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LLH Chapter 426 Leading A Team!

The Land of Whirlpools, Town of Waves.

Naruto and Tazuna quarreled.

Naruto repeatedly asked Tazuna why he escaped alone, and pretended like doesn’t know him. And Tazuna got annoyed by him and kept calling him, short yellow-haired brat…

Sasuke kept watching them for a while and realized that he was the real Tazuna, but didn’t care to notice Naruto. Kakashi was also lazy, so he just watched the play quietly…

Sakura finally discovered that something was wrong, “Naruto, Uncle Tazuna’s injury seems… healed!”

Naruto was startled and turned around,” Huh? Sakura, your medical Ninjutsu is amazing!”

Sakura covered her forehead; she knew her basic techniques won’t have much effect…

“Naruto! This Tazuna may be fake!”

Naruto was startled; no wonder this guy is acting so weird. Does this mean that the real Tazuna has been killed?

“You bastard… eh?” Naruto was about to rush forward, but Kakashi pulled him back from his collar.

“Idiot,” Sasuke said lightly.

“What are you talking about? Sasuke you bastard!”

“It’s a pity, Naruto. But the other guy is the fake one.”

“The other guy?” Naruto’s face stiffened, and felt shocked…

Tazuna: “???”

In the Eight Trigrams Space, Masahiko: Buhahahahahaha…”


Two days later, at Konoha, Kushina’s house.

Naruto’s face flushed, “Old ancestor, you’re too much!”

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “Hey, who made our young master Uzumaki Naruto upset?

“Humph!” Naruto turned his head to the other side and ran back to his room.

Masahiko’s face twitched, what the hell is this expression? Are you acting like Natsuki? She’s so cute, but you made it look ugly Naruto…

Next to Masahiko, Kushina, the mother, has been laughing hysterically, and Minato, who was instructing Natsuki’s practice, wasn’t there to comfort Naruto…

After a long while, Kushian forcefully controlled her laughter, “Grandpa, Hahaha Naruto, young master, Buhahahahahha…”

Masahiko’s face darkened. Why does he feel always that he hasn’t had more fun than Kushina?

“Hahahahahaha, I must stop… Thank you for arranging this simulation for Naruto. You must have paid a lot since you used two Jonin at once.”

Masahiko nodded. Although he has such special status, he never ‘suppresses others with power.’ Kisame and Zabuza were hired according to the remuneration of normal S-Ranked mission, 5 million Ryo for each of them.

However, he got a full of 200 witness points this time, it wouldn’t have bothered him even if he spent 100 million Ryo…

Now the total number of witness points is 940, which is very close to filling up two skills at the same time. And that’s enough to keep him from being idle until the Chunin Exam…

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko raised his head to look at Kushina, “There are still two months left for the Joint Chunin Exam. Naruto’s opponent won’t be weak, he should meet new friends.”

Kushina was startled, and smiled, “Are you talking about the little fox?”

Masahiko nodded and said, “The seals I left behind can be weakened more. They were only there to keep the Kyuubi from controlling Naruto’s emotions.”

According to Naruto’s character, he would have got instantly furious the moment he saw that scene where Tazuna between life and death. But the seals kept the Kyuubi from manipulating him…

It’s equivalent to being locked in a completely enclosed small black room, with small cracks in the four corners of the roof.

To make it short, he can’t manipulate him if he doesn’t know what’s happening outside.

Currently, the Kyuubi’s Chakra can only affect Naruto’s body by speeding up his healing rate… And if Naruto suddenly got angry and wanted to channel the Kyuubi’s Chakra into his body and grow up a tail, that won’t be possible.

“It’s time to break one of the walls and add a fence into the little dark house.”

Masahiko opened the door of Naruto’s bedroom and walked in, “Naruto, take off your clothes!”


Masahiko was very dissatisfied. Naruto, the trouble maker, was getting too difficult to communicate with. He’s even more disobedient than the Kyuubi and doesn’t take off his clothes when he’s asked to.

It took him half an hour to do ten minutes of work.

At this time, Naruto’s body was enveloped by the crimson Chakra Kyuubi.

Although the Kyuubi agreed to slowly export Chakra after a friendly negotiation between him and Masahiko, Naruto still showed a bit of pain.

The Kyuubi’s Chakra, no matter how gentle it is, it’s still burning and corrosive since Naruto’s physical strength isn’t good enough.

Fortunately, Naruto has become accustomed to pain in these past years, and even seems to enjoy it…

“It feels so powerful!” Naruto made a fist, feeling that he could blow everything up, but didn’t dare to try it on Masahiko, “In this state, I will definitely defeat that bastard Sasuke!”

As soon as his voice emitted, the Kyuubi’s Chakra disappeared, and Naruto immediately felt his body was hollowed out.


“Three seconds is your limit little boy, do you still think you can beat Sasuke?” Masahiko chuckled and shook his head, “It’s normal for the first time to be short, but hard-working will improve it. From now on, use it once a day before going to bed.”

“One year later, and you will be able to stay in this state long enough to defeat Sasuke!”

“No problem! Old Ancestor!” Naruto was excited.

Kushina instantly entered the Kyuubi’s Mode by the side, “Naruto, you still have a lot to master. Grandpa said one year… but I hope you can do it in half a year!”

Naruto glanced at Kushina in surprise, then got more excited, “Three Months!”

Masahiko raised one eyebrow; if he does it in three months, he would be able to use it in the Chunin Exam…


Masahiko originally thought that the days before Chunin’s exam would be very peaceful, he didn’t expect that he had just half a month to concentrate on his left eye before Obito finds him…

“You said… Rin is pregnant?!” Masahiko was full of surprise. Two months ago he was thinking of sparing some time to prepare tonics for Obito. Has he got scared? Or did something else happen?

Obito was overjoyed, “Yes! It’s been a month, and I only found out last night!”

Masahiko took a deep breath, “This is a good thing! You’re 27 years old and you should have offspring. As your master, I’m so happy for you!”

Obito smiled, “Master, it will be inconvenient for Rin to take care of the team when she’s pregnant. You know the eleventh team, who should I assign to take care of them?”

Masahiko, “Team 11… Toneri, Sai, and Uchiha Hoshino!”

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko raised his and said, “I will take care of them for three months, then you can find someone to lead them after the Chunin Exam!”

Obito was taken aback for a moment, “You?!”

Masahiko nodded to confirm.

He happened to need an identity to participate in the Chunin Exam, and there is one more thing he wanted to do…

He’s very interested in that handsome Uchiha girl, Hoshino!