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LLH Chapter 429 The Meeting


In the grove, a dazzling blue light shone, and the noises of a hundred birds resounded through the sky, while Hoshino crossed a distance of tens of meters within two seconds.


After a while, the loud noises disappeared.

Masahiko evaded and stretched out his left hand to hit Hoshino’s right and the blue thunder jumped up to the sky.

After a while, the thunder light disappeared, Masahiko pulled his hand back and shook the slight pain he felt from it.

“Yes, you completely mastered it.” Masahiko nodded in satisfaction.

It was late May of Konoha’s 60th year, and it has been already a month since Masahiko showed the Chidori to Hoshino.

“How long has Sasuke practiced it in the original? One month? The two should be about the same…” Masahiko groaned for a moment, then reluctantly shook his head.

Hoshino didn’t look happy about it, it seems that learning a powerful Ninjutsu wasn’t enough to satisfy her, and she was already standing on her tiptoes, while Masahiko talked to her…

Masahiko laughed, and Chakra gathered in his right hand, then a blue long Chakra blade was shot in the distance, causing a row of trees behind Hoshino to fall.

Hoshino immediately returned to her senses, staring at the long lightning Chakra blade in Masahiko’s hand with eyes full of yearning.

Masahiko chuckled, “Want to learn it? I won’t teach it to you! Find a way by yourself!”

The sound of the Chidori emitted again while Hoshino tried it by herself…

Masahiko turned around helplessly, he really can’t refuse a little girl’s request, that’s must be related to his old age…

As soon as he took a few steps, Masahiko stopped again, his squinted eyes widened instantly, and several circles appeared inside of it.

Left Eye: Rinnegan Eye (2000002/5000000)


Uchiha Hoshino, who was trying to figure out how to turn the Chidori into a blade, raised her head and glanced at Masahiko inexplicably, then lowered her head again pondering.

Masahiko turned to look at her, then looked at the other two kids who were practicing alone in the distance, and stepped out of the training field, “Work hard. Your opponents and Senpai should almost be here. I have to go and sign you up, but I will need to fill out the form… I will make Obito do it!”


At the same time, on the street of Konoha.

Team 7 had just completed the task of planting trees. Naruto planted one less tree because he was slower than Sasuke, and the two quarreled again… Naruto was very reluctant to admit his defeat.

There was nothing Sakura could say to help, and she could only watch the two arguing.

“Huh? Sasuke-Kun, Naruto, watch out!” Sakura was startled.

“Huh?” Sasuke and Naruto looked back in a daze.


Two consecutive falling sounds emitted, Sasuke looked at the boy with the strange oil paint on his face in front of him and frowned slightly, then looked at Naruto, who was still on the ground, trying to figure out what happened…


“It hurt! Konoha’s brat, why are you looking at me like that, don’t you know how to apologize when you bump into someone?” One of the two yelled while rubbing his chest.

“Haha… I’m sorry, Sasuke-Kun didn’t mean it.” Sakura hurried forward.

“Sakura, you don’t need to apologize.” Sasuke said lightly, “You guys, aren’t you ninjas from another village? Why are you here?”

“This kid doesn’t even know about the Chunin exam…”

“Kankuro, don’t cause trouble.” Kankuro was interrupted by Temari, “Little handsome kid from Konoha, the three of us are here to participate in the Joint Chunin Exam. I’m sorry that my brother knocked down your companion.”

“Joint Chunin Exam…” Sasuke murmured, “It’s okay, he was knocked down because he was too weak.”

Naruto ignored Sasuke because he felt something weird when he was knocked down by Gaara.

This feeling didn’t belong to him, but it seemed to belong to the Kyuubi in his body… a feeling that although he was a bit uncomfortable looking at that person, he felt some pity at the same time.

Gaara felt the same way.

Sakura hesitated slightly, feeling that the atmosphere was a little weird, so she couldn’t help but smile and interrupt, “Sasuke-Kun, Naruto, didn’t you say you want to practice?”

“Let’s go to meet with Kakashi-sensei first. We will also take the Chunin Exam. But before that…” Sasuke showed an interested look, “The one who carries the gourd, what’s your name?”

“My brother’s name is Gaara. He doesn’t like talking very much.” Temari said.

“Your name…?” Gara suddenly said softly, staring at Naruto.

Sasuke: “???”

Temari: “…”

Naruto returned to his senses, and with a big smile he was about to introduce himself, but he suddenly heard a familiar voice not far away.

“Naruto! Huh? The gourd guy is there too?”

Naruto paused, then turned his head stiffly, “Savage woman!”

“What did you say? Boy, it looks like you want to be beaten again!”

Naruto subconsciously took a step back, then remembered that he was very strong now, “Savage woman! I’m not afraid of you anymore!”

“Oh, yea?”

After a few seconds, Naruto was lying on the ground, losing his backbone…

Karin clapped her hands and nodded in satisfaction.

“So strong…” Sakura muttered in surprise.

Sasuke’s face was solemn, “I remember you seem to be… Uzumaki Karin? Is the Uzumaki country also participating in the Joint Chunin Exam?”

Karin glanced at Sasuke, then quickly looked away. She was sincere to Kimimaro…

“The Join Chunin Exam? What’s that, I’m already a Chunin!” Karin was a little proud of herself, and turned to look at the three Sungakura Genin, “It’s been a long time, Temari, Kankuro, Calabash… Uh, sorry, it’s the elder’s fault! I didn’t mean to call you Calabash! What’s your name again?”

“You’re already a Chunin?” Sasuke felt a sense of urgency since he clearly remember that Karin was only a year older than him.

In the distance, Haku and Kimimaro walked side by side. One is beautiful and the other is handsome, just like a natural pair…

“Karin, did you manage to sense God’s Chakra?” Kimimaro’s eyes swept across the crowd and spoke with interest.

Karin shook her head, “Kimimaro-Kun, I can’t use such a large-scale perceptual technique inside of the village. But this kid must know!”

Naruto’s resilience is strong, and the swelling on his face disappeared quickly, “Sister Haku, long time no see! The ancestor is taking in charge of the 11 Team, and they should be practicing at the 40th…”

A pair of big hands suddenly patted Naruto’s head, and Masahiko’s voice came out, “Good, you’re all here. I see that you already know each other?”

“Old Ancestor (Great Elder, God, Master…” Various greetings were emitted.

Masahiko chuckled and nodded, “Come with me, I will introduce you to the 11 Team!”

The group hit the road in a rocky way.