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LLH Chapter 431 Genjutsu That Interferes With Reality

“Sure enough, professional work has to be done by professionals,” Masahiko murmured lightly.

He just handed the Chunin Exam Betting Point to Konoha Gmabling Shop, and the two sides reached an eighty-two split.

Ten percent is for their hard work, and the other is because the Konoha Gambling Shop is half-linked to the Senju Clan, and Masahiko was happy to promote…

“I’m so generous, the Uzumaki are generous!”

Seeing that the casino staff orderly checked and recorded the bets of the civilians and ninjas, Masahiko shook his head helplessly.

These people’s bet of five hundred Ryo and one thousand Ryo seemed to be teasing him. The ancestor didn’t have time to record them one by one…

When he thought of Asuma’s head, which was worth 30 million Ryo, he felt that it would have been better if he went after it instead. However, most people don’t bet high, and he had to accept that…

Not far away, a rich middle-aged man walked quickly to Masahiko and bowed slightly, then said, “Elder, can you adjust some of the odds?”

Masahiko was taken aback, “Which do you want to adjust?”

“Kiba enters the quarterfinals and loses ten, Shino loses five, and Hyuga Hinata loses one seven. The odds of these Genin are too high, and many people just choose them…”

Masahiko waved his hand, “What’s the change! Just point to these to make money, they have no hope.”

The rich middle-aged man on the other side was startled, then bowed again and again, “You’re really smart!”

Masahiko frowned slightly, did this guy misunderstand the situation?

He’s not that kind of a guy.

But… Masahiko didn’t bother to explain to him, and the price fell.


In Konoha, a mighty nationwide gambling activity began, which made this Chunin Exam attract more people than before.

There aren’t many people betting on the championship and runners-up, not even the top four. Most people bet their money on the top eight predictions, which is more secure.

But there are also many people who thought they are smart for betting on Tenten. Because she was the one with the lowest odds set by Masahiko, these people believed in Masahiko’s vision… even the Nara Clan bet 10 million on Teten.

“Shikaku, I’m really disappointed in you.”

If she takes the Fat Cat with her to battles, Tenten will definitely be the undisputed number one. Without the cat, she can beat Gaara or even Toneri.

Some people are very happy with the establishment of this gambling spot, and naturally, some people weren’t satisfied.

Masahiko ignored all complaints about Obito and Konoha’s law and order. Of course, the ninjas from the small villages were also dissatisfied about their 1 to 100 odds to qualify, but Masahiko ignored them even more.

Masahiko however still paid some attention to the complaint of Naruto and Sasuke.

“You’re saying… that you want me to change your odds to one thousand for one?!” Masahiko looked confused.

Naruto nodded again and again, “Old Ancestor, I’m much better than them, and the odds must be much higher than anyone else!”

“Idiot.” Sasuke sighed lightly.

“What are you talking about?! Sasuke, you bastard!”

Masahiko sighed, “Naruto, why are you so stupid? Did Kushina accidentally knock your head on the door when you were little…”

Speaking of this, Masahiko was suddenly startled to see Naruto’s weird expression; wait a minute did Kushina really hit your head…

“Old Ancestor!” Naruto shouted, “At least change the champion odds to 1 to 1.9, how about that?”

Both he and Sasuke lose 1 to 2. Naruto wasn’t demanding, he just wanted to surpass Sasuke…

Sasuke didn’t object. He was still immersed in the fact that he was deceived by Naruto, and was a bit shocked.

“I won’t change a thing, get out.”

Naruto curled his lips, turned, and was about to leave.

“Sasuke, what’s the matter with you?”

Sasuke came back to his senses, “Old Ancestor, is Tenten and Gaara from Sunagakure so strong?”

Masahiko nodded, “They’re indeed a bit stronger than you and Naruto. It depends on whether Itachi taught you how to kill. If you didn’t, maybe you can’t even beat Naruto, since he gained some new powers.”

Sasuke frowned and nodded, “You wait and see, I will surprise you!”

After that, Sasuke turned and left.

Masahiko laughed and shook his head. This child was still unconvinced, thinking that Masahiko didn’t know about his three-tomoe Sharingan. The salt this Ancestor eats for breakfast is saltier than the road he travels…


Noon on Juna 1, 60, Konoha.

Masahiko simply checked the accounts given to him by the casino owner, “Over 300 million Ryo? I really didn’t expect this… huh? So few people bet on Gaara to be the champion?”

“After all, most of the bets came from Konoha’s villagers. In case he wins …” The casino owner hesitated.

Masahiko rolled his eyes and said, “This ancestor isn’t this kind! Also, why are so many people taking the exam? Three hundred and seventy-nine, where did they come from?”

“Konoha alone has more than two hundred participants.
Originally there weren’t so many, but this time the Chunin Exam has attracted too much attention. Many people who didn’t want to take part changed their mind…”

Masahiko pursed his mouth, no wonder he brought Obito to complain about this so many times, “This isn’t good. If there are too many weak chickens, it can also cause trouble to the master. And… the Chunin Exam will be deadly!”

After pondering for a long time, Masahiko shook his head and sighed, originally he didn’t want to intervene in the first… he really didn’t want to.

“I will eliminate a batch by myself!”

His body faded and disappeared. Two seconds later, Masahiko appeared in front of Konoha Ninja Academy.

Ninja Academy serves as a test venue for the Chunin Exam, and today all students have a holiday. And the first exam was at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so it was two hours earlier, and no one is there.

Masahiko sensed the place and only found two candidates; fake candidates.

“Kotetsu, Izumo, these two will be my candidates… just to test my skills on you!”

The Genjutsu instantly enveloped the entire Ninja Academy.

Izumo and Kotetsu were chatting, waiting for the participants to arrive when Izumo of them suddenly looked surprised and reached the doo behind Kotetsu.

A line of characters quickly manifested, “If you want to pass through this door, you must silently say, Open Sesame, three times.

Izumo paused and pushed the door in, “I came in without even thinking about it. Who’s trying to prank me…”

“Izumo, be careful!” Kotetsu shouted.

Izumo was startled, he was instantly hit in the chest, and the whole person flew back, but Kotetsu caught him quickly.

“What is this?”

Inside the door, two dark green tentacles stretched out, seemingly satisfied after throwing Izumo out, then disappeared.

Outside the building.

Masahiko smiled, “Sure enough, after leveling the Yin Release to the max, my Genjutu can interfere with reality. It’s really interesting. I gained new toys…”

“It’s a pity that there are too many people in the exam, and I can only use a wide-ranged Genjutsu. Um… so who wants to play a game, kids.”