Me and my Wife transmigrated together!? Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?
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MWTT Chapter 1: Its a Trap!

As the mist rose and the fragrance of medicine filled the air, a panicked voice could be heard from within the Medicine Refining Hall of the Dawn Moon Peak, which was the outer sect of the Soul Refining Sect.

“I’m just here to deliver medicine, Senior Sister, Senior Sister! Don’t do this, please!” Luo Jing’s voice was heard, and he sounded incredibly anxious and terrified.

As soon as his voice rang out, the disciples inside the hall sneered.

“Damn, doesn’t this brat know how to show respect?”

“Senior Sister Wang Rui has such a high status and is pretty good-looking, even though her face is a fake one made with demonic medicine. It’s still a great honor for a newcomer like you to catch her attention.”

“But you, don’t know how to appreciate it?”

“Ha! If I were Senior Sister Wang Rui, I’d make sure to teach you a lesson sooner or later!”

The disciples in the Medicine Refining Hall were resentful and jealous of Luo Jing, who was inside the room. “What’s so special about looking good? Why does he present himself in such a way?” they muttered under their breath, not daring to disturb Senior Sister Wang Rui inside the room, but still exchanging angry glances and curses towards Luo Jing.

Meanwhile, inside the room, Luo Jing was suffering in silence. Although he knew that Senior Sister Wang Rui had her eye on him, he had been cautious and careful and only came to deliver medicine when he learned that she was not in the hall.

However, as soon as he entered the room with the medicine box, he was intercepted by Senior Sister Wang Rui, who was smiling slyly. It was then that Luo Jing realized he had fallen into her trap. Senior Sister Wang Rui had set him up!

In the dim light of the room, Luo Jing felt his heart racing as he looked at the beautiful woman who was pressing closer and closer towards him.

To be honest, Senior Sister Wang Rui was quite attractive, despite the fact that her face was obviously fake, constructed with demonic medicine and frozen into a stiff expression. Nevertheless, she was still a pretty little beauty with above-average looks.

In this treacherous demonic sect, as a newly recruited outer disciple, it would be a good thing for Luo Jing to climb up the thigh of Senior Sister Wang Rui. In theory, he had no reason to refuse Senior Sister Wang Rui’s advances.

But the problem was, Luo Jing was a married man! Although his wife was not in the Soul Refining Sect… As he watched Senior Sister Wang Rui, who was smiling and approaching him step by step, Luo Jing kept retreating and awkwardly laughed, “Senior Sister Wang, um, what do you want to do? I really just came to deliver medicine!”

But then he saw Senior Sister Wang Rui chuckling as she stepped closer and closer until she had backed Luo Jing into a corner inside the room. She reached out and grabbed the medicine box that Luo Jing was holding in front of his chest and yanked it away. The medicine box in Luo Jing’s hand flew to the side and landed safely on a shelf by the window.

Meanwhile, Senior Sister Wang Rui pounced on him and laid across his stiff shoulders, giggling, “Yes, you came to deliver medicine, but Junior Brother, you worked so hard to deliver it. Wouldn’t it be nice if Senior Sister rewarded you a little?” As she spoke, the woman even stuck out her tongue and gently licked Luo Jing’s earlobe.

At this moment, Luo Jing was struck like thunder and could no longer think clearly. He hurriedly pushed the woman away.

“Senior Sister Wang!” Luo Jing looked panicked, as if he had encountered a wild monster. However, Senior Sister Wang, who was pushed to the ground, did not get angry.

She looked at Luo Jing with a smile and said, “Junior Brother, are you always this rude? You hurt your senior sister.” Without a second thought, Luo Jing turned and ran away, faster than a rabbit.

Seeing this scene, Senior Sister Wang, sitting on the ground, sneered and said, “He ran away again…Junior Brother Luo, you’re really interesting.” She looked at Luo Jing’s departing figure and suddenly burst into laughter.

“But it’s a pity; the more you resist, the more I like it.”

“Did you intentionally tease your senior sister because you noticed her fetish? Hmph. I have to admit, you succeeded.” Wang Rui let out a wicked laugh, but because she laughed too hard, a small crack appeared on her face, causing her to sob in agony.

