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LLH Chapter 421 Bone Gloves

Unlike the original, Kakashi’s strength was in Kenjutsu.

However, Hatake’s method wasn’t suitable for assessing the three kids, so he didn’t feel like he should use his Chakra blade.

Fooled by Naruto who used Masahiko’s spatula, Kakashi’s finger got injured, creating an opportunity for the three little ones…

In order to maintain his image as their mentor and team leader, Kakashi subconsciously made a terrible decision. Fortunately, he wasn’t using his blade and due to his perfect lightning control ability, Naruto wasn’t hurt…

However, the test came to an abrupt end, and Kakashi announced in a flat tone that the three had passed the assessment. He informed them to be there at the same time tomorrow, then left immediately…

Masahiko guessed that he was in a hurry to wash his hands.

“Witness and drastically change the main storyline of Naruto World: Grab The Bell Test, get 10(*8) witness points.”

“So this little change actually helped me get about 30 more witness points!” In the space, Masahiko was full of joy after counting his harvest.

Naruto was suffering outside.

He was uncomfortably on the ground scratching his butt, half of him was truly happy that they passed the exam, the other half was… pan.

Sakura also cheered and turned to Sasuke with a big smile, but Sasuke waved his hand indifferently, “This is boring, let’s go.”

Naruto got irritated, “Wait! Sasuke you bastard, wait a minute!”

Sasuke faintly titled his head, “Why, haven’t you had enough?! Do you want to fight again?”

Naruto’s face was tangled for a while, and he whispered, “Lend me a hand.”

Sasuke was startled, and his eyes widened quickly, “Did it… actually go all way in?!”

Sakura was startled, she covered her mouth, and took two steps back disgustingly. She surely doesn’t like Naruto that much, but now she dislikes Kakashi even more, even her inner self was yelling inside, “What the hell is wrong with that guy!”

Naruto’s face flushed, “Hurry up and help me…”

Halfway through his speech, Naruto suddenly disappeared.

Sasuke was taken aback, “Is it… the ancestor? Has he been watching? Huh!”

In the Eight Trigrams Space.

Masahiko held the deformed spatula in his hand, while his face twitched, “Kakashi if you used any more strength, you would have destroyed the kid’s butt.”

Naruto looked sad, “Ancestor, I blame you for this!”

“Hey brat, don’t you dare sell me! Come over and show me, is it that bad?”

Naruto hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and backed away. The little troublemaker has grown up already and felt a little bit embarrassed.

Masahiko was speechless, “It’s not like I do want to see it either. I will treat you with medical Ninjutsu while closing my eyes.”

Naruto then turned around and slowly lowered his pants.

“OMG! This is horrifying.”

“Old Ancestor! You said you were going to close your eyes!”

“Boy, how many times have I stripped your pants and spanked you? You think I don’t know how your ass looks?”

“Old Ancestor!” Naruto shouted.

“Stop this nonsense!”Masahiko’s palm glowed green, and applied his LV9 Medical Ninjutsu on Naruto’s ass, which made Naruto feel so comfortable…


Kushina’s house.

Hearing that Naruto has passed the exam, Kushina smiled sweetly for a long time, while Minato patted Natsuki’s head with a helpless expression.

“Kakashi, that kid is much more interesting than I thought, Buhahahaha…” Masahiko laughed out loud.

But the laughter stopped when Naruto changed up, and handed the old pants with two-finger-sized holes in the back to Kushina…

“I can’t wear this anymore!”

Masahiko preferred the old orange pants, but the dark red pants on Naruto were also pleasing to the eye.

“Grab the bell is finished, now it should be… catching the cat. I don’t care about it, but I’ll just rub my 5 witness points. 660 points have been accumulated, and I won’t stop anytime soon!”

Masahiko actually thought about using the fat cat, but in the end, he thought that even Kakashi wouldn’t be able to catch her if she’s serious, let’s alone the three kids.

If they fail, it will damage the children’s self-confidence; moreover, Naruto knew Fat Cat…

“The next plot, if I remember correctly… Zabuza… hehe.”

“Old Ancestor! Stop laughing at me!” Naruto shouted.

Masahiko was startled, then looked at Kushina, who stuck her fingers out of the hole in Naruto’s pants…


“Hehehe…” Natsuki also laughed.

After a long while, Kushina stopped laughing, and looked serious, “Grandpa, Natsuki will be four years old in one month, and Minato and I are thinking of letting her start practicing.”

Masahiko nodded slightly, her Sage Body will help her develop faster than other children. Generally, kids should start their training at the age of five, but Natsuki can indeed start a year earlier.

“Is my sister going to start training so soon?” Naruto murmured softly.

“Idiot brother, I will surpass you soon!” Natsuki waved her small fist.

“How is this possible?!”

Masahiko was startled, he didn’t notice it before, but Natsuki seemed to be wearing black gloves on both hands.

Her fingertips were still exposed since the black gloves only covered her fist bones.

“Kushina, did you make these gloves for Natsuki?”

After hearing this, Kushina’s expression was slightly unnatural, “Yes, Grandpa, I originally wanted to knit her a pair of normal gloves, but the materials weren’t enough…”

“Material? What material?” Masahiko stood up, “Natsuki, can you show these gloves to this Ancestor?”

“Yeah! Old Ancestor, these gloves are very comfy!” Natsuki handed the gloves.

Masahiko took it and examined it with a hesitant look on his face, “What is this material? It’s smooth and soft, but also very tough. Celestial silk? Does the Shinobi World have such a thing?”
However, after a while, Masahiko’s eyes widened slightly–– Why does this thing look familiar…

“Old Ancestor, show me!”

Kushina hurriedly snitched it away, “Naruto, don’t look at it! This is your sister’s thing!”

Naruto: “???”

Masahiko tilted his head looking at how nervous Kushina was, then at Minato, who had a really weird look on his face, then finally Natsuki’s face, she looked really happy…

“Kushina, where did you find this material?”

Kushina’s face froze, “I remember buying it a long time ago from a fabric shop on the west corner of the street. He didn’t have a lot of it, so I bought it all…”

“I’ll check it out!” Masahiko disappeared.

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief.

On Konoha Street, Masahiko sighed deeply, that thing just now smelled like him…

“Kushina, the more you age the more you act more and more like Mito.”