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LLH Chapter 425 Who Are You?

“Uncle Tazuna!”

Naruto squatted in front of Tazuna, shaking his body with both hands, while Sasuke held his Kunai up in front of his head, looking vigilantly around him.

Sakura recovered from the panic, and tremblingly pointed at Tazuna, “He’s still alive!”

Naruto heaved a sigh of relief, raised his head, and glanced around, then scratched his head in confusion.

“Naruto, something is wrong with this client… be careful!” Sasuke exclaimed.

Naruto was startled to find that Tazuna, who was lying prone on the ground, suddenly turned over, opened his eyes and looked at him, then sat down on the ground.

“Hahahahaha… Master Naruto, I’m not dead!!”

Naruto was stunned, then sighed out of relief, “ It turns out that Uncle was happy because he’s not dead… But please don’t laugh like that anymore!”

Tazuna nodded, then the smile was wiped off his face. He suddenly looked in pain and covered the right side of his waist which started bleeding with both hands.

“Uncle, you’re hurt!”

“Let me help him.” With green-lighted Chakra on Sakura’s hands, she covered Tazuna’s wound.

“Sakura, when did you learn medical Ninjutsu?” Naruto asked in surprise.

Masahiko was also a little surprised; he only gave her those books two months ago, but she already can perform the basic form of the technique. She’s really talented…

On the other side, Zabuza locked his eyes on Tazuna. He watched Masahiko’s act quietly, feeling speechless; he wanted to laugh, but he didn’t dare.

“This damn mission, what should I do now…” Zabuza raised his head, then shouted, “That old man isn’t dead yet? Let’s finish him with the next attack!”

After he yelled, Zabuza waved his Kubikiribocho, but found that the ketchup wasn’t cleaned up yet…

“I can’t even get rid of the ketchup that old man made… Is the gap is really that big…?”

“Asshole without eyebrows! Do you still want to attack the Uncle? Naruto jumped up with both hands forming a hand sign, “Multi-Shadow Clone Technique!”

Sasuke frowned, he already had a rough guess, but he didn’t say anything and rushed along with Naruto’s clones. After planting trees and flowers for so long, he finally had the opportunity to test his skills, and such an opponent like Zabuza could give the right amount of pressure he needed, so he still played along.

Masahiko deep inside: Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

The battle continued, this time Zabuza didn’t target Tazuna, since it was worthless…

But since he can’t kill anyone, he decided that he would at least cut Naruto’s eyebrows with his Kubikiribochi.

“Fire Release: The Art of Dragon Fire!”

Sasuke exhaled a high-heated flame taking the form of a gigantic dragon, that rushed madly toward Zabuza.

“Water Release: Water Wall!”

Zabuza inserted his sword into the ground, then with both hands used a hand sign, and opened his mouth. A great amount of water suddenly spurted out of his mouth and formed a great wall in front of him that blocked the flames. The two elements clashed against each other, and a large amount of high-temperature water vapor was condensed.

Several shadow clones seemed to be also unable to break and got damaged by the hot vapor, and the “bang bang bang” sound emitted continuously.

Zabuza stood tall with a look of disdain on his face, then with both hands, he gripped the sheath of his sword and turned around with great force, “How naïve!”

There were indeed two clones trying to sneak attack him from behind, but when Zabuza turned around he was surprised to see…


Seeing how this is worked out, Naruto was slightly delighted, and a grin was drawn on his face as he pushed the Rasengan against Zabuza’s chest, but the latter in front of him suddenly turned into a puddle of water…


The dull sound of two weapons clashing suddenly emitted behind Naruto, and it was Sasuke, who was blocking Zabuza’s Kubikiribochi with his Kunai from beheading Naruto.

“Stupid Naruto! You’re reckless, the one we’re fighting is a Jonin!

On the other side, Sakura kept her eyes on the fight, “Sasuke-Kun is amazing, and even Naruto…”

“Ahem, little girl, I’m dying here if you’re minding,” Tazuna said weakly.

Sakura was startled and turned her head, “Uncle, the blood has already stopped.”

“Who taught you medical Ninjutsu? Haven’t you heard of infection before? There might be some bacteria on that blade… really, how can young master Naruto team up with someone like you.”

Sakura: “…”

This guy is so annoying.

Masahiko smiled secretly; he had already run out of Ketchup and he was using Genjutsu on Sakura to manipulate the bleeding, to make Sakura think that her medical Ninjutsu was working. But in reality, he really wanted to show Sakura a bloodbath


As time passed, Sakura was getting gradually anxious. Naruto and Sasuke were already a bit worn out and wounded facing Zabuza. And even though he wasn’t serious, he was unscathed…

Seeing how Sasuke was struggling to evade the slashes, Sakura stood up greeting her teeth, and touched the Kunai in her ninja bag.

“Little girl, if you go, you will die.”

Sakura slowly turned her head with a smile, “Thank you, uncle, for your concerns!”

After saying this, she turned around and rushed straight to the battlefield without hesitation.

Masahiko stood up and changed back to his original appearance with a ‘poof.’

“This time the goal was achieved, it’s perfect, and it’s time to shout, cut!”


With a silver light shining, Kakashi flickered in time and rescued the three little kids, and escaped from Zabuza’s range.

Masahiko groaned slightly, then his body distorted and disappeared in place, “Kakashi is much stronger than the original. It’s estimated he’s almost as strong as Sakumo when he was young. Zabuza won’t last long in front of him. I’m afraid that even Kisame isn’t his opponent. But without the Sharingan, his limit is lower…”

In the distance, Naruto said in surprise, “Kakashi-Sensei, you’re back! That shark-faced guy…”

“After I taught him a lesson, I let him go. After all, he’s one of the Six Legendary Swordsmen of the Land of Whirlpools.” Kakashi said lightly, which could be regarded as the greatest chance he got to establish his majesty as a teacher.

Naruto was full of anger, “I have to tell Uncle Nagato and Sister Konan about these two bastards, they almost kill Uncle Tazuna… huh? Sakura, where’s Uncle Tazuna.

Sakura turned her head in surprise, “He was injured, and I left him lying over there…”

Kakashi and Sasuke and glanced at each other, then the latter said, “He must have run away first. Therefore… our task is finally completed!

Naruto, who really likes Tazuna, was a bit dissatisfied, “How could he run alone! What if he’s in danger…”

Naruto looked at the bridge in the distance, feeling a bit worried, and said, “Let’s go and check on him!”

Naruto, who couldn’t anymore stubborn, crossed the bridge and reached the town.

After asking around, he found Tazuna’s house, the bridge master builder.

Kakashi had no choice but tag along, thinking is there really such a person? Sasuke was left dumbfounded. Could he be wrong?

This town is indeed small, soon the four were in front of Tazuna’s house, and Naruto could see Tazuna teasing his grandson at a glance.

“Damn it! Uncle Tazuna, you actually ran away first! I was so worried about you!

Tazuna raised his head in confusion, and fixed his glasses, “Short, yellow-haired kid, why would you be worried about me?

Naruto: “???”

In the Eight Trigram Space, Masahiko smiled and shook his head.