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LLH Chapter 419 Make Your Choice

“Konoha’s… technician?” Sakura muttered.

“What’s a technician? Old Ancestor, are you our team leader?” Naruto recognized Masahiko.

Sasuke was calm, “That’s impossible, idiot Naruto. The Old Ancestor is just disguising as our real team leader, Kakashi, who he must be hiding nearby, right?”

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “Naruto, you don’t even know what a technician is? Oh… What a waste of so many years of my teaching.”

The space in front of him distorted, and Kakashi’s figure appeared. He helplessly covered his forehead, recalling the scene he saw in the space, then looked at Masahiko coldly, “This self-introduction just now doesn’t count, let’s get to it again. We…”

“This is the real Kakashi brother.”

“As the Elder said, you will address me by Sensei from now on, Naruto.”

Sakura looked around with an ignorant expression, while her inner-self roared, “Aaah! Why did both Sasuke-Kun and that fool Naruto discover it, while I was the only one who couldn’t figure out the situation?! Stupid Naruto, why didn’t he quickly explain everything to me! By the way, Naruto’s ancestor isn’t he… Who is he again?”


The self-introduction started again, he obtained his witness points; thus, Masahiko didn’t try to do anything else and sit quietly on the sidelines.

He didn’t lift his transformation though. Therefore, Sakura couldn’t recognize him for a while, but since Sasuke was playing cool, and Sasuke was just an idiot, no one explained to her. Masahiko felt that it would be interesting to deceive this “ignorant little girl” for a while.

Not only that, but Masahiko also used his Mongekyou Sharingan to scan Sakura, and for the first time, take a closer look at the “heroine” from the anime.

“This little girl seems to…” Masahiko groaned slightly, his right eye widened, the gradually deepened, then the Rinne Sharingan suddenly was opened!

At this time, it was Sakura’s turn to introduce herself, and she was saying, “My favorite things, it’s better to say that my favorite person is…”

Her face flushed, and she was about to turn her head to look at Sasuke, but suddenly a sense of horror stroke her, and the hair on her body immediately exploded, “AAAH! Monster!”

There was silence on the roof for two seconds.

Naruto murmured, “Sakura actually likes monsters, what… what should I do?”

Sasuke moved his butt a little away from Sakura, and moved closer to Naruto…

Sakura shook her head violently, “No! Something was there… huh? It’s gone!”

Kakashi faintly tilted his head and glanced at the place where Masahiko had disappeared, “Elder, is a bit weird today… No, this is normal.”


Masahiko has changed back to his original appearance, walking on the streets of Konoha while pondering.

“Earth, Water, Yin, and Yang. She deserves to be the heroine, she is very talented, and she’s born with all attributes, including the Yin and Yang, which is very rare.”

Before Sakura, Masahiko has only seen less than five people like her. Hashirama, Itachi, Sasuke, Karin, Natsuki… huh? It’s five!

Sakura belongs to the Haruno clan, a family that cannot even be counted as small since there are only three of them left…

Masahiko has seen Sakura’s father before, he was an ordinary Chunin, how could he give birth to such a talented daughter, only Kishimoto’s power can be an explanation, or maybe… there’s another?

With Sakura’s talent, if Masahiko trained her personally for a few years, she might have been able to use the Dust Release, but this isn’t necessary.

“The Ying Release is for Genjutsu type ninjas. The Yang Release is for the physical type ninjas. The water release… well, the water release is the water release.”

Masahiko pondered, while the tomoe in his Rinne Sharingan eyes kept rotating; sometimes he loses control over it, and this is what scared Sakura…

“Since the method of obtaining witness points is successful. Next, I need to work harder to gain more, while Naruto and Sasuke can be sharpened at the same time. However, the gap between them and Sakura is too large, although Kakashi will be there to protect her. It’s dangerous, but this can help her grow… It’s not strange as long as the ancestor isn’t thinking of bullying anyone!”

Masahiko kept thinking and walking without stopping, and went straight to Ichiraku Ramen, his appearance slowly changed into Teuchi–– during this period he took over the restaurant!

In Masahiko’s heart, whether Teuchi is another him or a shadow clone, the Ichiraku Ramen is a family business… it cannot go bankrupt!

Anyway, being idle is always bad; therefore, Masahiko transformed to Teuchi every night, and run the restaurant for a while, talked with the customers, or devoted half of his consciousness into the spiritual space to relieve boredom…

And this way Masahiko could still make the restaurant work at night. Ever since Natsuki grew up and didn’t need to accompany Kushina to sleep, Masahiko couldn’t live in Kushina’s house anymore… he had very good hearing.

Opening the door skillfully, Tenten’s mother, the owner of the weapon shop next door, waved her hand to say hello, and Masahiko smiled.

The idiot apprentice Song was sent away by Masahiko a long time ago. As for Sara, she still runs her restaurant in the Land of Whirlpools. She has not married yet at the age of 35.

Masahiko wasn’t in a hurry, Sara doesn’t even look 25 years old yet; that guy must have sneaked some extra witness points to her. But Masahiko never found a way to add witness points to others…

The Ichiraku Ramen that was only opened in the evening was far less popular than before. There are not many customers, but Masahiko liked that.

He’s just cooking Ramen casually until he suddenly heard a familiar shout, “Uncle! Four bowls of ramen! Today, Brother Kakashi… Kakashi-Sensei is treating us!”

“This is so embarrassing!” Sakura pretended to be a fake.

“Well, only this time…”

Masahiko scratched his head, thinking, “He took them to eat Ramen to celebrate the assembling of Team 7? This shouldn’t happen. Kakashi from the original isn’t like this.”

Four bowls of Ramen were prepared quickly, Naruto cheered, and immediately took a chopstick, and accidentally splashed the ramen soup on Sasuke.

“Naruto you idiot, do you want to die?!”

“Sasuke you bastard, what did you say?!”

Kakashi held their heads with both hands, just like when Minato held him and Obito, “Save your efforts, there will be an exam tomorrow morning. If you fail, you have to go back to the Ninja Academy, and restudy everything!”

“S-Study… everything?!”Naruto’s face was full of horror, and then he looked angrily at Sasuke, “Sasuke you bastard, don’t you dare hold me back!”

“Humph! What an idiot!” Sasuke said with disdain.

“This child Sasuke is stronger than Naruto and has the true heritage of his ancestors. Even though he’s too young, he already learned Madara’s ‘humph,’ no one can win against him anymore. He even managed to maintain his cool appearance…”

However, as soon as the topic of holding people back was mentioned, Sakura’s face quickly changed, Masahiko sighed lightly and began to ponder again.

“Genjutsu, Medical, Water Release, plus one… The Ancestor’s True Divine Fist of Love!”

“I will let Sakura choose one of the four, and let’s see if she which one she will turn out to be, magical Sakura, seductive Sakura, swimming Sakura, or…”