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LLH Chapter 432 Pre-Test

Team 7 hurried to the ninja school.

“Why did they change the exam time from 3 o’clock to 1?” Naruto said in dissatisfaction.

“Naruto, stop complaining.”

Naruto put his hands behind his head, “The Academy is so quiet, we shouldn’t be the first to arrive!”


Sakura exclaimed all of a sudden, which made Naruto and Sasuke startle; they followed with their gazes, then suddenly froze in the places at the same time.

The First Line: Konoha Chunin Exam.

The Next Line: Create happiness.

“Happiness?” The three looked at each other blankly.

“What is happening?” Sasuke frowned a moment later and stepped forward to push the door in.

The gate of the Ninja Academy opened, and the scene in front of the three suddenly changed as if they opened a gate into an entirely new world. A 100-meter long corridor appeared in front of them, and the dense black, red, blue, and green squares tiled the ground, dazzling people.

“This is… a Genjutsu?” Sakura murmured, and immediately used a hand sign, “Genjutsu: Release!”

“It’s useless, Sakura.” Sasuke said lightly, This should be the first test, I’m afraid that such a Genjutsu wouldn’t be this easy to get rid of…”

“This is the first test?” Naruto smiled and stepped forward, “It’s not a written test! That’s great!”

“Wait, Naruto…” Sasuke couldn’t stop him in time and Naruto stepped on a red square, which the surrounding walls immediately flash with red light symbolizing danger.

“What? What’s happening?”

“Naruto, you idiot. I’m afraid that you triggered something…”

The flickering the light stopped, and a line of black characters suddenly appeared:

Enemy: Shrimp Soldier and Crab General.

Level of Danger: Death!

“Shrimp soldier and crab general?”

The scene in front of them changed again, and the three appeared again in a closed space.

There is no one else in this space, only two… sea animals.

A big lobster, and a big crab, swayed forward to attack.

“Do we need to defeat these two monsters before we can continue?” Naruto dodged the lobster claws sideways, smiling brightly, “It’s so fun!”


At the same time, other students also took their chances.

Rock Lee stepped on a green square that he thought looked fitting, and his team was fined to pinch their noses and spin in place 100 times… Tenten and Neji wanted to beat up Lee first, and then try to see if they could get out of the Genjutsu.

“Meow~ Whitey advises you not to. This is a very strong Genjutsu. I’m afraid that you wouldn’t be able to escape it.

The three of them looked at each other, then Lee raised his eyebrows: “Tenten, Neji! Let’s see who can do a hundred spin first!”

Tenten looked at him with bitterness, “Fat Cat, is there really no other way?”


Toneri stepped on the black square, and the three members had to express their truest wishes before they could proceed.

The three looked at each other, inexplicably embarrassed.

Is this to bond?

Toneri likes Hinata which everyone knows. Sai scratched his head, not too concerned. And Hoshino… well she couldn’t help but stand on her tiptoes.


Kankuro stepped on a blue square, and the three of them were rewarded and leaped fifty meters.

However, later he tentatively stepped on the next blue square, and the three returned to the starting point.


In a corner of the Ninja Academy, Masahiko’s eyes were tightly closed, and the corners of his mouth were opened wide to the point that they almost were reaching his ears.

“Interesting, Hoshino’s deepest desire is actually this, no wonder…”

Neji can use that technique even while pinching his nose, this is actually amazing.”

“Naruto, this idiot, he thinks fighting shrimp soldiers and crabs will be fun, huh? He stepped on the red square again, huh? Then come out! I’m calling you, Sea Prince Dragon!”


Outside the Ninja Academy, a group of Anbu and various guides surrounded the Ninja Academy playground, where hundreds of kids froze under Genjutsu.

The space was distorted and Obito’s figure suddenly appeared beside Kakashi, “I didn’t expect that the master’s Genjutsu would be so strong that he can test so many people at the same time.”

Kakashi tilted his head and said, “Why did he suddenly want to add such a pre-selection, and why is he the examiner?”

Obito was stunned, “The master said that there are too many people taking the Exam, and some of them aren’t strong enough. He claimed that they will easily die so he has to clear a bunch first.”

Kakashi immediately thought of the Chunin Exam prediction gambling and pondered without saying a word. This is good for Team 7, not to mention… that he also made a bet.

The supervisors from the other villages were actually quite critical of this, but no one dared to take the initiative to object, since they still could understand the truth behind it.


In the Genjutsu.

It took them a while and some effort but Team 7 finally defeated the Sea Prince Dragon.

Sakura and Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief, and then their faces darkened at the same time watching Naruto, who stepped on the next red square: “Hey! Naruto, stop!”

Black words appeared: Next Enemy: The Sea King Dragon!

“The Dragon King! The previous one was a prince… is this one his father?” Naruto murmured.

Sasuke looked at the giant sea dragon that was obviously not easy to mess with, and the corners of his mouth twitched, “Naruto, you idiot!”

Sakura nodded in agreement, “Idiot!”

The two of them were ready, and after defeating the Dragon King, they immediately held Naruto down.


Time passed, half an hour passed, and the first group of clearers finally appeared–– Tenten’s Team.

Their clearance method was to force their way through. They chose the red square every time, and after they watched the Fat Cat destroy the Demon King with one paw, the three finally walked out of the Genjutsu.

Under the leadership of the tearful Gai, the three kids and a cat entered the written exam room.

“We’re the first, Fat Cat!”

“Meow~ It’s thanks to Whitey. You wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Demon King without me. Knowing how sick that old man’s way of thinking is, I’m sure that losing one time would mean starting over…”

The Fact Cat knows Masahiko very well; Team 7 and many other teams have been sent back to the starting line…

Naruto was beaten by Sasuke and Sakura, and the three started over.

One after another, many teams found the right way and passed the assessment.

The smoothest ride was for Shikamaru’s team. With his high intelligence, he managed to analyze the rules of the test.

“Red for combat, blue for luck, green for physical tests, and black for team trust! Every time you step on the same color, the difficulty will increase, so you shouldn’t choose the same type too much… Well, you can always choose the same color if you’re confident in your abilities!”

Choji kept chewing potatoes, and even though he didn’t understand a thing, he had a feeling that Shikamaru is amazing.

Ino blinked and sighed, “Then what should we do now?”

Shikamaru hesitated for a moment, their team’s tacit understanding should be enough, but it’s very troublesome to say what’s on your mind.

“Well, it’s either red three times, green three times, or black two times, and if you’re lucky enough, one blue will do the trick!”


Time passed, and at 2:58.

The remaining 200 participants in the Ninja Academy Playground, woke up from the Genjutsu at the same time.

“It’s a pity that you didn’t come out of the Genjutsu in time. You have been eliminated!” Obito said loudly.

The playground was silent.

Before getting out of the Genjutsu, the remaining people who failed saw this line of black characters: The final interpretation right of this test belongs to the Great Elder of the Land of Whirlpools, Uzumaki Masahiko. If you’re feeling unsatisfied, well… I dare you to try to object!

They all left in silence.