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LLH Chapter 423 The Mission

The next day, early in the morning, in front of Konoha’s Gate.

Team Seven gathered here ready to go, with the four members having different expressions.

Kakashi was indifferent and thoughtful. Yesterday, they received this quest from Obito, but he still doesn’t know what he should expect to encounter in detail. In short, there should be, probably, no danger… right?

Sasuke had his hands in his pockets with a cold expression on his face that looked like, “I have seen the big world and everything in it, a mission out of the village will have nothing that I shouldn’t expect.”

Sakura occasionally took peeks at Sasuke with a flushed face, but also looked a bit excited about doing a mission outside of the village since she had never been outside of Konoha.

“We’re getting late, Uncle Tazuna wouldn’t be oversleeping, right?” Naruto whispered with some clear dissatisfaction on his face.

“He’s here,” Kakashi said lightly, which made the three little kids look ahead.

Tazuna or Masahiko walked slowly toward them as if he had a hangover, “Little Naruto-Sama! Sorry that I’m late!”

Naruto was taken aback, this is the first time someone addressed him this way, it sounds… very good!

But he felt that he should correct him, “Uncle! Just call me Naruto!”

Masahiko laughed secretly.

“Princess Kushina’s son is so polite, unlike the other devils, who don’t say hello when they see an old man.”

Sasuke and Sakura’s expressions stagnated. This client… keeps complimenting Naruto and slandering us… what’s wrong with him?

Kakashi took a deep looked at Tazuna, then said, “Let’s go!”

The group hit the road. Tazuna praised Naruto from time to time, and occasionally said, “It’s really wrong to put such a talented kid like Naruto, in this weak team.” Which made Naruto’s face flush and act embarrassed.

He never knew that he’s so prestigious among the civilians of the Land of Whirlpools!

Masahiko did this for two purposes. One, because he remembers in the original how Tazuna was unpleasant to see Naruto at first, so he thought might get more witness points if he acts this way. The second is that the subsequent act needs the cooperation of Naruto.

“In order to get my points, this ancestor must play along.” Looking at how Naruto was overjoyed, Masahiko said to himself, “I’m going to be invincible this way.”


Because of the presence of ordinary people like Tazuna, the team moved very slowly and didn’t walk less than half of the distance until the evening.

“It’s getting dark, can we rest for a while?” Tazuna said suddenly.

Naruto was startled, “Uncle, are you tired?”

“Ah, I’m tired.”

For the first time, Sasuke and Sakura looked at each other tacitly, and they even had the same thought in their hearts, “This bastard is praising Naruto on purpose, right? He’s planning something…”

The location happened to be a wilderness, and it doesn’t look like a place anyone will walk to within ten miles. Kakashi pondered for a moment, then turned his head and said, “Tazuna-San, you specially selected Naruto to take this mission. I’m starting to believe that you have other purposes!”

Masahiko was very happy to hear this, he was worried that no one will notice, then he wouldn’t be able to find a way to proceed with his act, but Kakashi’s assist was well placed!

Scratching his head, Tazuna said, “There another purpose, and it’s a little one…”

Naruto was taken aback, “Another purpose?”

Tazuna nodded, “I hope that Naruto-Sama can help me a little bit. Our town is in a tough situation. Although it belongs to the Land of Whirlpools, it’s in fact in the middle between the sea borders of two countries. We had bridges crossing to and from the country, but now there’s a little problem…”

Masahiko wasn’t talking nonsense, the two belonged to the Land of Whirlpools, and there were two sea-crossing bridges.

“There’s a businessman named Gato who controlled these two bridges and collected tolls from the merchants, which greatly affected the development of our town, but we couldn’t just refuse. It’s said that there are some strong Shinobi from the Land of Whirlpools backing Gato, so I came to ask for Naruto-Sama’s help…”

Naruto scratched his head, “Two strong Shinobi from the Uzumaki? Collecting money? That’s too much!”

Tazuna nodded repeatedly, “Yes, it’s too harsh!”

“Who is it?”

Tazuna shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Naruto hesitated for a moment, “Uncle, why didn’t you say it earlier, I would have talked to the ancestor…”

“I shouldn’t trouble the Great Elder! He’s an old man who manages everything, how can he have time to take care of such little matters? Naruto-Sama, you can solve it. Which Shinobi from the Land of Whirlpools would dare to face you?”

Kakashi rolled his eyes; he could now determine Tazuna’s identity…

Naruto scratched his head and took a glance at Sasuke and Sakura, then he patted his chest and made a promise, “Leave it to me!”

Tazuna decisively complimented Naruto and thanked him, which made the latter very happy…

Sasuke and Sakura felt like it was a big mistake to take this task. It would have been better to plant trees and flowers.

Kakashi basically figured out everything: Tazuna is Elder Masahiko, and he’s praising Naruto to trick him into taking this task. The two Shinobi he’s talking about will be our opponents. They will open the kids’ eyes to how dangerous the ninja world is… but I hope that the elder won’t go too far.


The next day, near the Land of Fire Bridge, the Land of Waves.

Kakashi looked at the two ninjas in front of him helplessly, “I knew he’s going to take it too far.”

“Who are these two weird-looking guys?” Naruto scratched his head and said.

Tazuna explained in due course, “Naruto-Sama, you don’t know them? I didn’t expect them to be behind Gato. The shark-like guy is Kisame, who’s one of the Uzumaki Six Legendary Swordsman. The one with no eyebrows is Zabuza, he’s also one of the six. They were originally rogue ninjas but later they were brought into the Uzumaki by the Great Elder…”

“This guy named Tazuna is a bit off.” Sasuke pondered, he knows too much…

“Are they the enemies?” Sakura became nervous.

Kakashi pulled out the White Fang on his back, knowing in his heart that this was a battle planned by Masahiko, but it must be fought; however, the two in front of them seemed to have no intentions of fighting…

Kisame and Zabuza were very helpless, they were forced into accepting this S-Class mission.

Kisame’s mission was to deal with Kakashi, and not let him intervene with the others. And Zabuza’s mission was to start a blood and tears stimulation experience for Naruto and the other two; however, he must not kill them.

However, if it’s necessary, they can behead their client Tazuna!

“Tazuna… is it that old man?”