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LLH Chapter 414 Is It Necessary

Nagato and Konan’s wedding went well.

The two kids finally got together, and Masahiko sent them his sincere blessings. Not only that, but he also helped them by keeping an eye on Killer Bee, and preventing him from turning this happy event into a funeral…

However, his big bro’s scolding last time was enough to make him think twice before acting rashly…

After the wedding was over, Masahiko and the juniors got together again for a reunion dinner the next day and after that, he began “his evil force’s hunt” operation.

However, things didn’t go smoothly.

For so many years, Teuchi has been able to hide this mysterious side of him from Masahiko so well, and now that he was actually hiding, it was naturally not easy for Masahiko to find him.

So now his target is no longer the double-men-bun-guy alone, but also the Ichiraku Ramen Boss, Teuchi.

Speaking of it, the Akatsuki hasn’t done any business since its establishment. Words are just words in the end, and making peace isn’t as easy as Yahiko thought. The only thing they could do was spread leaflets and portraits to various countries, calling on everyone to hunt down the “the wanted criminals in the Ninja World.”

Of course, Masahiko wasn’t going to rely on them at all. With his current speed, he could navigate the entire Shinobi World in two hours… Still, it’s too hard to find someone hiding in this world. A few months have passed and he hasn’t been able to find his two targets, but he gained something else, a reward.

In a small country called, the Land of Demons, Masahiko crossed roads with an unfortunate spirit, which had a very strong vitality, no matter how hard he hit it, it got resurrected again. In the end, he used the All-Killing Ash Bone to completely wipe it out of existence.

Due to this event, Masahiko gained a full of 150 witness points… Only then did he remember that the Land of Demons was originally featured in one of the movies.

However, in his previous life, he really didn’t give much attention to those movies. After thinking for a while, he could only remember Snow Country is also featured in one of those movies, but he couldn’t recall the specific content at all.

In addition to this unexpected gain, there was something that made Masahiko happier. The last time he saw little Natsuki, she called him Old Ancestor with her cute soft voice, which made him can’t wait to see her grow up into a sweet beautiful girl.

As for Naruto, Masahiko can’t help but consider him a lost cause…


Time went by, it was mid-May of Konoha’s 57th year, and Masahiko finally suspended the search.

Amidst the wailing of gamblers, upon seeing the face of one of the owners peeling off, the Legendary Suckers Casino was closed and went out of business.

It seems that the sacrifices used to summon the Senju couples have finally run out of gas.

“Mito, how long do you think the sacrifices will last?”

Mito pondered for a moment, “Maybe it will last until the end of this year.”

Masahiko nodded and looked at Hachirama and Tsunade who were gambling their hearts out with what was left of the time, and couldn’t help but smile…

“Mito, I have some good news…”

Masahiko told Mito about his spiritual space, and the latter couldn’t help but feel surprised, “Are you serious? Then entering your space is no different from when we’re alive!”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “It can be a little boring inside, except for me who can’t be there all the time, there is only Kagami there. And when the two of you enter, I’m afraid he will be more uncomfortable…”

Mito smiled, “Second Grandpa, you’re always like this… hehe.”

Masahiko smiled, “Well, don’t tell Hashirama, I want to surprise him.”

Mito nodded, then added with a smile, “If this is the case, then this is almost like an eternal life, you don’t have to worry any longer about resurrecting us.”

Masahiko was stunned, “The taste of the real world cannot be compared to that of the underworld. It might take some more time, but I won’t give until the two are alive again. However, until then you’re stuck with me in my Soul Space!”

“It’s up to you.” Mito sighed lightly.

Just when Masahiko was about to say something, a sound emitted from the other side where Tsunade and Hashirama were gambling, and all of a sudden, Hashirama was mid-air behind Masahiko trying to slam the back of his head.

Masahiko smiled slightly, released his repulsive force, and froze Hashirama’s movement in place, “Hashirama, I didn’t think that you hold this much grudge against this Second Grandpa!”

“Grandpa!” Tsunade exclaimed in surprise.

Hashirama spoke all of a sudden, but his voice was completely different, “Uzumaki Masahiko, next time we meet, it will definitely be different than last time.”

“Is he completely controlled?” Mito perceived intently.

“He didn’t control you to prevent you from perceiving his location.” Masahiko turned his head and said, “Now that you’re completely safe, do you dare to tell me who you are? I’m pretty sure that I have never seen you before!”

“Uzumaki Masahiko, you will remember!”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched, stop lying, my memory has completely awakened…

“In this case, thank you for allowing Hashirama to accompany us for so long. Next time, remember to try and summon him to attack me again.”

“As you wish.”

Masahiko snickered secretly, when the double-man-bun-guy tries to summon Hashirama from his space next time, he will definitely be able to find his location and kill him…

“Second Grandpa, I’m sorry, I…” Hashirama recovered his voice, and at the same time a white bright light started to glow from his body, then he slowly started disintegrating, “Is it time?”

Hashirama slowly turned his head, “Mito, Second Grandpa, goodbye. And Tsunade, you… better quit gambling and start doing something else.”

Tsunade was about to get a bit emotional, but his words made her furious, “Grandpa!”

A smile appeared on Hashirama’s face, “I was so happy that I got to spend some time with you, but don’t be like me, the dead are the most carefree, live your life, Tsunade.”

Masahiko grinned, “Hey don’t be so sad!”

Hashirama was to turn around, but his time was up, and his soul ascended to heaven.

Masahiko looked up, smiled then shouted, “Hashirama, you’re coming down here!”

The spiritual power swept across, and Masahiko was once again taken aback by it, “What?! You again, Six Paths Old Man, how dare you come here?!”

“I caught you!”

The mental shocks started to spread throughout the place again, but both Mito and Tsunade were immune to it.

“Grandma is this…?”

Mito pondered for a while and thought of what Masahiko told her earlier, and soon she could guess what is going on, then told Tsunade about everything.

“Great Grandpa…?!” Tsunade was shocked.

Mito nodded, “So you don’t need to feel sorry about him, Hashirama has just found another place to gamble, but the opponent is just… Kagami instead of you.”


After half an hour, the mental shocks gradually stopped.

In the Spiritual Space.

“Hey, Six Paths Old Man, I won’t let you run this easily this time!”

The Six Paths sat cross-legged mid-air feeling speechless.

You’re not only stealing the souls from me, but you also dare to drag me in too?

Is this really necessary?!