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LLH Chapter 422 Tazuna

“Witness and drastically change the side story of Naruto World: Catch the Cat Mission, get 5(*8) witness points.”

Somewhere in a hidden corner, Masahiko smiled slightly, “I’m on fire! 700 points now!”

Masahiko didn’t intervene in the task of catching the cat. Unexpectedly, the story changed on its own. Naruto and the three failed to take it, and were replaced by the 11th team that didn’t exist in the original story.

In terms of comprehensive strength, the 11th team was a bit stronger than the 7th.

In addition, Toneri who is ranked first in the graduation class, Uchiha Hoshino fourth, and Sai ranked fifth.

“Three handsome little boys, I would say, but there was an imposter among them…”

“Uchiha Hoshino, a boy’s name, a boy’s face that’s pretty handsome… but it’s a girl! This world cannot stop amazing me!”

Masahiko had seen her many times when he went to Naruto’s class. He always thought that she was Hatsu’s sister, but when he asked Iruka to arrange a team for Naruto, he discovered that she was actually Hatsu’s… sister.

It’s completely Haku’s ‘anti-version.’

The 11th team supervisor was Masahiko’s apprentice, Rin Nohara.

Rin married Obito a year ago after he finally gathered the courage to confess. Masahiko looked very sad when he attended their wedding, which made Obito think that Masahiko was overjoyed for him, and was very moved…

Rin resigned from the position of Minister of Konoha Medical Department and was ready to take care of Obito and help him, but the sad thing is that they still didn’t get pregnant…

She was idle for a full year, but nothing happened… so Masahiko suggested that she takes one of the team and instructs them for a period of time.

Watching how Rin was carrying the cat, leading the three kids to deliver the task, Masahiko muttered, “27 years old… it’s still early. If they don’t have children at 30 years old, Obito will have to take my tonic!”


After catching the cat task was over, Masahiko followed team 7 secretly for two more days while they planted seedlings, trees.

However, these missions didn’t give Masahiko any points. Therefore he gave up relying on luck and began to arrange the next most critical and important event…

Director Uzumaki Masahiko contacted the actors and prepared the venue, and when the time came, he began self-written, directed and acted Action-Drama Movie!

It was the beginning of February in Konoha’s 60th year, and the Chunin Exam was at the end of June. There is a gap of four months in the middle. Therefore, Masahiko intends to give these three kids only a short time as a buffer period, so that they can improve a little bit, since the opponent they were going to face next isn’t simple.

Sakura had three cheats give to her by Masahiko. It will take some time to master them. Sasuke doesn’t need Masahiko’s help, as for Naruto…

It’s time show the real thing!


At the end of February, Masahiko took Naruto to practice.

“Naruto, do you know the purpose of bringing you here?”

Naruto was overjoyed, “Old Ancestor, are you finally going to teach me a new Ninjutsu? I remember that you taught me the Shadow Clone Technique here!”

Masahiko nodded, “Good, you’re not mentally retarded.”

Naruto scratched his head, feeling that something was wrong, “Old Ancestor, I… huh?”

Masahiko stretched out his right arm in front of him, then light blue Chakra whirled in the palm of his hand, and gradually condensed into, “Rasengan!”

“Boom!!” The tree beside him was destroyed the moment he pressed it against it.

Masahiko nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Naruto, whose expression was both amazed and shocked.

“Ancestor! Will you finally teach me this powerful Ninjutsu.”

Masahiko nodded slightly, “This is an incompetent Ninjutsu developed by this ancestor when he was young, and it has many advanced forms…”

“For example, Odama Rasengan!


“Odama Rasenshuriken, but this can’t be thrown away…” Masahiko looked at the forest in front of him, and released the Chakra in his hand.

Odama Rasenshuriken is the ultimate version of the Rasengan. It’s several times stronger than a regular Rasenshuriken. It’s the ultimate change of Wind Chakra Natural, but Masahiko feels that Naruto would be able to learn it in three to five years.

Looking at Naruto next to him, the little kid was already smiling for ear to ear.

“Want to learn it?”

“I do! I do!”

“Then…”Masahiko took out a water balloon from his space, “Then you have to break this water balloon…”


Masahiko’s face darkened, “Idiot! Not with your finger!”

“Oh!” Naruto scratched his head, then seemed to have realized something and started taking off his shoes.

Masahiko was speechless–– the hell is he doing?


Naruto mastered his own version of Rasengan. Masahiko didn’t waste any time and taught him how to use the Shadow Clone to reduce the difficulty, also since his Chakra Control is way better than the original, Naruto successfully mastered it in only half a month, bringing Masahiko 40 witness points.

After that Masahiko gave him another half month to be proficient, and another for practice until the end of March.


The Hokage Office.

After sitting in this chair for four years, Obito was much mature, and only acted casually around Kakashi, “Kakashi, you came just right. I have a suitable task for your team.”

“We want a great mission!”Naruto shouted.

Kakashi frowned and looked again at Obito, “This is a C-Class Mission, from an old man named, Tazuna!”

Kakashi frowned slightly and turned to look at the white-haired man, who walked in from the door, “C-Class Mission?”

Naruto looked surprised, “A C-Class mission, is there a battle?”

Sasuke and Sakure were also a little excited. No one wants to plant trees everyday and take care of children…

Tazuna fixed his glasses, “Are these the ninjas who’s going to take the mission?”

“Yes, Tazuna-San. The one with the golden hair is Uzumaki Naruto.”

Naruto was taken aback, “I…?”

Tazuna took a close look at Naruto, and with a surprising joyful expression, he hugged Naruto, “You’re the son of the Uzumaki’s princess, Kushina! I’m from the Land of Waves, it’s located below the Uzumaki. My name is Tazuna, a bridge builder, and I will be relying on you to escort me this time!”

Naruto was surprised and said, “Land of Waves… seems to have heard of it, but it seems that I never been there.”

Tazuna stretched his head, “Hahaha, don’t worry about it! A great future ninja like you, shouldn’t care about such a remote place.

“A great future ninja…” It sounded so cool in Naruto’s ears.

“Hey!” Sasuke and Sakura curled their lips.

Kakashi scratched his head and turned with a strange look in his eyes to Obito, “This task…?

“Ah, I’ll leave it to you! Kakashi, be careful.” Obito blinked.

Tazuna, who was constantly praising Naruto, raised his head and glared imperceptibly at Obito…