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LLH Chapter 436 Tree Demon

Naruto continued peeing.

It takes a while for a healthy little kid like him, and everything could have gone smooth, if Sasuke didn’t keep poking him back and forth on his waist, causing him to split…

“Sasuke, you bastard! When did you become this annoying!” Naruto put on his pants, turned his head in dissatisfaction, but suddenly his face stiffened: “Twigs?”


Suddenly, a familiar scream came which made Naruto completely ignore these branches that were poking him just now, and quickly turned around and ran towards the place where the scream came from.

“What’s wrong?! Sakura!”

No one responded, so he could only speed up. After finally reaching the place, Naruto was surprised to find that a giant tree has actually come alive. Sasuke was already there trying to protect Sakura while dodging left and right among the countless branches and seemed like he didn’t even have time to use a hand sign.

“What kind of monster is this?! Shadow Clone Technique!” Naruto immediately formed a seal, and his Chakra condensed, “Rasengan!”

The Rasengan hit the demon tree and broke it. And the Demon Tree twitched and stopped moving.

Sasuke pulled Sakura from under the collapsed giant tree, and heaved a sigh of relief, “Naruto, well done!”

“Why is the tree moving? Sakura, are you alright?!” Naruto scratched his head.

Sakura blushed, “I’m okay!”

Sasuke froze for a moment, then he turned around while his face was slightly red, then whispered, “My vision was blocked by the tree, I didn’t see anything.”

Sakura blushed and nodded, “Well…”

Naruto was a little puzzled, and couldn’t hear clearly what the two were whispering. Suddenly, he remembered the branch that kept poking him when he was peeing, “There seems to be more than one tree that can move!”

Sasuke was stunned for a moment, then opened his Sharingan, and said with a solemn expression, “Yes, there are four moving trees around. I have never heard of such a thing in the Forest of Death… is it the content of the exam?”

Naruto pouted, “I don’t have any energy to hit wood, it’s not as fun as a big crab or a dragon king!”

Sasuke, “Just… be careful, don’t let them surround you! I will take care of two, Naruto you take one, and Sakura just drag one of them!”

“No way… I want to hit four of them!”

Sasuke covered his forehead helplessly, “Let’s go.”


A total of seven teams were eliminated during the day, but only three groups cleared this level; Tenten’s Team, Toneri’s Team, and Sungakure’s Team.

Therefore, there are 22 teams that are spending the night in the forest of death at this time, each with their own experience.

The 8 Team, Hinata’s team. Although the night was already dark, the Hyuga Princess, Hinata wasn’t affected by it due to her Byakugan.

Hinata and her two teammates successfully found a safe corner and waited for the dawn.

Team 10, Shikamaru’s Team.

Shikamaru’s IQ of 200+ played a great role in their succession again. He quickly calculated the optimal escape route, then led Choji and Ino to hide from left to right, and successfully surrounded seven or eight tree demons.

“Shikamaru, what should we do now?” Ino said curiously.

Shikamaru looked around and sighed deeply, “I told Asuma-san not to bet so much… it’s so troublesome! Choji, get ready to breakthrough, you can only use the trick we just practiced!”
Choji’s fat face was bitter, “Oh!”

Shikamaru used his shadow manipulation technique to quickly connect to Choji’s human bullet, “Human Bullet Yoyo!”


On the other hand, Anku, who was the chief examiner of the second exam, discovered very early that something unusual was happening, but when she was about to interfere, she got dragged by an unusually intractable giant tree and couldn’t escape.

After smashing a few branches, Anku quickly retreated, avoided the other trees behind her, and frowned slightly, “What kind of monster is this? Haven’t the reinforcements come yet?”

“Are you waiting for reinforcements?”

Anku was startled, and a terrifying human face was twisted on the trunk of the giant tree in front of her.

“Who the hell are you?!”

“Hehehehehe! Human, if you break into the territory of my tree demon grandma, don’t even think you will be able to ever leave!”

“The tree demon… grandma?”

“Come at me!”

Anku thought about it, only one person could do this kind of thing in her mind…

“Elder Masahiko?”

“I’m Grandma Tree Demon!”

Anku: “…”

The central tower of the Forest of Death.

“Hahahaha hiccup…” Masahiko laughed and twitched, “This Genjutsu is interesting, so interesting!”

The three passing teams looked at each other in dismay, and secretly rejoiced… Although these tree demons aren’t very strong, no one wants to meet them at night, it’s both disturbing and terrifying.

“Meow~ You have no conscience, you’re still so rambunctious.” The fat cat looked at Masahiko anxiously.

Masahiko felt that he was being judged and didn’t like it; he was only using the Genjutsu during the night, which left them a lot of time during the day to grab scrolls.

However, these candidates don’t seem to appreciate it very much. They spend half of the day sleeping, and they don’t have the spirit of hard a working ninja…

The early birds will have the best worms to eat, and the Hinata Team had the best rest. In the early morning of the next day, they met a group of tired Takigakure ninjas and successfully became the fourth group to pass.

After that, one team collected their scrolls each day until the fifth day the exam was over.

Seven teams and 21 candidates passed the exam “successfully” and entered the next stage of the exam.

Of the seven-team, Konoha had five, Sunagakure one, and the rest were Otagakure, Orochimaru’s subordinates.

As for Takigakure and the Kusagakure, they were completely annihilated by Masahiko…

“You can’t blame me for being weak, at least the tree demon won’t kill you, be content.”

This event has left Naruto with a little “pee phobia.” Every time he decides to pee, he always felt that there was someone behind him… he didn’t complain lightly about Masahiko’s dirty act, but Masahiko only smiled and said nothing.

Those teams who cleared early were fine and had enough time to rest. Being devastated by the tree demons, Shikamaru’s teammates who were the last team to succeed were exhausted, but they didn’t know that bad news was waiting for them, and the third preliminaries were about to start.

“Shikamaru, if you can make it to the top eight, the ancestor will accept his fate… poor life.”

“You have a one-month break, and a month later, on July 6, the third stage of the Chunin Exam will be held!” Obito announced in front of him, making Masahiko stunned.

“What about the preliminaries?”

All the candidates breathed a sigh of relief, turned around, and left, finally having time to rest…

Masahiko immediately found Obito to ask, but the latter was at a loss, “Why?”

Masahiko scratched his head, “21 candidates, don’t you think there are too many?”

“It’s a bit too much, so the third test shouldn’t be scheduled right away. This Chunin Exam has so much attention, it’s necessary to take some time to sell more tickets!” Obito laughed and said, “I heard that Konoha Stadium was named by you, and it can accommodate 2,000 spectators!”

Masahiko looked stunned for a while, didn’t want to say anything after that, so he left the place instantly.