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LLH Chapter 415 Shameful

Familiar spiritual space, familiar spiritual confrontation.

Uchiha Kagami walked out of the teahouse, to find this scene in front of him; for a moment he felt at loss, and blamed the Coke…

The Six Paths didn’t change his routine, he dropped all protection and looked at Masahiko, but the latter wasn’t planning on stopping this time…

Just when the mental shock was about to hit the defenseless Six Paths, he sighed slightly, then moved his scepter and blocked it

Masahiko laughed and said, “You thought I would care if you’re dead? You can’t use the same trick twice, I made up my mind, you can’t fool met twice you old fart!”

Even if the underworld collapses by his death, the strong souls will still survive, right?

“I can take whoever I want then!”

The Six Paths suddenly broke the silence, “Hashirama’s soul can be given to you.”

Masahiko smiled and breathed a sigh of relief, he’s finally willing to compromise. He’s forced to do so because if he keeps doing that many souls will get wiped out…

“You’re giving me Hashirama? Not enough! If I just wanted him I wouldn’t have pulled you in too!”

The Six Paths was silent for a long time, then finally changed his posture, and stood up straight with his feet on the ground, then slowly spoke, “Uzumaki Masahiko, let me tell you a story.”

Masahiko shook his head, “How about a joke? If you make this ancestor laugh, I would maybe let you go!”

The Six Paths ignored him, “A thousand years ago, a goddess descended from the skies…”

“Really this is how you’re going to start your joke? I know everything about yo mama, she ate the fruit of the God Tree and then launched the Infinite Tsukuyomi to destroy the world, but you and your brother stopped her and sealed her. Speaking of it, the moon is really great, spacious, and livable. How did you keep it levitated in the sky for so long? You have to tell me, man, I want one too, let’s become moon brothers!”

The Six Paths glanced at him, “And that’s why the underground cannot be destroyed!”

Masahiko was startled, “So you created the underworld to draw strength and prevent the seal from breaking?”

“Once the moon seal breaks, Mother will be free. Although the Juubi has been divided by me, if she’s liberated, she will easily regain all of her powers even without her body. Once that happens you won’t be able to seal her, even if she has lost most of her power!”

Masahiko blinked, he has now 545 witness points, he can increase his Fuinjutsu technique to LVMAX, so he really felt like he want to try…

“What I want to say isn’t that.” The Six Paths continued, “I have always suspected that mother’s pure and kind temperament has inexplicably changed all of a sudden. After so many years of investigation, I have basically determined that she was bewitched by other people!”

Masahiko frowned slightly when he heard these words, and suddenly remembered some long-lasting memories. He remembered that in the original work, Naruto Animation and the manga had completely two different explanations to Kaguya’s change and the reason behind it. The animation team seemed to have something original, but he didn’t watch the whole story…

“It seems to be related to the Land of the Ancestors, Kaguya’s servant was killed, and… what happened?” Masahiko muttered to himself.

The Six Path was startled, “You actually even know about this?! Did you find the records of that kingdom?”

Masahiko didn’t actually know much, but the Six Paths reminded him, coupled with the legends where the kingdom offended the goddess…

“Yes, it’s recorded that the Kingdom killed your mother’s servant, right?”

The Six Paths nodded, “The root cause of mother’s change is the death of the servant Aino…”

“Her servant’s name was Aino?!”

Seeing how the Six Paths nodded, Masahiko’s heart sank; isn’t Teuchi’s wife also called Aino, is it the same person?

“Things turned back… to Teuchi?”

The Six Paths continued, “I don’t know the details, but the same person is involved in both events. There must be something here!”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “So you think your mother was bewitched by him?”

The Six Path knocked the ground with the bottom of his scepter, “That’s right! If you didn’t let the other one goes back to the past, nothing of this would have happened!”

Masahiko was shocked and froze in place…

“It’s actually me?! Yes, that makes sense. He participated in all events of Kaguya’s temperament change, in order to witness it! But why… there would two of me?!” Masahiko was speechless.

After a long while, he cleared his thought and asked this question to the Six Paths.

“When it comes to the changes in time and space, I don’t know much. In the beginning, he passed through time and space twice in a row. What changes may have occurred because of this is unknown. It may also be caused by some secret in your body. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gained the strength you have today. And you don’t try telling me that it was through hard work.”

Masahiko sighed, “You’re right, it’s through hard work.”

Six Paths: “…”

Silence fell into the spiritual space.

Masahiko was sorting out the clues, wondering how to face his other-self.

“He shouldn’t be malicious to me. Otherwise, it would have been easy to solve me when I was weak. He traveled to the past once in Konoha’s 39th year and then was pulled back to the original era by time and space. He lived to Konoha’s 63rd year and then traveled back to Konoha. In the 39th year, I stopped myself, that is, the “past self” from passing through time and space and changing the past! So he passed through twice, and some unknown changes occurred in the middle, which made him go back to a thousand years ago, which caused having two of me!”

Masahiko dealt with the situation slowly. He knew his character the best and knew that no matter what he experienced, he would never become a behind-the-scene character. At most, he became a bit cautious.

His wife was Aino, whose Kaguya’s servant, she was saved by him and lived for a thousand-year…

“He was so weak when he fought with the Six Paths before, maybe he has found a way to add points to other people! And the since the witness points cannot be obtained repeatedly, he’s cannot… be now stronger than me!”

After thinking of this, Masahiko paused slightly, then raised his head to speak, “So he wasn’t lying about Sara. If he went back to a thousand years ago…”

“The direct descendants of the ancient country Roran are all his descendants, and the girl named Sara is the last descendant of his line.”

Masahiko’s heart was slightly relieved, and couldn’t help but laugh. The daughter he has been raising for so many years is still related to him even though she’s not really his daughter.

However, he was struggling with one thing.

“It’s really shameful. I traveled thousands of years back but ended up with Kaguya’s servant. What a waste I could have become the Six Paths’ father!”