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LLH Chapter 417 Squinting

Three Years Later.

“Witness and change the main storyline of Naruto World: Uzumaki Naruto’s graduation from Ninja Academy. Reward: 20(*5) witness points.”

In the Eight Trigram Space, Masahiko squinted and smiled, “I finally did it.”

Naruto’s graduation exam was over yesterday, and the test was
performing the Clone Technique, which was very easy for the current Naruto. With a full score in the exam and Masahiko’s protection, Naruto didn’t end up stealing the Scroll of Seals.

Even though Masahiko watched the whole process, he didn’t get a single witness point… Fortunately, after the graduation brief meeting that was held today, the system finally acknowledged it.

Besides Masahiko, a clear girl voice came out, “Brother looks so ugly wearing the ninja forehead protection, and he’s smiling so stupidly!”

Masahiko turned and looked at the little girl, who was so cute in her baggy clothes. The girl was about four or five years old with long crimson hair hanging down her shoulders like a waterfall. She looked cute with her reddened shabby cheeks that make you want to squeeze it…

Masahiko pinched her cheeks, “Natsuki is so right!”

Natsuki took two steps back and got rid of Masahiko’s devil claws, then looked like a small adult, saying, “Old Ancestor, stop pinching my face, it will grow flesh.”

Seeing Masahiko’s big hand stretched again, Natsuki quickly hid behind him and pointed, “Look, the meeting has begun!”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, then squinted to the point that his eyes were almost closed…

Indeed, the brief meeting has begun, and Iruka was standing on the podium making a speech.

The general idea is that although these kids graduated, they should get carried on, and from now on they will be divided into groups of three and work under a Jonin to perform tasks.

After crushing their pride, Irakua started naming each group.

“Old Ancestor, who will be in my Brother’s team?” Natsuki asked softly.

Masahiko chuckled, “With the two people he likes the most.”

“Like? Sister Sakura and… who?”

Iruka happened to read names in the seventh team at that moment, ”Uzumaki Naruto! Haruno Sakura! Uchiha Sasuke!”

“Huh? Brother likes Sasuke?”

Masahiko was speechless; he accidentally made the right joke at the wrong time in front of Natsuki…

As soon as Iraku finished reading the names, the class exploded with kids being delighted and others dissatisfied–– such as Naruto.

“Iruka-Sensei, why did you make me team up with that bastard, Sasuke?!”

Faced with Naruto’s question, Iraku raised his voice and said, “Each class was assigned by the Fifth Hokage-Sama personally and it cannot be changed!”

In fact, this happened because of Masahiko; there were many people who shouldn’t be here like Toneri, and if he let things go naturally it would have hurt his brain and witness points…

Speaking of Toneri, he never succeeded in pursuing Hinata. Masahiko originally planned on taking him back to the Land of Whirlpools after graduation, but Toneri didn’t give up, so Masahiko didn’t stop me… even though it seemed hopeless.

Iruka raised his voice again, “Come to the classroom on time in the afternoon to meet your team leader.”

And with this, the graduation briefing ended.

Masahiko frowned slightly, “Why do you seem to have forgotten something?”

Next to him, Natsuki pulled Masahiko’s sleeve lightly, “Old Ancestor, brother, and Sasuke are quarreling again!”

Naruto and Sasuke began their insults war with the first being an idiot and the second a bastard, then they warned each other ‘not to hold back.’ Sakura was there with them, she didn’t immediately choose violence, but showed a worried face.

After all, different from the original, no one in the class can beat Naruto except Toneri and Sasuke, and the gap wasn’t that big too. Although Sakura was happy to be in the same team as Sasuke, she also felt a lot of pressure… knowing that she might be the one who drags them back.

Masahiko pondered for a moment, turned her head suddenly, and covered Natsuki’s big eyes with one hand.

“Old Ancestor, what’s the matter?”

“You can’t watch the next picture.”

Masahiko lifted his right foot lightly, then kicked Naruto’s butt, and…

“Witness and slightly change the side story of Naruto World: Naruto and Sasuke’s first kiss gained 5(*2) Witness Points.”

“Old Ancestor!” Natsuki kept struggling to move Masahiko’s hands away, wanting to see what happened.

Sakura couldn’t see Masahiko’s feet, she only saw how Naruto suddenly jumped up and three Sasuke to the ground, and then kissed him.

She was going to kill Naruto!

Masahiko smiled, “Natsuki, you can’t watch the following scenes either, let’s go!”


Kushina’s house.

Natsuki was still curious, “Old Ancestor, tell me already what happened there?”

Kushina said next to her, “Grandpa, is Naruto in trouble again?”

Masahiko shook his head, “No, it’s just that Natsuki is still young, and there are some things she shouldn’t see.”

Natsuki pouted her mouth, “I can’t see with such big eyes? While you ancestor has such small eyes…”

Masahiko’s face turned black, “This Ancestor’s eyes were big before, you can’t compare me to you. I’m not as young as you!”

Kushina laughed, “Grandpa, you have been squinting for three years, when can you open them?”

Masahiko pondered, “The moment I open my eyes, the world will become different.”

Kushina shook her head speechlessly, but didn’t interrupt Masahiko, who continued saying, “It seems that I can open one.”

“Open one?” Kushina was startled.

As soon as his voice emitted, Masahiko suddenly opened his right eye, revealing a light cyan rippled pupil, and six black tomoe evenly distributed in the center of his pupil.

After that, Masahiko’s blinked, and when it opened he opened his eye again, it turned back to an ordinary black pupil, “Finally, one eye is ready!”

Right Eye: Rinne Sharingan (Full Level) (10000000/10000000)

Left Eye: Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan (1234567/2000000)

Three years ago, after changing his eyes, Masahiko realized that he could indeed use his vitality and Chakra to nourish his eyes, but the speed became slower in the later stages. After leveling up both his eyes into Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan he tried to shift the focus on nourishing one eye, and the speed was doubled.

Not only that, but he also used his witness points to increase his medical Ninjutsu to LV9 and gained stronger Chakra Control. That also speeded up the process again and also helped him curse Kimimaro’s disease, killing two birds with one stone.

A few minutes ago, he finally finished working on one of the eyes…

“Open one eye and close the other?”

“It turned out that the ancestor had one big eye and one small eye, so strange…”

Masahiko was speechless, looking at Natsuki, who was secretly laughing at him…

“This kid is exactly the same as you, Kushina, when you were a child. Alas, my left eye cannot be opened yet.”

After changing his eyes, Masahiko discovered that he couldn’t restore his eyes back to normal even when he awakened the Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan. The scarlet of the Sharingan eyes is scary. Masahiko was also used to squinting, and he felt it made him look very handsome…

“When I open my eyes again, Kaguya herself won’t be able to stand in front of me…”