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LLH Chapter 416 Changing Eyes!

Masahiko felt that after his Yin Release was leveled up to the maximum level, his IQ has improved a lot, and the things that used to be confusing can now be understood quickly.

“The problem now is that the first time he traveled through time and space, is the time I should have traveled. Something must have happened that made him go back in time and do it all again.”

“He could detect his own blood in Sara, and prevented me from having the same ability because he didn’t want me to have the same experience as him, which means… that some kind of tragedy was restored? Maybe I have to thank him?”

“It’s more likely to be fun…”

I must find him and ask! If he chose not to say anything, I’ll just beat him up. Only god knows how many witness points he has used to keep an ordinary person alive for thousands of years… he can’t be my opponent!”

The picture was gradually getting clearer in front of Masahiko, and his thoughts were finally cleared out.

When the Six Paths saw this, he spoke again, “Uzumaki Masahiko, aren’t you going to red of your other self?”

Masahiko was taken aback, and shook his head with a smile, “The idea of ‘I must be unique,’ is not what I should have in mind at my age. I’m happy for all my juniors. Do you think he could destroy me, or even dare to think about it? I only consider him as a naughty shadow clone… S-Shadow clone, why do I have a bad premonition…”

The Six Paths was silent.

Standing there for a moment, Masahiko shook his head and said, “Then what do you want to do? Get rid of him?”

The scepter knocked the ground, then the Six Paths said, “He shouldn’t exist in this world, and we still don’t know what was the reason for inducing mother’s temperament change. He must be eradicated!”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, did that guy rub the witness points to save his wife, then watch Kaguya’s hate grow against the world? It’s really me… Now he finally understands why the Six Paths always seemed to be awkward to him, did inherit her hatred?

The Six Paths crossed his legs mid-air, then said, “I have explained everything to you, let me leave now!”

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, “You trying to trick me again? Hey old fart, give me Hashirama first!”

The Six Paths frowned and waved, then Hashirama’s souls appeared, but it was shrouded in white light, in an unconscious state in the underworld.

Masahiko pondered for a moment before waking him up, turned his head, and said, “There’s still Tobirama!”

The Six Paths waved again.

“And Nanako!”

The Six Paths waved again.

“Yoriko! Hurry up!”

The Six Paths waved again and again…

The souls gradually increased behind him, Masahiko turned his head with a grin, and looked at them one by one, “My Nephew, do you want me to die!”

The longest parting member from him was his nephew. It’s been thirty years…

Counting the numbers, Masahiko murmured slightly, “Where’s Kenichiro and Uchiha Naori, they are still missing!”

“Uchiha Naori’s soul isn’t with me she has been summoned. As for Kenichiro, his soul was traumatized last time when he was summoned, and it’s still recovering, he cannot move lightly!” The Six Paths responded slowly.

Masahiko squinted, “He’s the one who beat me up how he can be the one recovering?”

He didn’t suspect that the Six Paths is lying, so many souls were given, he wouldn’t just stop because of Kenichiro, “How long does he need to recover fully?”

The Six Paths pondered for a moment, “As short as five years, and as long as ten! Uzumaki Masahiko, the souls you want has been given to you, I should go now!”

Masahiko blinked, “Stay for a while. I still have questions to ask you. Who is that guy who wants to resurrect Kaguya?”

Six Paths snorted, “He’s nothing more than a poor man who has been under the Infinite Tsukuyomi, he has regained his memory for some reason. Don’t worry about him, he can’t succeed!

“He stayed in that Genjutsu for a thousand-year?” Masahiko scratched his head, “Was that person also offended by ‘Teuchi’? This guy’s provoking ability is scary, the more you look at it, the more he reminds me of my shadow clones…”

Looking at the Six Paths in front of him, Masahiko waved his hand and said, “Okay, you’re good! You can go back, and I will pull you here again if I have something to ask.”

The Six Paths frowned then disappeared instantly, indicating that he wasn’t happy with that last sentence.

Masahiko was stunned for a while, until Kagami came to his side, “Elder Masahiko, you asked the Six Paths to give you the soul of the First Hokage?”

“Ah.” Masahiko responded, “I want people to live freely in my spiritual space. However, there’s a limit on the number of people. There are so many people who I want to bring them here, and I can’t maintain all of your consciousness. So only a few of them can move freely, in the future… I’m afraid this won’t be enough!”

Kagami sighed slightly, “That’s more than enough, Elder Masahiko.”

Masahiko smiled and turned around, “My Spiritual space is lively! Let’s start with restoring everyone’s youth, this time we have a lot of time to reminisce about the past!”


Three days later, in the Legendary Suckers Casino, Masahiko stood up and moved his body for a while, he spent three days chatting with the dead, and he was very happy.

The admiration of Sage Masahiko by his juniors made him very happy. It’s a pity that Kenichiro wasn’t there, otherwise, Masahiko could be praised more comfortably…

“Small flattery can’t make me lose my heart… Well, it’s enough to go in and listen to it again once in three or five days.”

Most of his consciousness was thrown into the spiritual space. Therefore, his body could only maintain daily basic movements subconsciously, just like a fool…

Fortunately, Mito and Tsunade took care of him.

At this moment, seeing how he was smiling idiotically… the two of them instantly knew that Masahiko’s “soul returned to his body.”

“Great Grandpa, how is it? Grandpa’s soul…?”

Masahiko smiled and said, “Not only Hashirama, Tobirama, Yoriko, Nanako, and the others, I took them all!”

Mito smiled upon hearing these words, “Second Grandpa, why don’t you just send me in?”

Tsunade nodded, “Well, grandma has been with me long enough!”

Masahiko paused, then shook his head, “I’m afraid you will have to wait a bit longer, there are still things that I need you to help me with.”

Masahiko slowly took a sealing scroll out of his sleeve, and after unsealing it, a small box appeared in front of the three of them, with a pair of Mongekyou Sharingan eyes in it.

“One of you two will have to change my eyes, but be gentle!”

Tsunade was taken aback for a moment, didn’t ask why Masahiko decided to do so, but shook her head with a smile, “Great Grandpa, can’t you do it by yourself? Cut off the pain nerves in the eyes, with your medical Ninjutsu, it only takes five seconds!”

Masahiko blinked, “Hurry up! I can’t do it by myself. Mito can you do it for me?”

Mito shook her head, “I can’t I’m summoned by the enemies, let’s not do dangerous actions like cutting nerves. Tsunade you do it.”

Tsunade nodded, and Masahiko gritted his teeth, watching her two fingers getting closer and closer to his eyes…

He flinched… but he wasn’t scared it was just reflex.

Ten minutes later, Masahiko looked at the world differently… Myopia +1.

At the same time, two new rows of properties have been added to his status bar.

Left Eye: Mongekyou Sharingan (-765234/1000000)

Right Eye: Mongekyou Sharingan (-800063/1000000)

“Kagami… Negative 800,000, you’re basically blind.”

“Anyway… I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long.”

Masahiko slowly mobilized his Chakra into his new eyes…