hokage, had to take care of the village, while most of the people were in a coma. After all, anyone can take this opportunity to invade Konoha, and he must take responsibility in such a situation.

Masahiko yelled twice, and then softly perceived his surroundings, but Obito wasn’t here indeed.

“What should I do? Am I going to dig his eyes out by myself… Ew…”

Masahiko turned left then right, and suddenly the door was slowly opened, and a young man walked in swaying with his hand on his head.

“Elder, what happened…?”

“It’s okay. I had a fight with someone, I took care of it, so you don’t need to worry about it. Hatsu, you should take care of yourself first.” Masahiko fixed his sight on Hatsu’s red eyes, “Who thought he would awaken it because of Kagami’s death…”

“I should take care of myself? Elder, is something wrong with me?” Hatsu was still dazed.

“Uchiha Hatsu, you… have awakened the Mongekyou Sharingan.” Masahiko smiled.