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LLH Chapter 424 Laugh Laugh Die Technique!

The spring breeze blew by, the sea was rippling, and Kisame’s heat was also full of waves.

He forgot the line Masahiko gave him.

“What should I do to lead Hatake Kakashi away from these kids?”

Obviously, the two sides were facing each other, but the scene got a bit weird. Only Naruto was there arguing and making loud noises, while Zabuza and Kisame ignored him.

Tazuna frowned secretly; why are they standing there quietly?

“Hey! Shark Face! No Eyebrows Brother! Didn’t you hear what I said?!” Naruto shouted.

Kisame and Zabuza looked at each other, then said lightly, “I hate little ghosts.”

Kisame squeezed a smile that could scare a child and said, “You’re going to deal with them for a while, why don’t you slaughter him?”

Zabuza glanced at him, “Do you want to change opponents?”

Kisame tilted his head, “No.”

On the other side, Kakashi was on guard holding his Chakra Blade, but when he noticed how they were unwilling to fight, he couldn’t help but turn his head and ask, “Tazuna-San, what shall we do now?”

Tazuna was taken aback, looked at Sasuke’s suspicious expression, and said with the corner of his mouth twitching, “You’re the leader of this team, why are you asking me? But if you want my advice… I will tell you. I think you should take care of that shark-looking guy on the opposite side…”

“Understood.” Kakashi turned back.

This time even Naruto felt that something was wrong…

“Young Master Naruto, you must keep in mind that I need your protection during this battle!”

Naruto was startled, “How could it be possible?! I can’t fight them they’re ninjas from the Land of the Whirlpools…”


The sound of two weapons clanging made Naruto pause, and when he turned around, he was surprised to see that Kakashi had instantaneously reached Kisame’s face at some point, and his White Fang was already clashing with the weird weapon of the Shark’s face.


Ping~ Ping~ Ping~

Kakashi and Kisame crossed blades again and again, tacitly fighting while moving farther and farther, until they couldn’t be seen…

Zabuza pulled out his big sword and came to the front of the four, looking up and down at Tazuna.

“Kakashi-Sensei, what the hell… why did he attack all of a sudden?” Naruto scratched his head.

Sasuke frowned, “Something is wrong…”

Sakura’s expression was tense, “This guy is a Jonin of the Uzumaki Country, right? Kakashi-Sensei left us like this? It really doesn’t make sense…”

“You… are Tazuna? How did you offend that old far?” Zabuza said with a cold tone.

Tazuna’s face froze; old fart…

“He offended the Old Ancestor?”

“You’re only saying this because you work for Gato!” Tazuna said quickly.

Zabuza got a bit confused, “Gat…o?”

Things were getting off hands. If this continues, the battle won’t occur. At this time, he needed to add fire to the oil to ignite Zabuza’s killing intent.

“Zabuza-San! Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you have Master Haku’s backing! In front of you is the young master Uzumaki Naruto!”

“Master Haku’s backing?” Naruto murmured, “Is it… Sister Haku?”

“Yes, it’s Master Haku who often follows the Great Elder,” Tazuna added.

“Haku? Back up? Do whatever you want?” Zabuza repeated it softly, then his figure suddenly disappeared instantly.

In the next second, his figure suddenly appeared between the four, and his sword smashed towards Tazuna with lightning speed.


Sasuke pulled out a Kunai and barely blocked Zabuza’s slash, and couldn’t help but shout, “Naruto, don’t get distracted!”

“Master Naruto, he wants to kill me!”

Naruto finally recovered, “Uncle Tazuna, don’t worry, I’ll protect you! Asshole with eyebrows, how dare you ruin Sister Haku’s reputation? Shadow Clone technique!”

More than a dozen clones of Naruto and one Sasuke rushed toward Zabuza in a mighty manner.

Tazuna breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s finally happening.”

Only Sakura was left in front of him, guarding him with a Kunai in her hand.

However, the hand holding the Kunai was trembling.

Naruto and Sasuke were okay facing Zabuza’s killing intent, but she couldn’t bear it.

“She still needs to be tempered…”

On the other side, trying not to kill them, Zabuza cut one of Naruto’s clones, “These two little ghosts are a bit tiring. Let’s get rid of that old man first!”

Zabuza’s waved his sword widely forcing Naruto and Sasuke away, then he pressed it to the ground, and made two hands signs with both hands.

“Water Release: Hiding In The Mist Technique!”

The mist gradually condensed, shrouding everyone’s sights into a vast expanse of whiteness.

Upon seeing this, Naruto and Sasuke tacitly defended back to back, while the first shouting, “Asshole without eyebrows! Where are you?!”

Zabuza could already determine exactly where Naruto’s location is exactly thanks to his idiocy but he kept muttering, “The old ancestor said that I shouldn’t kill them, but that little devil must stop calling me that, before I lose my temper… ok?”

Zabuza sneaked quietly behind Tazuna, but the latter suddenly turned around Sakura, “Little girl, I feel malice is coming from behind, is it okay to stand in front of you.”

Sakura turned to guard, “It’s okay, I will protect you, Uncle”

Zabuza started to lose his temper, “This guy…”

Naruto and Sasuke rushed to the sound when they heard this, and formed a triangle with Sakura to surround Tazuna in the center.

“This mist is really getting in the way! Sasuke, is there a way to get rid of it?” Naruto asked.

“Getting rid of it? What an idiot kid…” Zabuza snorted, while covered in the fog.

Sasuke opened his two tomoe Sharingan and was trying to find any traces of Zabuza, “The Sharingan can’t see through the fog, we only need to delay him until Kakashi-sensei finish with the other guy.”

“Damn it!” Naruto angrily threw out the Kunai in his hand and then heard a bang.

“So it was here!” Naruto said then rushed in the direction of the Kunai.

“Hey, Naruto! You idiot…” Sasuke hurriedly followed.

Suddenly, the tall figure of Zabuza appeared behind Sakura. However, she seemed to have noticed it and turned around, to find that the big sword of Zabuza was slashing at her diagonally.


“Little girl! Getaway!”


Naruto and Sasuke heard the sound and rushed back hurriedly, the fog gradually dispersed, and the scene was revealed before their eyes.

Sakura was sitting down on the ground with a look of horror on her face, while “Uncle Tazuna” was lying on the ground, not knowing of his life or death, and there was some unknown red liquid on the blade of Zabuza’s big sword next to it.

“Uncle Tazuna! Sakura! You browless Bastard!”

Masahiko sneered with his face to the ground, “Tazuna is dead, come and avenge his death, Naruto! Sakura was the reason I’m dead, so this should help her overcome her fear…”

The real battle was about to break out, but suddenly Chinese character flashed before Masahiko’s eyes, “Witness and completely change the main storyline of Naruto, The Land of Waves Mission, get 20(*10) Witness Points.”

“This… did the system just judge that Tazuna is dead?” Masahiko was startled and out of surprise he jumped up suddenly, ”Hahahahahaha, this system is really stupid!”

“Uncle…Tazuna? Naruto who was rushing toward them suddenly stagnated abruptly.

“Haahahahahaha…” Masahiko turned his head and suddenly his face stiffened, “Hahahaahaha… Cough! Cough!”

Tazuna laughed, coughed twice then fell to the ground no longer breathing…

“Laugh, laugh to death?!”

Zabuza widened his eyes, then wiped the red liquid on his blade, and put it in his mouth, “Sweet… You Old Bastard!”

Masahiko suddenly felt deep malice coming from Zabuza above him.