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LLH Chapter 427 The Eagle Cry

Konoha’s 40th practice field, in a small forest where Naruto practiced Rasengan before.

With his hands behind his back, Masahiko stood on one foot lightly on a branch that was as thin as cicada’s wing, hovering about three meters above the ground.

Ten minutes later.

“Sai, are you finished?”

Not far ahead, a white-skinned boy with black hair and eyes nodded lightly, showing a scroll to Masahiko.

Masahiko raised his brows, wandering in front of Sai, and carefully looking at the painting.

“Well, your painting skills are pretty good, I’m almost half as handsome as I’m drawn.” Masahiko groaned for a moment, then frowned suddenly, “Can’t you add some colors? Black and white doesn’t show my temperament!”

A smile appeared on Sai’s face, “Elder, I can only paint in ink wash.”

Masahiko was startled when he heard these words. He didn’t know much about painting. Is ink wash only black and white?

“Then… use color ink next time.”

Sai was taken aback, and nodded, “Thank you Elder for your advice!”

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, “Oh? Oh! You’re very welcome, I’m currently your team leader, and I should give you some guidance.”


This is the third day since Masahiko has taken over the position of team leader of the eleventh team. In addition to Toneri, Masahiko has a certain understanding of the characteristics and strong points of the other two kids.

Sai is the weakest but has the best character. He’s a gentle and kind boy with no quirks. He smiled all day. He looked very comfortable and calm and also he’s the communication hub in the team.

Toneri is the strongest, and his personality isn’t bad, but only around the people he cares about, and he’s slightly indifferent with others. Maybe it’s because of the arrogance of the Otsutsuki Clan?

Even though Masahiko didn’t care much about him and never taught him anything after he took him off the moon, Toneri, who’s is only 13 years old, is currently the strongest Genin.

The last is Uchiha Hoshino, and Masahiko was really interested in her.

After close contact, Masahiko can naturally see that she’s indeed a girl. After determining the gender, that handsome little face of her can also be regarded as heroic; in this way, she’s a pretty good-looking… girl.

She has an ordinary personality of a girl, a little bit introverted, shy and blushing, usually less talking, and she doesn’t have a high sense of presence.

What’s interesting is that she’s such a girl, is also an out-and-out hard worker. Of course, she doesn’t have the same eyebrows as Gai and Lee, but she seizes every minute and every second to practice.

When Masahiko and the team introduced themselves for the first time, she was sitting on a bench, but Masahiko could notice that her buttocks were still an inch away from the bench.

At first, Masahiko was a little confused, thinking that his prestige was so great that the little girl didn’t dare to sit when facing him…

Masahiko soothed her at that time and asked her to sit down at ease. However, two seconds later, she raised her buttocks again…

Masahiko then finally realized… that the little girl was suffering from hemorrhoids? But why didn’t she ask Rin to treat her? It’s not proper to be treated by him, so for the sake of the little girl’s face, he didn’t mention it…

Later, he finally figured out that this wasn’t the case, she was just a ruthless person who integrated training into her lifestyle…

Although she’s far less talented than Sasuke, and she’s not guided by Masahiko like Naruto, her self-hard-working personality helped her catch up with these two, and she deserves the fourth place in the class.


In the small forest, Masahiko rolled up the handsome picture of himself drawn by Sai and turned to look to the other side.

Toneri and Hoshino were engaged in a physical contest at the time.

The Otsutsuki boy was practicing the Gentle Fist techniques of his clan, which was slightly different from the one used by the Hyuuga Clan; still, the difference wasn’t significant.

His light blue eyes could also help him see the Tenketsu points, so it wasn’t very different from the Byakugan too.

His best talent was his Taijutsu. In the past two days, under Masahiko’s guidance, Uchiha Hoshino was given a lot of hints and ticks… so the two could progress together.

Sai’s practice was different, it’s important to learn from each other, but the most important thing to him was painting. The more mixed and realistic, the more Chakra mixes in, and the strongest he will be. So a quiet practice was more suitable for him…

As for the D-Class missions, they will have more opportunities to do them in the future. Masahiko has only three months with them, and he didn’t want to waste them on planting trees and flowers…

On the other side, the beating sounds rang twice then stopped abruptly. Masahiko turned his head in a daze and found that Hoshino was paralyzed on the ground and lost her ability to move. Toneri obviously hit the mark a few times.

Toneri beside her took a deep breath, then turned and looked at Masahiko, revealing a questioning gaze.

Masahiko’s face darkened, “How many times do I need to remind you? Help the poor girl out after finishing!”

Toneri was taken aback for a moment, then hurriedly untied the Tenketsu points on her body, and helped her up. After that, the two immediately formed a sign of reconciliation.

Masahiko nodded, “You’re teammates, and you’re just helping each other get stronger, you can’t let that hurt your harmony. Although you might find this mark of reconciliation a bit cheesy… you must do it every time.”

“I see, Great Elder.” Toneri nodded in response.

Masahiko turned his head to look at Hoshino. The little girl was already standing on her toes, gathering her Chakra down in her feet, strengthening her balance and calf strength…

“This girl.” Masahiko shook his head helplessly.

Uchiha Hoshino who entered her frenzy training mode obviously didn’t hear a word of what he just said, and the only thing that can make her wake up is…

“It’s getting late, let’s have dinner.”

Hoshino immediately stood on her feet and looked at Masahiko straight in the eyes. Maybe it’s because she exhausts herself too much with training that she’s always hungry…

“It’s almost noon, I will treat you…”


The eagle’s cry resounded suddenly in the sky, Masahiko raised his head in a daze, then suddenly waved his hand subconsciously and hit it with a wind blade.

He didn’t mean to do that, but well it was already caught, so he said, “It seems that we’re grilling an eagle today? I haven’t eaten an eagle before, is it good?”

“Elder, it seems to be one of the messaging eagles…” Sai said softly.

Masahiko was taken aback, raised his hand, and looked at the eagle’s leg. Sure enough, a small scroll was tied to the eagle’s leg, but it was cut in half by the wind blade he just shot…

“It’s from Sunagakure, asking about the joint Chunin Exam?” Masahiko frowned slightly, “Isn’t this a bit too cheesy? Couldn’t they just send someone?”

“Forget it.” Masahiko sighed and then he used medical Ninjutsu, and the eagle quickly regained its vitality.

“The scroll is cut in half. Who knows what was written. Something like that should be discussed in person. Don’t embarrass me in front of my students… I hope you enjoy the Sensei’s handsomeness” Masahiko raised his eyebrows and tied up his portrait…

“Fly, little hawk.”