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LLH Chapter 420 Planning is Not as Fast as Changing

The next day, early morning.

Masahiko lied on the bed with his eyes closed tightly, suddenly, his eyelids quivered slightly; it looked like he was still closing his eyes tightly, but in fact, he was already awake.

As long as he’s lying on the bed no one can tell if he’s asleep or actually awake since he got really accustomed to squinting…

Sitting up tall, Masahiko recalled what happened last night, and he couldn’t help but sigh, “This is unscientific…”


Last night, he prepared four magical cheats for Sakura and stopped her on the way back to her house after they finished their Ramen.

Without pretending to be a ghost, Masahiko used his original appearance to get straight to the point; after explaining to her that she will only hinder Naruto and Sasuke if things were kept as it was, he said, “This ancestor has prepared four cheats for you, choose one!”

Sakura was worried about this, and she immediately looked surprised when she heard this, then politely thanked Masahiko. Of course, he couldn’t tell what inner-Sakura was thinking.

Someone with two personalities shouldn’t be provoked casually, Masahiko thought that if she end up practicing Genjutsu, maybe no will would be able to trap her in any kind of illusions in the future…

Sakura was very cautious about her future path of development as a ninja. After considering every option and reading every book Masahiko provided for her, she struggled to hand them back to him…

Masahiko tried not to laugh watching this, and somehow he could even understand what she was going through. Anyway, these books contained only some basic things, and they had no value.

Sakura is a nerd, and it won’t take long to master the basics. When she reaches the later stage of her training, she can’t be distracted at all, so she has to choose one of the four to focus on.

But looking at the copy she handed back, Masahiko wasn’t happy at the time… The ancestor Dragon Fist Style!

“Very impressive little girl!” Masahiko said angrily while sitting on his bed.

She actually turned off the opportunity to learn his Taijutsu style.

After pondering for a moment, he stood up, “Well, that’s alright, Kakashi learned my Taijutsu style before, maybe he will teach it to the three of them?!”

Making breakfast, Masahiko pondered for a moment, found the spatula in the kitchen, broke it, weighed its head, then said, “The props are ready, I just need to wait for the big show to begin!”


Outside Konoha’s seventh training field, Masahiko stopped Naruto with a mysterious face.

“Old Ancestor, what are you… you’re not going to test u again today as Konoha’s Technician Kakashi, right?”

Masahiko’s face stiffened, this trouble maker, when did he actually learn to tease me?

After taking a closer look, Masahiko noticed how worried Naruto looked; it seems that he was really worried that Masahiko was evaluating them. The arduous life of the past few years taught him that this ancestor cannot afford to be provoked…

“I don’t have that spare time! I’m here to pass you a secret weapon. With it, you will definitely pass the test!”

Naruto rejoiced, “Really?!”

“I won’t be lying to you, right? Let me tell you…”



As time went by, the sun rose high.

Masahiko was once again hidden in his Eight Trigram Space. After finishing the arrangement, he was watching the play quietly.

The four actors have also been in place; Kakashi was standing outside, with two bells in his hand, explaining to the three kids today’s test.

Masahiko watched Sakura’s face getting uglier and uglier…

Naruto and Sasuke suddenly looked at each other, and then looked at Sakura at the same time, which made her face look paler instantly.

Kakashi frowned slightly and sighed secretly, but he didn’t expect Naruto and Sasuke to speak at the same time,” Naruto you idiot (Sasuke you bastard,) prepare to go back to the Ninja Academy for another year!”

In the space, Masahiko was laughing out loud, “Kakashi you should thank this ancestor now. Adding Sakura to Naruto and Sasuke made the class harmonious all at once….”

Kakashi had no such thoughts at all. He actually had a terrible headache. Why did he put they put these two troublesome kids together: “The test begins!”

“Hand over the bells, Kakashi-sensei! Shadow Clone Technique!” Naruto shouted at Kakashi, then dozens of clones appeared instantly, then rushed toward Kakashi mightily.

The shadow clone technique was taught to Naruto by Masahiko a year ago, bringing him a full forty points.

“This start didn’t change, it should be said that Naruto’s second-hand character hasn’t changed at all.”

Both Sakura and Sasuke concealed quickly, leaving only Naruto who kept besieging Kakashi with his shadow clones…

Suddenly two Kunai hit Kakashi from a very concealed angle, but it turned out to be only a wooden block. Kakashi tilted his head to look in the direction of the Kunai, while Sasuke quickly moved away.

“Kakashi-sensei, where are you looking?!”

Kakashi split Naruto’s shadow clone with the back of his hand, then said, “Naruto, this is useless.”

Masahiko squinted his eyes in the pace, “That’s it, Naruto, face hi! Don’t be afraid to leave holes!”

“Fire Technique: Flame Shuriken!”

Two shurikens wrapped in flames spun and flew toward Kakashi; after frowning slightly, the latter blocked both using his lightning release, “He can even use such a complicated B-Class Ninjutsu? This team is really something…”

“You’re over!” Naruto yelled.

Kakashi easily evaded.

Sakura looked confused hiding in the grass, she really can’t even intervene… but at least she managed to throw two Kunai at him!

The situation gradually became worrying, Naruto and Sasuke knew it was tricky, and tacitly besieged Kakashi, but the latter looked always relaxed, and at some point, he took out a little yellow book and started reading…

“Damn it!” Naruto yelled, and rushed up after being provoked.

Kakashi smoothly swayed sideways, and Naruto fell hard on the ground.

Putting his book away, Kakashi smiled slightly, squatted halfway, and with a tiger hand sign, he aimed at Naruto’s butt, and pushed forward, “Konoha’s Secret Technique: Thousand-Year of Pain!”

“Naruto you fool! Fly away!”


Kakashi’s eyes widened, “Steel plate? Elder Masahiko…!”

Naruto smirked, “The old ancestor was right. Kakashi-Sensei is a badass who likes to stab people in the butt! Sasuke, this is our chance!”

A big smug grin appeared on Masahiko’s face in the space, then his face darkened, “I didn’t use these exact words! Forget it, just get me the completely changed… my God!”

Outside Sasuke and Sakura, both seized the opportunity and rushed to Kakashi from both directions at the same time.

Kakashi’s finger swelled a small circle and froze in place, but before Naruto could turn around and attack him, Kakashi frowned, then the tips of both his finger suddenly flashed with lightning…


Naruto’s screams could be heard from kilometers away.

Sasuke and Sakura subconsciously stopped, they could feel chills on the back of their neck watching this scene–– Sensei… is terrible.

In front of Masahiko’s eyes, Chinese characters flashed, “Witness and slightly change the side story of Naruto World: Thousand-Year of Pain, get 5(*2) witness points.”

“This, this, this, this, the plan wasn’t as fast as the change?!”

“But damn Kakashi boy, you really have a grudge against the kid…”