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LLH Chapter 413 The Evil Force

Nagato was born in Konoha’s 29th year and was brought back to the Land of the Whirlpool by Masahiko at the age of five.

Konan was also born in Konoha 29th year. When she was 8 years old, she was found by Masahiko and he brought her back to the Land of the Whirlpool and took her his disciple.

It’s the beginning of November, Konoha’s 56th year, both of them now are 28 years old, and they finally come together after 20 years of ups and downs.

“If it weren’t for that damned Killer Bee, your two kids would have been now practicing throwing the Shurikens. Do you still want to invite him to your wedding?

Masahiko looked at Nagato seriously then said, “Aren’t you afraid that Konan will change her mind because of him again?”

Nagato scratched his head and said with a smile, “Konan agreed.”

Masahiko was left dumbfounded, “It’s your wedding, and you can handle it by yourselves! Did you choose a date?”

“December 31. It happened to be that this year’s New Year is the triennial celebration of our country. The wedding will be held on that day, then the next day we will hold up another celebration.”

Masahiko was stunned, “You’re going to be busy presiding over the celebration on the second day of your wedding? How come I ended up choosing such a stupid disciple like you?”

Nagato blinked, “B-but this what Konan wished for…”

Masahiko was left dumbfounded again, “Okay, you guys take care of it. Who is the officiant of the wedding?”

Nagato groaned, “I originally wanted you to be the host, but Konan said she wanted you to attend as her elder…”

“No problem. I won’t miss it for the world.”

Nagato scratched his head, “So I’m going to ask Brother Minato to be the host.”

Masahiko pondered for a moment and realized that Nagato and Konan were really taking care of everything.

Even though he traveled all the way here at night to help, these two disciples…

“These two loving birds are already flying away happily… and their mother… father… Well, I should have just slept!”


Time goes by, and the year goes by.

Konoha’s 56 years have gradually come to an end.

Masahiko felt that his year has passed very fast, but after thinking about it, he realized that he spent half of it sleeping…

The wedding of Nagato and Konan was getting closer, and the preparations were in full swing, but Masahiko was sitting in a daze in the Ramen restaurant.

He’s remembering the past.

The memory was completely awakened. It’s amazing because he could remember every smile, expression, even sentence, and every Ramen Teuchi has made him.

After this, Masahiko has been able to confirm that there’s a problem with Teuchi, and it’s not just his imagination!

Now he only needs irrefutable evidence. Masahiko plans to attend the wedding tomorrow, and after the reunion dinner the day after tomorrow, he was going to deal with this matter!

“Father, why are you spacing out again?” Sara’s voice came, “It’s noon, let’s eat together some Ramen.”

“E-Eat Ramen? Ramen!” Masahiko looked at the large bowl of Ramen in front of him with violent vigor, but said nothing, and started pondering again…

“Two years ago, when I was depressed, Teuchi made me a particularly delicious bowl of ramen. I even tasted happiness in it. At that time, I suspected his Chef Skill to be LV10, and that’s not a level an ordinary person can reach!”

Over the years, Masahiko has concluded that, no matter what the skill is, the LV8 in the system is the limit of ordinary people, LV9 requires a pedigree or talent beyond ordinary people, and LV10 can be called “Immortal’s Level.”

“Father, what’s the matter with you? You’ve been like this for a while!” Sara was slightly worried.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Masahiko tilted his head and said.

“Huh?” Son! What are you doing here?” Sara suddenly said and stood up.

Masahiko looked up and saw the idiot who has been working under Teuchi for ten years, but never became a Chef, standing in the middle of the store, “Sister, the master is gone!”

“He ran away?!” Masahiko hurriedly stood up.

Son hesitated for a moment, “Huh? I remember you, you’re…?”

Masahiko felt irritated, “I’m Sara’s father, Hagoromo. You haven’t seen me for a few years and you already forgot I exist? Why did you say that Teuchi is gone?”

Scratching his head, Masahiko remembered that Hagoromo didn’t look like this, and shouldn’t be so young. Fortunately, he’s a complete idiot, and he has something urgent to say…

“I went to the Ramen restaurant early yesterday morning and found the door locked, and there was a letter from the master left for me in the crack of the door.”

Masahiko’s face changed color, “Yesterday morning… keep talking!”

Son was taken aback, and tears almost poured down from his eyes, but continued to say, “The master said in the letter that he raised too much wealth over the years, and was finally targeted by evil forces that he couldn’t stop… They forced him to sell his other branches, and warned him to stay away if he cares about the safety of his family, and only return after 8 to 10 years.”

“Evil forces!” Masahiko exclaimed, “This bastard, there’s no need for confirmation, there’s really a problem!”

“Sister, the master said that Konoha’s Ichiraku Ramen belongs to me and the Uzumaki’s Ichiraku Ramen belongs to you. But you know that I’m not as good as you, what should I do? There is also that evil forces, will they also target us…?”

Sara was puzzled, “Father, what evil forces are eyeing the master, do you know?”

Masahiko sighed, “I need to check it out first.”

Seeing Masahiko’s expression, Sara realized that something might be wrong, so she turned and said, “Did you bring the letter from the master?”

Son nodded, and quickly took the letter out of his sleeve, then handed it to Sara: “Here!”

Sara took it and looked at it roughly, and found it was almost the same as Son said. After a while, she hesitated, then said, “Father, master’s handwriting… seems familiar…?!”

Masahiko took it, glanced twice, then took out a letter he received before out, with four words on it: “Sara is sick.”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched when he looked at both letters, then handed them to Sara.

Sara was taken aback, “It turns out that this letter was also written by the master, but I didn’t expect him to care… huh? That’s not right!”

Masahiko rolled his eyes, of course, it isn’t right.

“But Teuchi seems to really care about Sara… what the hell is going on with that guy!” Masahiko gritted his teeth.

Son looked at the Ramen in front of Masahiko, and licked his lips, “It smells so good, Sister, your skills are still so good!”

He said then started crying again, “I’m a complete failure. The Ichiraku Ramen in Konoha has been shut down by me. Sister, please help me out. And there’s also the evil forces, what should I do?”

“Father?” Sara asked softly.

Masahiko sighed, “Well, you don’t need to worry about the evil forces. If there’s such a thing, then let them come to you!”

“If they chase you down, I’ll chase them down too!”