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LLH Chapter 411 Coincidence?

The Mongekyou Sharingan awakened. Just when the Uchiha Clan thought they lost Kagami’s pair, Hatsu’s Sharingan was awakened.

There is indeed a blood relationship between the two. Fugaku’s father is Kagami’s eldest brother, which makes him Hatsu’s second Grandpa.

However, Kagami died naturally, and Hatsu wasn’t greatly moved by that. That’s where the clash between Masahiko and the Six Paths came together. A coincidence that caused Hatsu’s eyes to be awakened.

This is the first time Masahiko has seen it, the shape of Hatsu’s Mongekyou Sharingan was also unknown to him, so he didn’t know what kind of abilities he have gained.

Hatsu has just opened his Mongekyou Sharingan, he still can’t control it properly, and it will take him a long time to get familiar with it.

“How do you feel now? If you’re finally awake, come here and help this ancestor pick out Kagami’s eyes.”

Hatsu shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, elder. I’m still a little dizzy, and I need to rest. If it’s okay, I’m going back to sleep first.”

Masahiko: “…”

The room calmed down, leaving Masahiko facing Kagami’s body.

After a long silence, Masahiko sighed, “Where is Orochimaru, when you need him!”


After half an hour of hard work, Masahiko finally had the courage to pick out Kagami’s eyes and store them properly in a sealing scroll.

But it wasn’t the right time to change eyes…

He took Kagami’s corpse inside his Eight Trigram Space, then he flashed after the Uchiha residence, after standing there for a while.

It was early in the morning, and Konoha’s streets were empty.

“There were numerous shock waves before, it’s estimated that the ninjas will sleep until noon, and ordinary people… will only wake in the night. The children will sleep until tomorrow. I really feel sorry for the younger generation, I try to keep it quiet…”

After wandering around, Masahiko disappeared and appeared at Kushina’s home.

“Kushina, Minato, are you two awake? I’m going to open the door and go in!”

Just as he was about to push the door, it was opened, and Kushina’s face, which looked slightly tired, appeared in front of him, “Grandpa, please keep your voice down. Natsuki had a long night, and we just put her to sleep.”

Masahiko was taken aback, and immediately reacted, “Natsuki just fell asleep? Did Minato take you out?”

“Something like that…” Kushina murmured, and asked, “Was Konoha really in danger? Or Minato really had a nightmare?”

“I really sensed the danger, Kushina.” Minato came from behind, with a helpless expression.

Masahiko laughed. It’s estimated that Minato noticed that something was wrong, and took them away, but he was mocked by Kushina, who didn’t notice anything.

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief, then said seriously, “Grandpa, did you take care of the enemy? Which bastard caused us to spend the night in the cold out at the barren mountain!”

Masahiko was surprised, “The little princess didn’t catch a cold, right?”

Kushina smiled and said, “Don’t worry, fortunately, when Minato took Naruto, he was wrapped in a blanket! It turned out that someone really attack us, Naruto seemed like he fainted out or something…”

Masahiko’s eyes widened, “Poor kid… you could at least wrap them both in the blanket…”


Normal kids are less energetic than adults, but trouble makers are different breeds.

Naruto woke up before noon, shivering under the blanket…

Anyone could make the math, it was autumn, and he spent the night in the mountain, without any clothes, or a blanket to keep him warm…”


At this time, Kushina had a helpless face, “Naruto, drink this hot soup. Don’t worry about school today. It’s a holiday.”

“Holiday?” Naruto trembled, took the soup, and drank it, “I feel cold…”

Masahiko performed medical Ninjutsu, “I always tell you to wear clothes when you sleep. Besides, you always move around and kick the blanket off you. Do you see how you caught a cold?”


After a while, Masahiko retracted his hands, “My Medical Ninjutsu is very effective, but Naruto, you also have great vitality. You should feel better after lying in the bed for a day.”

“Okay… Old ancestor.”

Kushina looked concerned, “Naruto, it’s noon, what would you like to eat.”

Naruto was a little touched. Since having a younger sister, his mother hasn’t cared about him much, “I want to eat… Ramen!”

Kushina smiled, “Then got to sleep for a while, I will wake you up when we bring the Ramen!”


Masahiko followed Kushina out of the bedroom, and shook his head with a smile, “Naruto… I feel bad for the kid.”

Kushina smiled wryly, “You know I love him too. But his little sister needs a lot of care at such an age…”

“Are you going to ask Minato to buy him the Ramen?”

“Minato went out again, he said something about… I don’t know. Anyway, I was really wrong… Grandpa, Naruto wants to eat Ramen, can you help me with this, I have to keep an eye on Natsuki.” Kushina felt guilty.

Masahiko smiled, “You’re right, his sister just needs greater care. You’re doing a great job. Naruto is a little trouble maker, so what if he caught a cold, he will be fine!”

“Shuush… keep your voice down, Grandpa.”

“Hehehe.” Masahiko chuckled, looking inside his space, “Ramen… Well, I don’t have all the materials, and the store won’t open now, since everyone is asleep. I will if Ichiraku Ramen is open.”

Kushina nodded, “Bring Ramen to everyone, we will eat Ramen at noon.”


At the entrance of Ichiraku Ramen, Masahiko stood there squinting, “The door is open?”

Walking into the shop, he was immediately greeted by Teuchi, “What would our guest want to eat? Huh? You’re Elder Uzumaki Masahiko…”

Masahiko glanced at the empty shop with a blank face, “No one came today?”

Teuchi looked around then, said, “You’re lucky, I just opened the door. Last night, my family and I went out of the village to purchase ingredients, and we came back only half an hour ago. Speaking of which, the village today doesn’t feel right, it seems to be very quiet…”

Masahiko blinked, “You went out to purchase ingredients? Well, then bring me four bowls of Ramen to take away!”

“Yes, Sir!”

While Teuchi went into the kitchen to prepare the Ramen, Masahiko found a place to sit down.

“Teuchi… During the conflict between Nawaki and Fugaku over Mikoto, he happened to show up in front of me all of a sudden and ask to fund his Ramen restaurant. Then…” Masahiko now remembers everything in detail.

“Well, none can blame me for doubting him. It’s just he keeps having these weird coincidences.”

“But if he really had anything to do with this. He would have kept his shop closed and pretended to sleep at home…”

As Masahiko struggled with this issue for a long time, Teuchi prepared the Ramen and brought them to him, “It’s hot and ready!”

Masahiko nodded, took the Ramen, and walked out with a frown, then suddenly turned around, “Why aren’t you asking me to pay for the Ramen?”

Teuchi smiled and said, “It’s my honor to serve the ancestor the Ramen I make! You don’t need to pay for it!”

Masahiko squinted again, turned, and left, “Here we are again, he keeps having these weird coincidences…”