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LLH Chapter 437 Hard To Guard Against

After half a month, Konoha Casino.

The casino owner bowed and stood in front of Masahiko, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand from time to time.

Masahiko frowned and flipped through the ledger in his hand, looked up, and got startled, “Why are you so nervous? Relax man, you’re about to get rich…”

The casino owner smiled bitterly, “Are you sure you can make a fortune? This time the gambling capital is nearly one billion, and it’s still growing. If you lose…”

“Pay? Bah!” Masahiko stared, “This ancestor is invincible in gambling!”

The LV10 Gambling Skill can come in handy in such a situation as long as it involves gambling. After he has carefully calculated and set reasonable odds, unless his unlucky everything should go his way, unless Obito is operating in the dark, then he would beat him to death!

“I believe in you, Elder.” The casino owner breathed a sigh of relief, “There are still ten days before the third Chunin Exam. Are you still… receiving new bets?”

Masahiko glared at him again, “Of course! Can’t you do anything?! If I knew this earlier, I would have done it alone!”

The casino owner shook his head helplessly. There is a huge country like the Land of Whirlpools behind Masahiko, and he’s afraid of losing. But he can’t, even if it’s just 20%, it would mean losing most of his net worth. And what he’s more worried about is… After the loss, Masahiko will be counted on him.

Just as he was about to say something, Kimimaro suddenly came over, “God, the mission is completed!”

Masahiko heard the words and smiled, “I’m finally back, it’s time to come back!”

A few steps out of the casino, they saw Karin and Haku escorting a familiar white-haired figure to the casino.

The three of them were ordered by Masahiko to spy on Jiraiya near the Konoha Women’s Bath.

Jiraiya looked sullen, he just returned to Konoha, and before he had time… he was caught by these three little devils and sent to Masahiko, which really affected his mood of creation…

But seeing Masahiko, he put on a happy smile, “Elder, long time no see! Are you in a hurry to find me or something? I’ve been running all the way back, I’ve just arrived, and I was about to take a bath…”

“Don’t come!” Masahiko interrupted with a smile, “Look at Karin’s contemptuous expression!

Jiraiya tilted his head and glanced at Karin, then turned his head silently, and sighed, “Elder, why are you looking for me?”

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “Seriously!”


Masahiko and Jiraiya walked and chatted, and came to Konoha’s 41st practice ground, where Kakashi was guiding Naruto and Sakura to practice, preparing for the third Chunin Exam for ten days later.

“Using the Shadow clone to release the Rasengan, Naruto is quite creative!”

Masahiko coughed lightly, “It’s my creativity, I taught him!”

Jiraiya also nodded, and watched Naruto in the distance, “His Chakra reservoir is quite big, and it’s indeed enough to learn the summoning technique, but his strength… just barely.”

Masahiko laughed, “Did you forget what you were like when you were 12 years old? Let’s not talk about you, even 12-years-old Orochimaru wouldn’t be able to defeat him!”

Jiraiya scratched his head, “Well…”

Masahiko squinted, didn’t wait for his answer, and shouted instead, “Naruto! Look who’s here!”

Naruto turned around when he heard the voice, and his shadow clone dissipated, then with a surprise on his face, he said, “Ero Sennin, when did you come back!”

Jiraiya: “… Elder, what did you tell Naruto about me?”

Masahiko grinned evilly…


Half an hour later, on a cliff on the west side of Konoha.

“Naruto, this is the first time you use the summoning technique, you must be cautious. Do you hear me? You must be careful! Pour your Chakra in your body, and do it all at once!”

Jiraiya also showed some doubts, “It’s best to use it tentatively for the first time. Output a little less Chakra first to ensure success…”

“No!” Masahiko interrupted, “Naruto is a genius, he must succeed from the first trial, it’s best to call Gamabunta directly!”

Naruto looked around, feeling a little confused.

“Hey! Old Ancestor, Ero Sennin, what should I do?”

“Listen to me, Naruto. When did the ancestor hurt you?” Masahiko was acting kind.

Naruto’s body trembled, remembering all the fear and pain he suffered because of Masahiko… then looked at Jiraiya, although he seemed unreliable, at least he didn’t cheat him…

“Less Chakra…” Naruto’s face was full of entanglement, and he bit his finger, “Summoning Technique!”

A line of Chinese characters flashed: Witness and Participate in the Naruto World sideline plot: Naruto’s Summoning, get 10 witness points.”

“Pfft… Hahahahhaha, tadpoles?!” Jiraiya instantly burst out laughing.

The corner of Masahiko’s mouth twitched, gearing up, “I told you to output more Chakra! Why did you put so little? Naruto! You need to be beaten again!”

He thought he could change it a little and get more witness points… Forget it, nothing here to do, he’ll just teach that little trouble maker one more lesson!

“Ah! Old Ancestor, I was wrong! Ero Sennin, you also tricked me!”

Jiraiya scratched his head, “What do you mean by ‘also?’ Naruto you seem to have had a hard time during these years…”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

“Ah! Old Ancestor, don’t hit me… Huh? Really? That worked?”

Masahiko’s right hand was raised high in the air for a long time, but it didn’t land on Naruto. His eyes were fixed on Naruto’s butt as if he was thinking about something…

“Old Ancestor, what do you want to do?!”


Time goes back one minute.

The Land of the Wind.

The fourth Kazekage was covered in embarrassment, and blood that was dripping from his right hand, he looked around at his guard, then solemnly at the two enemies in front of him.

“Orochimaru! As a Konoha rogue ninja, you dare to attack the Kazekage head-on? Do you want to be on the pursuit list of the Akatsuki?”

“Oh?” Orochimaru licked his lips, “That’s such an honor.”

The Fourth Kazekage frowned and turned to the silver-white short-haired man beside Orochimaru. Since the moment his arm was injured, the man was doing some weird movements, which made him a bit alert. After hesitating for a moment, he gritted his teeth and took out a scroll, which was the calligraphic treasure given to him by Masahiko!

It says: “Sunagakure must accept Konoha’s arrangements throughout the whole process, and a god will appear to fulfill your three wishes…”

“The preparation is almost complete!” The silver-haired man suddenly said, and with a bloodthirsty smile on his face, his skin was quickly dyed black, and white lines started to appear.

The fourth Kazekage’s heart sank, “What is this weird Ninjutsu? I hope I can rely on this. Sunagakure accepted everything Konoha…”


A piercing sound made the Kazekage’s eyes widen. Orochimaru on the opposite side stabbed his companion in the heart using the Kunai in his hand!

“Orochimaru-Sama, why are you in such a hurry? You’re hurting me!”

Orochimaru was silent and didn’t explain, yet he twisted the Kunai and made the wound bigger.

“Ah! It hurts…!”

The Kazekage’s face got pale, and fell straight down with his hands on his chest, gritting his teeth, “The whole process… accepted… Konoha’s arrangements… Whirlpool painting god!”

A pale cyan figure slowly emerged from the calligraphy: “Stupid mere mortal, who are you calling whirlpool painting god? Whatever… I will fulfill your three wishes… eh?”

“Hey! Orochimaru-Sama, what is this?” The silver-haired man shouted.

Orochimaru licked his lips: “Elder, you’re still so unpredictable.”

It’s really overwhelming…