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LLH Chapter 428 Calligraphy

The Hokage Office.

Looking at Masahiko’s portrait, Obito was puzzled.

“Sungakure sent me a portrait of my master? Are they asking if the Uzumaki country will be taking part in the Exam? Or do you they want Master to participate?”

After thinking for a long time, Obito couldn’t figure it out. The space in front of him was distorted, and Obito disappeared. After a while, his figure appeared in front of Hiruzen’s house.

“Third Hokage! Are you there?”

“Oh! Is it Obito? Come in! Is there something you wanted to ask me?” Hiruzen’s voice came out.

Obito has served as the Hokage for four years. Although he has made a lot of progress, occasionally he still comes to Hiruzen to ask for his opinion and the latter was always happy to help.

Hiruzen’s wife has passed away two years ago, and the two sons were always busy with their affairs, and the latter really hated being idle all day…

Seeing his Grandson Konohamaru once a week was enough; he was afraid that he will get a heart attack if he sees him too much… the little trouble maker.

“I’m sorry, Third Hokage, it seems that I’ve interrupted your lunch.” Obito walked in, then showed Hiruzen Masahiko’s portrait.

“A portrait of Elder Masahiko?”

Obito scratched his head, “I was discussing the specific process of the Chunin Joint Exam with the Fourth Kazekage, and he suddenly sent me a portrait of my master…”

Hiruzen was taken aback, and took a closer look at the portrait in front of him, “Are you sure it was sent by Sunagakure?”

Obito nodded, “What do they mean by this? Do you they want the master to take charge of the Chunin Exam?”

Hiruzen pondered for a moment, and then started to talk nonsense, “No, this is an ink painting, black and white… Sungakure probably doesn’t want Elder Masahiko to participate!”

Obito pondered for a moment, then said, “So that’s it! You deserve to be the Third Hokage!”

Obito then immediately walked out, and Hiruzen was startled, “Obito, are you going to…?”

“It doesn’t matter what they want. It depends on the master’s mood! I will find someone to paint a colorful portrait of the master and send it back to them!”

Hiruzen: “…”

This is getting very weird.


Konoha, a barbecue restaurant.

“Hoshino, you put your buttocks down! Don’t stumble while eating!”

Opposite to him, Uchiha Hoshino’s cheeks were bulged on both sides, chewing quickly, and then slowly relaxed after she heard Masahiko’s words.

As soon as her butt relaxed on the chair, she was reflexively excited and immediately lifted her butt.

After a while, she tried to ease her butt muscles again, but she looked extremely uncomfortable, and started rubbing it back and forth on the chair…

Masahiko smiled helplessly. He knew that the little girl didn’t have hemorrhoids, she’s only not used to sitting too long.

“That’s right, now eat well!”


Sai picked up a piece of meat next to him, then put it down hesitantly, and turned to Masahiko, “Elder, you tied my painting to the messaging eagle earlier… is that okay?”

Masahiko smiled and waved his hand, “Eat your meal and forget about. I have my own measures!”

The mere mortal can’t appreciate the profound meaning of the ancestors at all. The Chunin Exam is one of the major arcs, if he just makes some changes he will end up with at least one hundred and eighty witness points!

He doesn’t care whether he’s troubled or not, and even if the Chunin Exam is completely canceled it will be regarded as a complete change.

“I’m really smart.” Masahiko raised his eyebrows, then his expression changed, and sighed, “Hoshino, if you sit down properly and finish your mean, I will teach you a very powerful Ninjutsu!”

Hoshino who was chewing suddenly rejoiced, and bounced on the chair three times, then gritted her teeth and fixed it on the chair…

Masahiko shook his head laughing, “If you lift it up again, I will make Toneri sit on your lap!”

Hoshino blushed and shook her head lightly, indicating that she could control herself.

Two seconds later…

Masahiko’s mouth twitched; did he choose the wrong penalty condition?

“Lift it up again and I will be the one sitting on your lap!”

Hoshino suddenly sat down.


Masahiko wasn’t in a good mood after eating this meal, but as agreed, he promised to teach Hoshino a powerful Ninjutsu–– Chidori.

The original Ninjutsu and a series of its advanced forms created by him were available in Konoha’s technique library, so it wasn’t a valuable thing.

Originally Masahiko wanted to each it to Sasuke, but the latter was currently practicing A-Level Fire Release Ninjutsu under Itachi’s guidance, so it was temporarily inconvenient to distract him. Masahiko simply taught it to this little girl who looked very pleasing to his eyes.

There are quite a few strong kids in the Exam and it will be a bit hard for the other kids to participate. Among them is, Gaara, Toneri, Naruto, Sasuke, Tenten, Neji, and Lee. With the Chidori, Hoshino should be able to reach the quarterfinals…

“Look up!”

Masahiko performed three seals, then with both hands held horizontally, Chakra accumulated in his palm, the blue arc gleamed, and the harsh birdsong gradually sounded.

When Chidori was fully formed, Masahiko’s figure flickered, then a row of trees suddenly fell in the forest.

“Did you see it clearly?”

Hoshino, who was opening her Sharingan nodded excitedly.

Masahiko sighed, “This technique requires high-speed movement and sharp vision. You meet the minimum requirements… Can you put down your tiptoes for me! I’m explaining a great Ninjutsu for you here!”

“Oh…” Hoshino mumbled reluctantly.

Masahiko pursed his lips and raised his toes, is this really interesting?

Eh? It seems to be really fun to do…

“Don’t mind me, you practice yours!”



As time went by, the sun fell down to the west.

Masahiko touched the Chidori enveloping Hoshino’s hand, but it hurts without static electricity…

“Put your toes down and try again!

This time it’s almost static.

“Your next task is to master Chidori, so you try and relax your body. If you stand on tiptoe… you won’t be to do it freely.” Masahiko said with a smile while standing on his toes.

It feels very comfortable to stand on tiptoe and look down on others.


Suddenly, there was an eagle cry, Masahiko raised his head in a daze, and an eagle was flying in the sky.

Wind blades were shot…

“It’s you again, I spared your life last time and didn’t beat you, why did you come back?” Masahiko smiled, looking at the eagle in his hands, “Another letter… Huh?!”

Masahiko was stunned for a while, “Isn’t this my portrait? And why is it colored?!”

He really couldn’t understand why Obito would do such a thing, “It’s not good to threaten the Fourth Kazekage like this. Obito boy, you can’t rely on the Master’s prestige to do things like this!”

Looking at the eagle in his hands, Masahiko pondered for a moment, “How about… I write something instead?”

“The portrait won’t pay homage to Sunagakure, but calligraphy will be good.”

“Sai, come here and put ink on paper!”