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MWTT Chapter 15: Family Extermination?

The array was the Eight Ghosts Chaotic Mind Formation.

Each flag was inscribed with an evil ghost.

The formation was not strong in attack, but it was more than sufficient in defense. It could be activated 24/7 when set up in front or behind a door.

Anyone who entered the Eight Ghosts Chaotic Mind Formation would be attacked by the eight evil ghosts inside.

Although these evil ghosts were not particularly powerful and could only withstand a cultivator at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm for fifteen minutes, when the formation was activated, the eight ghosts would scream and make a loud noise.

Even if a demonic cultivator at the Awakening Spirit Realm came to break the formation, they could not instantly break it. The piercing screams of the Eight Ghosts Chaotic Mind Formation were enough to attract the attention of the law enforcement team.

For Luo Jing at this moment, this was the best means of defense.

As for where the evil spirits in these eight flags come from, all that Luo Jing can say is that it’s something related to the demonic path, and he shouldn’t pry into it.

After paying the spirit stones, Luo Jing left with satisfaction, holding the eight flags. With the Eight Ghosts Chaotic Heart Formation, the security of his room increased once again, and he could focus on his breakthrough.

But as soon as Luo Jing walked out not far, a little girl’s voice sounded in his ear.

“You’re a newly admitted disciple, where did you get so many spirit stones?”

The fragrance of peach blossoms drifted in the air.

The little girl wearing the [Yan Yin] jade pendant appeared in Luo Jing’s sight again, appearing extremely sudden.

Now the girl stopped in front of Luo Jing, staring at him with her eyes and asked, “Who gave you the spirit stones?”

Luo Jing had not gone far at this time.

The disciples of the Medicine Refining Hall behind him and other miscellaneous disciples all panicked and paid their respects to the little girl when they saw her sudden appearance.

“Greetings, Senior Sister Yan Yin!”

“Greetings, Senior Sister Yan Yin!”

Everyone was in a panic, obviously familiar with the little girl in front of them.

It seems that this Senior Sister Yan Yin has some reputation in the inner sect…

Luo Jing also hurriedly saluted and said, “Greetings, Senior Sister Yan Yin.”

But he saw the little girl staring at him and said, “I asked you a question, and you haven’t answered it yet!”

“Where did you get eighteen spirit stones from? Who gave them to you?”

After speaking, the little girl turned to the group of disciples behind Luo Jing.

“So noisy! It’s none of your business, stop staring around.”

Luo Jing sighed as he watched the little girl act arrogantly.

Indeed, being a direct disciple was really impressive…

He answered truthfully.

“Replying to senior sister, I got these spirit stones in exchange of Foundation Establishment pills.”

“The sect issued three Foundation Establishment Pills to me, and I exchanged 2 of them for eighteen spirit stones with Senior Brother Liu, Liu Yunshan.”

The little girl stared at him and said, “Two Foundation Establishment Pills? So, you only kept one? You’re so confident that you can break through successfully in one go?”

As she spoke, she looked him up and down and said, “You really don’t look like the person who pulled out Wang Rui’s tongue. You’re so timid, it’s in your bones.”

“You’re not like the maggots crawling out of the dung heap in the outer sect, saying one thing to someone’s face and another behind their back.”

“At least you can pretend to be the same in front of people and behind their backs.”

The little girl sneered as she spoke, “So although I don’t like how timid you are, I don’t hate you either.”

Luo Jing felt strange in his heart, not knowing what this demon girl wanted to do. He didn’t dare to speak recklessly, so he just respectfully replied, “Thank you, senior sister, for your appreciation.”

The little girl stared at him and suddenly said, “Then what are you still doing here? Why don’t you leave?”

The little girl had a terrible attitude, and it was inexplicable.

Meanwhile, Luo Jing was stunned and didn’t know what was going on with this little girl, and why she suddenly asked him to leave.

But he still obediently complied, “Then, senior sister, I’ll take my leave.”