“Why did it crack again? Since I met this little brat, the number of times my face has cracked has been increasing; it’s really annoying.” Looking at the blood in her hand, Wang Rui sighed, “It seems that I have to go into seclusion and refine the medicine for my face again…” Shaking her head, Wang Rui sighed, and the Medicine Refining Hall regained its former tranquility.

Meanwhile, Luo Jing, who had hastily run out of the Medicine Refining Hall, kept running until he was far enough away to confirm that the terrifying Senior Sister Wang was not chasing him. He leaned against the wall, gasping for breath.

“Damn it, I almost didn’t make it out.” The entrance to the demonic sect caught Luo Jing’s attention as he stood in the shadowy alley, feeling overwhelmed. I was a happy newlywed with a lovely wife and a happy life; how could I have been suddenly transported to this dreadful demonic sect? What a shabby place! I was clearly just married, everything looked so beautiful and happy. But suddenly, from my wedding night of happiness, I was transported to the Soul Refining Sect, a demonic sect, and became an outer disciple of the outer sect.

As he walked through the halls of the Dawn Moon Peak, Luo Jing couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of frustration. He had been a disciple of the Soul Refining Sect for three years, but he still hadn’t made any progress in his cultivation. To make matters worse, he was constantly being harassed by Wang Rui, a senior sister from the Medicine Refining Hall.

“Isn’t there any other handsome guy in this sect? Why don’t you go after Senior Brother Changfeng? He’s not any worse looking than me, is he?” Luo Jing grumbled, his frustration growing. He knew that Senior Brother Changfeng’s face was fake, made of demonic medicine, but so was Wang Rui’s face.

Luo Jing sighed. This was the way of the demonic sects, where the strong preyed on the weak. He was afraid that even his own innocence might not be safe in this place.

With a determined look on his face, Luo Jing clenched his fists. “I must work hard and cultivate diligently. I will escape from this place, sooner or later!”

He passed through the living quarters of the Dawn Moon Peak disciples and made his way to his own room. As an ordinary outer disciple, he slept in a dormitory with ten other people. It was noisy and chaotic, but Luo Jing had grown used to it.

He only had one goal in mind: to cultivate as quickly as possible and find a way to escape from this place.

As for where he would go after leaving the Soul Refining Sect, Luo Jing had already made plans. He wasn’t alone in his realm traversing journey; his newlywed wife had come with him.

But his wife was much luckier than him; she crossed over to the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect, one of the major sects in this world, and she also happened to be the direct disciple of a female elder.

With a promising future, abundant resources, and a worry-free life, she was nothing like poor Luo Jing.

In theory, as long as Luo Jing escaped from the Soul Refining Sect and found his wife, they could live a happy life together without any fear and anxiety.

But the problem was that they had only been in this world for less than five days and knew little about the outside world.

They didn’t even know how far Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect was from Soul Refining Sect.

Fortunately, his wife was in the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect and was well-regarded by her master. She had already gone to the sect to take a look at the maps to find a way to help Luo Jing escape.

Now Luo Jing was back at his place, sitting cross-legged and meditating with closed eyes.

He was probably the hardest worker in the room, spending all his time outside of doing the chores assigned by the sect on cultivating diligently.

To the other outer sect disciples in the room, he seemed somewhat contemptible.

“What’s the point of working hard? We still have to do chores.”

“A toad in a well can never hope to reach the skies.”

Luo Jing had heard these kinds of words countless times before, but he ignored them because he was sure that one day, he would be able to leave this demonic sect and reunite with his wife in the Immortal Path Sect.

Late in the night, when everyone else was sound asleep, Luo Jing was still sitting cross-legged, practising his cultivation. Suddenly, his consciousness trembled, and he felt a familiar call.

He did not resist the call in the slightest and responded directly.

In the next moment, his consciousness rose up in a daze.

Around him were no longer the sleeping roommates but a hazy sea of clouds.

In front of Luo Jing, there was a beautiful woman sitting and smiling.

She wore a pure white dress and looked like an ethereal fairy, beautiful enough to take one’s breath away.

When she saw Luo Jing, she smiled slightly and said, “Good evening, my husband.”

The fairy’s face was reserved, but Luo Jing was already used to it.

Because this fairy was none other than his newlywed wife, who had crossed over to this world with him.

Shen Qingxuan.

After coming to this world, whenever they practiced together at night, they could feel each other’s presence.

And, they could meet in their dreams.