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MWTT Chapter 14: Loli!

The girl was young, around ten years old, with a slightly chubby face and unusually large eyes that seemed almost unreal. Her pupils, which glowed with a faint red light, reflected Luo Jing’s figure, giving off an unusual aura.

She was only wearing a light pink halter-neck strapless dress, which made her look a bit thin and cool. The pink frilled sleeves only covered her elbows, leaving her arms and shoulders looking smooth and radiant in the sunlight.

Under the peony-like skirt were her delicate and tender legs, with small bells hanging from her calves that tinkled sweetly with her movements.

She wasn’t wearing the uniform black robe of an inner disciple, but rather a daring and cool outfit that truly showed off her seductress -like style.

However, because she was so young, her facial expressions and movements gave off more of a mischievous and headstrong feeling than a seductive one. Despite her outfit, she didn’t exude any particular charm, but instead had a kind of unique playfulness.

And on the girl’s waist, there was a jade pendant. Unlike Luo Jing’s jade plaque with MIC characters engraved, this jade pendant was engraved with different ancient inscription [Yan Yin] .

“Personal disciple…”

Luo Jing’s heart slightly trembled.

Among the inner disciples, the jade plaque represented one’s identity, and only the highly regarded personal disciples had one. The young girl in front of him, who seemed quite young, was actually a personal disciple?

Following the etiquette of the inner disciples, Luo Jing immediately cupped his fists and said, “Luo Jing greets Senior Sister.”

He didn’t react to the girl’s teasing.

After all, she was a personal disciple and a significant figure on the Cloud Sea Line. Luo Jing wasn’t foolish enough to be disrespectful to this demonic girl.

The young girl looked at Luo Jing and pursed her lips, seemingly unhappy with his reaction.

“You really have no spine…”

“I can say whatever I want to you, and you’re not even angry?”

She said, seeming to be both disappointed and exasperated.

After thinking for a moment, she shook her head.

“Forget it, this is so boring. I’m leaving.”

After saying that, she didn’t even glance back at Luo Jing and jumped off the roadside bluestone, landing lightly on the ground.

Then she walked away into the distance.

“A coward who can’t even show his teeth. Not worthy to be my dog.”

Peach blossoms fell, and the young girl’s figure disappeared from Luo Jing’s sight in a flash.

Escaping technique…

Witnessing this divine technique, Luo Jing confirmed the girl’s identity.

Now that he saw the little girl leave, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Although he knew that when he completed the mountain challenge, he attracted the attention of many inner disciples.

After all, watching the outer disciples complete the mountain challenge was also a kind of entertainment for these lofty inner disciples.

Those who have already made it ashore can leisurely stand on the shore, looking at… struggling fishes!?
But what surprised Luo Jing was that he actually drew the attention of a direct disciple.

This kind of big shot who lived on the Cloud Sea Line, even inner disciples were ants in their eyes, would actually be interested in outer disciples like him, who were ants among ants?

Luo Jing felt the danger once again.

To attract the attention of a direct disciple… this was not a good thing.

Although this direct disciple who came this time was not interested in him, what about the next time Who knows how many direct disciples are secretly watching him?

Although theoretically, direct disciples of this level would not look for someone like Luo Jing, a Qi Refining stage trash, even if they were looking for someone for dual cultivation.

But Luo Jing never gambled on this probability. He was afraid of accidents.

Moreover, it was not necessarily necessary to use dual cultivation as an excuse to harm someone. There were too many places in the demonic sect that required live humans as materials, and dual cultivation was just one of them.

Luo Jing decided that he should find a way to avoid the situation as soon as possible.

When he received the sect’s identification jade and the Foundation Establishment Pill, he passed by the White Tiger Hall and took a brief look at some of the missions inside.

Although there was no task to leave the sect, there was a task to leave the mountain.

For example, to go to the Vast Ancient Mountains to feed young demon beasts…

According to Liu Yunshan, this job was very difficult. Going to the Vast Ancient Mountains to feed young demon beasts, although one’s life was basically not in danger, as the feeding area was protected by the sect’s array, which even powerful demons could not break through.

However, once someone took on this job, they would be stranded in the wilderness of the mountains and forests for one or two months. If they couldn’t find someone to take over for them, they might even have to stay longer.

For one or two months, one would live alone in the poor mountains and dangerous waters where the demon beasts lurked, which was like being imprisoned. The only advantage was that the reward of spirit stones was generous, and it was the most well-paid job among the commissions issued by the White Tiger Hall.

But for Luo Jing at this time, the reward of spirit stones was secondary. What he needed most was to go into the mountains and hide for a month or two.

In the dangerous world of the demon sect, one must have enough paranoia to survive.

However, to go to the Vast Ancient Mountains to feed demon beasts, one must have the cultivation level of the Foundation Establishment stage and be able to fly.

Luo Jing was still a bit short of that now.

Walking quickly outside the tall red walls of the Refining Hall, Luo Jing headed towards the place where talismanic arrays and magical tools were sold, planning in his mind.

He would discuss with Qingxuan as soon as he went back and start trying to break through.

As long as he successfully breaks through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, Luo Jing will immediately go to the White Tiger Hall and take on the task of feeding young monster beasts, in order to avoid trouble by going down the mountain.

With this thought in mind, Luo Jing arrived at the side door of the Refining Hall.
Here, under the tall red walls, a small door was opened, and there were seven or eight small stalls outside.

Several disciples of the Refining Hall, who were wearing the “Refining” jade badges around their waists, were sitting behind the stalls, either yawning or chatting, leisurely and carefree.

In addition to Luo Jing, there were also other people selecting artifacts and formations among these seven or eight stalls.

Luo Jing’s appearance did not cause any waves.

After all, although the noise he made when he broke through the mountain yesterday was loud, not everyone would be interested in a newly-promoted inner disciple.

Most of the inner disciples who watched Luo Jing break through the mountain yesterday were probably not interested in remembering Luo Jing’s face.

Luo Jing walked around in the crowd and occasionally made selections.

“This is the Five Ghosts Devouring Heart Formation. As long as it is laid out, it can resist a mid-Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator for half an hour! It only costs five spirit stones.”

“This is the Cloudy Trace Demon Formation. Once laid out, even a late Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator would find it difficult to find you in the formation… It costs eight spirit stones.”

“This is the Child’s Bone Coffin, made from the skull of an infant, with the souls of the infant’s parents and family of five refined inside, and the resentment was deeply infused by burning demon fire for seven days and nights. As long as it is hung at the door, anyone who approaches without permission will be attacked by evil spirits. It is almost invincible for anyone below the Awakening Spirit Realm.”

A disciple from the Refining Hall who sells array diagram artifacts happily pushed different things towards Luo Jing.

Luo Jing looked at the skull in his hand, which was the size of a Crenshaw melon, and frowned. “How much spirit stones for this thing?”

Although this artifact was extremely evil, it sounded like it had a powerful effect and was a defensive artifact that Luo Jing urgently needed.

The disciple from the Refining Hall on the other side smirked and held up six fingers. “It’s not expensive, only sixty spirit stones.”

Luo Jing rolled his eyes and said, “I can’t afford it…”

At this point, Luo Jing could only buy something that cost a maximum of twenty spirit stones.
In the end, after looking around, Luo Jing purchased eight array flags for eighteen spirit stones.