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LLH Chapter 435 What Do You Think You’re Doing!

“The little girl is so charming, why is her inner demon so ugly…?!”

Masahiko dodged the fire, then frowned, looking at the hideous monster with two long horns in front of him.

Seeing that the flames couldn’t help with Masahiko, the monster turned to puff out lavender smoke, while still chattering ‘go to death’ or something.

“Poisonous gas?” Masahiko took a deep breath, puffed out his mouth, and blew the smoke back, “Hey keep your mouth closed I don’t want to see your disgusting teeth!”

Several crimson chains extended from Masahiko’s body, and the monster name Ido enjoyed the same treatment as a Bijuu.

“The ghost in the Land of Ghosts is a bit like this. If the demons defeat the main body, there may be a chance to become that kind of hard-to-kill being, but now you have no chance!”

The monster’s IQ isn’t low, so he beg for mercy when he saw how the situation was getting worse for him; however, when it didn’t work he went back to threatening, while Masahiko laughed out loud.

“Sixty-Four Seal!”

The extraordinarily complicated sealing technique extended from Masahiko’s palm, wrapped the monster in and out dozens of times, then stopped after five or six minutes…

The broken-mouthed monster was speechless.

“It’s true that I can’t kill you, but there is no difference between killing and being sealed like this. The little girl will just need to overcome you by herself from now on. Without your interference, she should be able to use her Genjutsu now.” Masahiko muttered, then exited the mental space.

As soon as his consciousness was returned to his body, a line of Chinese characters flashed in front of him, “Witness and completely change the side story of Naruto World: Kurama Yakumo, get 2(*5) Witness Points.”

Masahiko looked happy.

“Elder, have you solved it?”

Masahiko reacted and took his right hand away from Yakumo’s forehead, “The monster was sealed by me. When this little girl wakes up, unlock the seal you performed on her.”

Kurenai got overjoyed, “This is the best…”

Masahiko nodded and sighed again, “She’s talented, but you must help with her practicing. The Kurama Clan’s techniques aren’t bad, not to mention her Kekkei Genkai that got awakened… She’s the only descendant of the ancient family of the Kurama… Please take care of her…”

Speaking of this, Masahiko got a bit emotional, which made Kurenai, on the other side, show a strange expression, “Elder, although the Kurama Clan isn’t big anymore, there are still more than a dozen people from the clan alive, and there are three kids of the same generation as Yakumo too.”

Masahiko’s face froze; he thought that Yakumo was the only one left from the Kurama Clan…

Kurenai sighed, “Yes, they have a branch clan too… But they aren’t very different, you know how the situation gets a bit complicated with these clans.”

Masahiko understood half of it, “Well, whatever. If you can’t help her, just send her to me. Her talent for Genjutsu is very high. If she works hard, she will catch up with you in two years.

Kurenai’s Genjutsu is very strong.

When Masahiko and Hashirama worked on dividing the ranks, they set a simple rule: Only elites Jonins can guide the newly graduated Genin.

Kurenai is certainly not comparable to special ninjas like Kakashi and Gai, who can guide a Chunin, but she was special enough to win the 30 million Ryo…

With a smile on her face, Kurenai looked at Yakumo’s sleeping face, “I will take care of her, Elder.”

Masahiko pondered, then nodded, “As Yakumo’s tutor, do you know the hidden method to awaken their powers?”

Kurenai was stunned, “… There is no special way. They use paint, and it has the power to turn things in their paints into reality.”

Masahiko tilted his head when he heard these words; he felt that the room next door was a bit strange from the beginning: “So the next door is her studio?”

After seeing Kurenai’s affirmation, Masahiko turned around, “This little girl is very tired, she will at least sleep for an hour. Stay here and watch her, I will go next door and appreciate her paintings!”

Yakumo Studio.

Masahiko looked around at more than a dozen watercolor paintings: “These paintings are good. I will ask her to make a colorful portrait for me when she has time.”

Spiritually immersed in one of the picture scrolls, Masahiko’s face suddenly appeared, “As expected, it has the power of that girl in it, and the mental control of the heart’s wishes turns it into reality, this kind of power… Huh? It seems that it got activated by me?”

“This painting…” Masahiko looked stunned, “This is bad… what is Yakumo trying to paint here?”

This was a very interesting painting. Half of the page was full of raging flames, and inside it is… the Hokage Building!

At this time at the Hokage Building.

Asuma was a little worried, Kurenai was taken by Masahiko, and he didn’t know where…

She asked him to stop, but a smoker is always a smoker, and since she wasn’t there, he stuffed the cigarette into his mouth, after he asked if Obito minded…

Before it was lit, there was a strong smell of smoke, which made him startled, “Is there anyone else smoking here?”

Gai sniffed and said, “Asuma, smoking is bad for your health.”

“It’s not me…”

Kakashi was stunned for a moment, sensing the hot waves coming from above his head, “Uh… The Hokage Building is on fire!”

Obito was stunned for a moment, “… Fire?!”



Masahiko looked at the blackened Hokage Building walls with a little distress, “Obito, as your master… I’m responsible for this terrorist attack!”

Obito was speechless, “If you consider me your disciple, then why did you burn my office?”

Masahiko glanced at him, “I was worried that you were exhausting yourself so much, so I thought you could use some rest while they repair the building.”

Obito scratched his head; he really can’t believe such a bad lie.

Masahiko sighed, he’s no longer a child and can’t just tell him anything, boring. However, he’s happy now that he obtained this Genjutsu from Yakumo that can manipulate the five senses…

“It’s time to try it out!”


Night falls, in the middle of the Forest of Death.

The faces of the three kids from Team 7 weren’t very good-looking.

As if caught by evil, more than 30 teams of test-takers threw themselves into this forest of death that was only a dozen miles around. After a day, they didn’t see a single living person. And they all knew that the second test has a limited duration, and it’s only five days!

Sasuke pondered and said, “If we can’t find anyone tomorrow, we will go directly to the central tower the next day and intercept the teams who have collected their scrolls. Although it’s dangerous, it’s better than being eliminated!”

“Okay, okay…” Naruto scratched his head, then hurriedly looked around, “Hey! Sasuke, I’ll go over there, behind that tree…”

“Do you remember the password?” Sasuke had already chosen one during the day, and he immediately realized what Naruto was going to do.

Naruto rolled his eyes, “I remember!”

Sasuke: “Haha.”

After he left, Sakura blushed slightly, “Sasuke-Kun, I also want to…”

Sasuke nodded, “Go.”

“Don’t peek… Also, Sasuke-Kun, watch Naruto too!” Sakura explained and ran into the jungle.

“These two… they made want to go too.” Sasuke sighed.

On the other hand, Naruto was already working on it.

The faucet was turned on, but Naruto suddenly felt his butt stabbed with a finger, and his body was jolted, and almost missed up and peed on his feet.

“Sasuke, you bastard! What do you think you’re doing?!”