Luo Jing bid farewell.

He could only obey this kind of arbitrary and capricious big shot. As long as the other party didn’t cause him any trouble, everything would be fine.

But after walking two steps, Luo Jing found that the little girl had been following him.

The two were almost walking side by side.

Luo Jing hesitated, “Um… senior sister? Do you have any other orders?”

What did this demon woman want to do? Based on her age, it was impossible for her to come and collect Luo Jing.

She was too young to practice the dual-cultivation and collection technique.

Or was she a seemingly young but actually old witch?

But aren’t personal disciples all exceptionally gifted young people? There couldn’t be an old witch among them, right?

But the little girl continued to speak to herself as she walked, “I heard that you’re from a side branch of the Tianhai Luo family and live in… um… what was it, Huai City, right?”

The little girl ignored Luo Jing and kept talking about other things.

Luo Jing’s heart trembled slightly – did this demon woman check his background?

He quickly replied, “Senior sister, it’s Sanhuai City.”

“Yes, Sanhuai City,” the little girl continued as she walked, “I heard it’s a small county town, no bigger than the size of a palm of county city, with only about forty to fifty thousand people in it.”

“And your father, Luo Shangao, is the city lord of Sanhuai City, so he’s considered somewhat influential. But your relationship with your father is very bad, isn’t it?”

“It is said that since your mother passed away, you have been sleeping in the woodshed.”

After finishing, the little girl glanced at Luo Jing and asked, “And your stepmother accused you of stealing her precious hairpin on New Year’s Eve, which caused you to be expelled from your home by Luo Shangao.”

“And you also publicly swore to sever all ties with the Luo clan… Is this true or false?”

The little girl casually revealed the background of the original owner of Luo Jing’s body.

Luo Jing hesitated and asked, “Senior sister, do you want to know…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, he was impatiently interrupted by the little girl, “Don’t answer a question with a question! I ask, you answer!”

This little girl was capricious and a troublesome and dangerous person.

Luo Jing immediately replied, “Yes, senior sister, I didn’t steal the hairpin.”

Luo Jing told the truth, and the original owner was indeed framed.

But as soon as he said this, the little girl laughed.

“You didn’t steal it? Your tone doesn’t seem guilty at all… but I think your stepmother didn’t frame you. You did steal the hairpin, and you did it on purpose to exacerbate the conflict and make your parents angry enough to drive you out of your home.”

She glanced at Luo Jing and said, “You deliberately stole the hairpin on New Year’s Eve to provoke your parents and get them to drive you out of your home.”

“Everyone knows that you have a bad relationship with your stepmother and would assume that she framed you for stealing the hairpin, and therefore sympathise with you.”

“Being driven out, you harbor resentment. So even if you were to return to Sanhuai City in the future and kill your stepmother and your whole family, the Tianhai Luo family wouldn’t want to mess with you and would try to win you over…am I right?”

“After all, you’re just seeking revenge for being wronged, and you have every right to do so.”

“And the Tianhai Luo family would have to pay a high price to bring you back after you’ve been disowned, not to mention that they wouldn’t be able to hold you accountable for murder…you may seem weak, but you’re actually quite cunning!”

The little girl’s smile was a bit cold.

But Luo Jing looked helpless. “Senior sister, you’ve got it wrong. I really didn’t steal the hairpin, and I didn’t intentionally want to be driven out of the house.”

Is this how your demonic imagination works?

Although the original owner was a paranoid teenager, he wasn’t as terrifying as you guys make him out to be.

Does your demonic thinking always lead to wiping out entire families for no reason?

However, the little girl snorted and said, “Whether you admit it or not, I admire you.”

“When you go back and wipe out your family, come find me and I’ll help you escape.”

With that, the little girl threw a wooden plaque at Luo Jing and said, “But when you wipe out your family, you have to take me with you.”

When the girl reached this point, a cold smile appeared on her face: “I love watching family exterminations the most.”