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LLH Chapter 433 Action

Masahiko felt exhausted.

Pulling more than 300 people into Genjutsu, and creating a unique experience for each of them at the same time was tiring even for him.

However, he has gained a lot. At least he has come to know many hidden thoughts these children would have never shared under any other circumstances. Some of the kids’ ideas were very interesting.

Masahiko was happy to see that none of the unqualified 200 candidates who were eliminated dared to make trouble. It seems that they really feared him. Shaking his head, he walked toward the exam room on the third floor. The written test has begun, and Masahiko was planning on watching the kids cheat for a while, and take a break.

In the test room.

Naruto’s mood was ups and downs.

From ‘Why is there still a written test,’ to ‘Dad has supervised my studies in the past two days, I can do it!’

After he took a look at the paper it became, ‘No, no, no, why is this happening?!’

‘My father seems to have told me about this, but I spaced out when he was giving me the answer…”

‘No! If I’m eliminated, the whole team is eliminated!!! I must focus, I will definitely make it!’

‘What?! I can’t remember!’

Naruto then started imagining how the cartoon version of him running away from the Godzilla Sakura, but in the end, he was caught up…

“Aaah! She will definitely kill me!’ Naruto scratched his head frantically.

“Hey, yellow-haired kid over there, stop these suggestive actions, it’s not allowed in the exam room. Do it once more, and I’m going to clear you out personally!” Ibiki’s harsh voice came out.

“Suggestive? Me?! Sorry!”

Sakura, who was writing quickly, stopped for a moment and glanced at Naruto, “These questions are so hard, I’m afraid that the idiot, Naruto, wouldn’t be able to answer and it will be all over for us!”

Sasuke frowned slightly. He didn’t know the answer to more than half of the questions. The Chunin Exam shouldn’t be so difficult…

“Oh? So that’s what it is?” Sasuke seemed to have figured out something, and immediately opened his Sharingan, “This test is about testing the ninjas’ ability to gather information? I hope that idiot, Naruto, would be able to figure it out…”

Naruto is indeed an idiot. He couldn’t guess the hidden goal of this exam.

However, after remembering Godzilla Sakura, he couldn’t even sit still.

If must answer these questions! Should I copy it from someone?

Just when he started looking around, Hinata to his right blushed slightly, then she gathered up her courage to reveal half of her paper to him.

Naruto got rejoiced, but suddenly heard the sound of the door being pushed open, and got so frightened that he quickly straightened his posture.

Masahiko walked into the classroom, and at a glance, he saw the hurriedly closed Sharingan, Byakugan, Sand Eye, puppet tricks, and the quickly retracted shadows, mind-reading… etc techniques, then couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head.

“Elder, why are you?”

“I came to take a look. The results of this exam involve a huge amount of money, so you must also pay attention, Ibiki. I remember you also voted.

“Cough, Elder. Please sit down!”

Masahiko glanced at Ibiki with a smile, and sat in the examiner’s seat, “Everyone, the exam continues! Don’t worry about me, just cheat!”


At this time, even the kids felt embarrassed. Fortunately, there were no fools among the candidates who participated, and Masahiko’s words didn’t encourage anyone to act freely, everyone kept using their personal hidden ways to cheat the answers.

Masahiko put one leg on the other, then looked at Ibiki and whispered, “Did you keep the tenth question?”

Ibiki was taken aback, “… Yes!”

Masahiko pondered for a moment. The tenth question tests the kids’ courage to face difficulties, so keeping it unchanged was the right choice.

Glancing at every candidate, and ignoring Naruto’s pleading expression, and the Fat Cat’s resentment glares, Masahiko had a clear purpose–– Orochimaru.

“He’s not here? So he didn’t dare to come in the end, or is he planning on only participating in the Forest of Death part?”


Masahiko didn’t make trouble, things developed the same way in the original, and the exam ended under Naruto’s bold words.

Ibiki explained the real purpose of the assessment and warned them about the importance of intelligence and courage by showing them the scars on his head. But at that critical moment, the scar suddenly disappeared…

Masahiko retracted his right hand that was glowing with soft green light, and smiled at him, “You’re good.”

Ibiki: “…”

Konoha has excellent medical ninjas, and there are many people who can cure him. But as the head of the Criminal Investigation Department, he left these scars to intimidate spies and at the same time to alert himself… Who said he wants them gone?

“Elder, thank you for your kindness.”

“No, thank you. You can carry on.”

Ibiki touched his smooth bald head and sighed, “Do you have any advice to say?”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “Put on a wig, a bald head never looks good on you.”

Ibiki was speechless and turned around to announce the end of the first exam. However, at this moment, the window on the right side was suddenly smashed, and a glass ballast flew all over.

Masahiko laughed and shook his head, “So she’s still the chief examiner of the second round?”

Standing in front of Masahiko and Ibiki, Anko carelessly broke into the scene, and successfully received the stunning expression packs from the candidates.

“She’s quite similar to Naruto.”

Everyone listened to her and learned that the second exam will start tomorrow morning and that there were thirty-two teams of candidates who will take part in it.

“Speaking of… the system didn’t give me a reward yet, which means that the entire Chunin Exam is considered as a major story. If things go my way, I will gain a lot of points!” Masahiko murmured to himself as he walked down the street, “I don’t know how many, but if it’s more than 300, this wouldn’t be in vain!”


The next day, at Konoha’s 44th practice ground, in front of the Forest of Death, Masahiko watched all candidates receive their scrolls and entered the forest.

“Orochimaru didn’t come.” Masahiko shook his head, not knowing whether to be happy or disappointed.

“If he doesn’t come, things will change. Teten might end up winning the championship!” Masahiko pondered for a moment, then frowned slightly, “No…”

At the same time, Otogakure.

Underground experimental base.

“Orochimaru-Sama!” A young man with short silver hair and purple eyes walked quickly to Orochimaru.

“Oh?” Orochimaru licked his lips while using a tiger hand sign with his hand, “Is that guy finally going to act?”

“The mark you left has responded,” The man snorted, “Orochimaru-Sama, this will let me…”

“No.” Orochimaru said, “you can’t show your face yet.”

“Why? I haven’t been out there for a long time, you know…” The man tried to say.

Orochimaru pondered for a moment, “Konoha, you can’t go, the assassination of the Kazkage… Yes!”

“… Yes, Orochimaru-Sama!”