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LLH Chapter 434 Forest Of Death

Forest of death.

Masahiko strolled through it.

He watched many battles going on and encountered everything that didn’t happen in the original, but he didn’t get a single point.

“Sure enough, all these events are parts of the major story of the Chunin Exam, so I won’t get a single point before it finally ends.” Masahiko was a little disappointed.

Orochimaru didn’t come, and Masahiko didn’t need to worry about Team 7 safety. If there’s no incident, the team will pass easily. The only people who are a threat to them are Tenten’s team, Toneri’s, and Sunagakure’s…

“Konoha’s candidates are too strong.”

After watching another battle where Shikamaru easily took the Takigukre Team’s scroll… Masahiko got a bit bored and left the forest in a flash.

After a while, Masahiko appeared in the Hokage Office again.

Konoha’s Jonin supervisors were all around Obito, and their eyes were fixed on the crystal ball in front of him.

“Cough, Cough.” Masahiko coughed twice, “Obito, you’re using the telescope technique too?”

“Ah! Master!” Obito was stunned, “This is a technique the Third Hokage has taught me, it’s very convenient.”

Oh?” Masahiko raised his eyebrows; he couldn’t help but think of the other ways to use this technique every time he sees it.

Nodding in response to the greeting from each Jonin, Masahiko smiled and said, “You guys can’t see clearly from here, I’ve just been in the forest, Konoha’s kids are either too strong or too smart, there is no problem. You don’t need to worry.”

Everyone nodded, Asuma put the cigarette in his mouth subconsciously, and quickly took it off when he saw how the environment wasn’t right, “Sorry, I’m used to it. It’s better to keep an eye on them, Shikamaru is always lazy, it’s no good…”

“Shikamaru’s IQ is good but he lacks some strength. Well, you can put your hope…”

“Well, he must at least make it to the quarterfinals!” Asuma blurted out, and the others immediately showed approval.

Masahiko was stunned, and the corners of his mouth twitched, “Have you made a bet? How many of you…”

The group of Jonin smiled and nodded, including Obito. Only Gai felt like he doesn’t fit well in this group…

Masahiko didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, these team leaders have all done S-Class missions, and their savings shouldn’t be small, these are the big customers.

“How much?”

Kurenai: “500,000.”

Obito: “One Million.”

Kakashi: “Eight Hundred thousand.”

Asuma: “One thousand… cough cough cough!”

Masahiko’s eyes widened, and several others were also shocked.

“Asuma, you’re so confident in Shikamaru’s ability! Ten million?!”

Asuma smiled and nodded.

Masahiko was choked in the breath. He remembered that Shikamaru entered the quarter-finals at a loss of six. If he loses, his income will be cut in half. This will cost him his life…

“Shikamaru’s IQ is really the factor here, my odds are also high.” Masahiko glared at Asuma fiercely, “Kurenai, come out with me!”

Asuma: “???”

Kurenai’s face reddened; the affair between here and Asuma hadn’t been reported yet, how did Masahiko now? And why are you still sitting here?

She also glared at Asuma secretly and followed Masahiko out. Kakashi and Obito looked at each other and smiled inconspicuously.

Gai felt out of place again.

“Elder, how did you know?” Kurenai hesitated then asked.

Masahiko was stunned; how did she know about what I’m going to ask her?

“How did you know that I know?”

Kurenai: “???”

Seeing how stunned she was, Masahiko knew that something was off, but he ignored it and asked her anyway, “There’s a girl called Kurama Yakumo, have you been her tutor?”

After a pause, she asked in doubt, “Elder, how did you know about this?”

Masahiko: “…”

Communication is getting a bit difficult.

Kurenai smiled embarrassedly, “I’m sorry, Elder. You’ve kind of surprised me. Yakumo is indeed my disciple, but she was born with a weak body, and it’s a pity that she couldn’t become a ninja in the end.”

Masahiko frowned slightly, he vaguely remembers that Yakumo has some kind of a demon inside her in the original, and couldn’t help but notice Kurenai’s dodging eyes in front of him…

“You’re hiding something from me? Why?”

Kurenai was startled again, and her expression became complicated, “Where did you learn about this? This child Yakumo… is very pitiful. She awakened her inner demon because she couldn’t train to be a ninja, and killed her parents by mistake. Thanks to some seal that locked those memories she forgot about everything and lives normally…”

“Take me to her.” Masahiko said lightly.

Kurenai’s face changed colors, “Elder, her inner demon is just another part of her, and she can only overcome it by herself. If we use external force, I’m afraid it will hurt her!”

Masahiko waved his hand and raised his chest slightly, “That’s because your Genjutsu skills are lacking. Take me to her, I won’t hurt the little girl. If you came to find me sooner, she would have been fine.”

Kurenai hesitated for a moment, thinking about the Genjutsu that Masahiko used in the pre-test yesterday, and finally reluctantly agreed, “Her ability is too dangerous, so the Third Hokage isolated her at the edge of the village, you go to a place called Satomi Hill Villa, I will bring her with me.”

Masahiko felt a little dissatisfied, the ancestor has never used Genjutsu, but they dared to suspect his strength in this area? Seems like he should demonstrate it to a few more…

On the way to the villa, Kurenai told Masahiko about Yakumo more.

“You don’t need to tell me about her ability,” Masahiko waved his hand and said with a little sigh, “Every five to six generations of the Kurama Clan, there will be a successor of their Bloodline Limit, and the last one before her happened to be born a generation younger than me.”

“At the beginning, he slapped me so hard that I had a fierce fight with Uchiha Madara.” Speaking of Madara, Masahiko’s fist was a little itchy again.

Seeing the villa, Kurenai stepped forward and knocked on the door.

After a while, a brown-haired, black-eyed girl with a cold look on her face opened the door. Seeing that the person on the door was Kurenai, the look in her eyes seemed to become even colder, then immediately walked back without saying hello.

“Hey, little girl, do you know who this ancestor is?” Masahiko said.

Yakumo paused, her body trembled slightly, and a cold voice came out, “Ancestor… the one from the Uzumaki Clan, Konoha is finally going to do something about me? I didn’t expect you to come!”

Masahiko was stunned; what does this mean?

Kurenai smiled wryly and shook her head, “This child has misunderstood my and the Third Hokage’s intentions.”

“How could it be a misunderstanding?!” Yakumo suddenly shouted, and the surrounding environment was immediately distorted, then a few giant trees seemed to come alive, and tried to reach out to hit Masahiko.

“Yakumo, don’t!” Kurenai was shocked, “Elder, show mercy!”

Masahiko smiled, “Yes, this is what we want. The Kurama clan should have a specific way of practicing Genjutsu that affects reality.”

“The Forest of Death, how can it be called like that, while those kids are having the most boring exam…”

Masahiko’s figure suddenly flickered and instantly shortened the distance between him and Yakumo, then lightly tapped her forehead with his hand. Yakumo immediately lost consciousness, and the trees stopped.

Handing Yakumo in his arms to Kurenai, Masahiko raised one eyebrow and said, “Don’t worry, she’s just in a coma.”

“Let’s go in and let her lie on her bed to rest, I will take care of inner demon!”