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MWTT Chapter 13: Everything has a price!

Xiao Die widened her eyes and was shocked by the girl’s analysis.

“Miss, are you saying that Luo Jing was not framed by his stepmother and actually stole the hairpin himself? He was the one who planned his own expulsion from the family? And he deceived everyone?” Xiao Die asked in disbelief.

The girl shook her head and said, “Who stole the hairpin is not the point, the point is that he had been waiting for the day when the conflict would escalate.”

“The tenacity of his character and his brutal and ruthless nature, despite years of humiliation and silent endurance, are rare in the world.”

“Barring any unexpected events, he will have a place in the Cloud Sea area in the future.”

“If you meet him in the future, don’t provoke him.”

“I don’t want to have a conflict with such a terrifying person,” the girl warned her maid.
Xiao Die then stuck out her tongue and said, “Well, since this guy is so powerful, maybe we can try to win him over in advance?”

But the girl shook her head and said, “It’s best to keep a distance from such a dangerous person. If you go to win him over, aren’t you afraid he’ll take advantage of you?”

“I’m not interested in this troublesome and dangerous matter.”

“Even within the sect, individuals as cruel, violent, and dangerous as Luo Jing are rare…”

At the palace on the Cloud Sea Line, the young lady was reprimanding her maid.

Meanwhile, on the lower Cloud Sea Line, the infamous villain Luo Jing, marked as “ruthless, patient, and violent,” pushed open the door to his small house and entered his exclusive room.

Then, he locked the door.

The false smile on his face disappeared immediately.

An inner disciple of the Soul Refining Sect…

Standing in his room, Luo Jing let out a deep breath and took off the magical cloud robe that all outer disciples coveted.

He collapsed onto the cloud bed and sighed deeply.

“Oh, my dear wife, this demonic sect is no place for human beings…”

After spending a morning touring the Dawn Moon Peak with Liu Yunshan as his guide, Luo Jing had a rough understanding of the situation within the inner sect.

But the more he understood, the more frustrated he became.

It was almost impossible to leave this demonic sect in a short period of time.

Moreover, although the inner sect seemed safe and peaceful, it was only superficially so.

As a Qi-refining master without any backing, Luo Jing received preferential treatment such as three Foundation Establishment Pills.

What about the big shots on the Cloud Sea Line?

Even according to the inner sect manual brought by Luo Jing, infighting among disciples was punishable by a fine of 800 spirit stones.

What did that mean?

In the inner sect, the life of an inner disciple was only worth eight hundred spirit stones! A clear price tag.

“Kill someone, as long as you have enough spirit stones to pay the fine, there will be no consequences!”
Lying on the cloud bed, Luo Jing remained silent for a long time.

He looked through the regulations recorded in the manual. Indeed, the sect strictly forbids internal conflict and killing. However, those with power and influence, as well as big shots, are exempted from this rule.

Because as long as they have enough spirit stones, even if they kill someone for no reason on the street, they will not be punished as long as they pay the fine.

As for the punishment for forced dual cultivation, there is also a penalty, but it’s only one hundred spirit stones.

In other words, if a powerful female demon fancies Luo Jing and forces him into dual cultivation, even if Luo Jing is taken advantage of, the offender only needs to pay one hundred spirit stones to avoid responsibility.

And if Luo Jing is not mistaken, if someone forces him into dual cultivation, he cannot take revenge on his own. Because if he does, it would be considered assaulting a fellow disciple, and he would be fined with spirit stones depending on the severity of the injury.

“No wonder it’s a demonic sect where everything revolves around interests.”

Luo Jing put down the manual, shaking his head in silence.

“It seems that I have to go to the Refining Hall to buy a protective array.”

Inside the Refining Hall, various miniature arrays and diagrams were sold.

In the inner sect, the sect does not open brothels, canteens, or taverns, simply because these things are not needed in the inner sect. However, other things are needed, and the demand is high.

In a world where killing, robbery, and even forced coitus only require paying a fine in spirit stones, who doesn’t need protective items like magic tools and formation maps?

However, not everyone knows how to refine them. The sect can provide everything you need, but it requires exchanging spirit stones.

Currently, besides the three spirit stones given by the sect, Luo Jing only has eighteen that he obtained by selling his Foundation Establishment Pill. He sold two of them cheaply to Liu Yunshan.

Although Liu Yunshan said that Luo Jing could sell the pills for ten spirit stones each at the Feather Pool’s fair price, Luo Jing did not want to invite any more trouble after just getting rid of Wang Rui. Thus, he sold them to Liu Yunshan cheaply.

Luo Jing had already attracted enough attention during his mountain trek. He did not want to sit by the Feather Pool and attract the attention of some powerful demonic woman.

Although he had reached the Great Perfection of the Qi Refining Realm, he was not particularly strong among the inner sect disciples. It was better to keep a low profile for the time being.

Thinking of this, Luo Jing put on his Demon Cloud Robe, hung the miscellaneous jade plaque, and pushed open the door to leave. He wanted to buy a protective formation from the Refining Pavilion to protect himself.

Although this wooden house had its own prohibition, it was very rudimentary and could not prevent any skilled master. If a powerful demon cultivator really came to kill him, this wooden house would not be able to stop them.

By the time the law enforcement team hears the noise and arrives, the strong person who broke into the wooden house will have enough time to play with Luo Jing ten times over.

“And if the other side had a slightly stronger power and could instantly suppress Luo Jing, preventing him from calling for help, Luo Jing could be tortured in a room for three days and three nights without anyone knowing.

Just after dealing with Wang Rui, that crazy woman, Luo Jing didn’t want another “senior sister” in the inner sect to take notice of him.

To prevent any potential danger, even if there were no signs of it yet, Luo Jing couldn’t afford to delay.
Soon, Luo Jing, wearing a robe of dark clouds, arrived at the entrance of the refining hall.

The huge refining hall was like a magnificent palace, with billowing flames and figures of people scattered about. However, as soon as Luo Jing reached the gate, he was stopped.

“Miscellaneous disciples of the sect are not allowed to enter,” said the gatekeeper with a disdainful expression.

“If you want to buy something, go to the side door.” The disciples of the refining hall directly blocked Luo Jing, a disciple of the miscellaneous sect, and had a very bad attitude towards him.

Luo Jing glanced at the other side, but didn’t get caught up and went directly in the direction the other had pointed.

However, not long after he had walked away, he suddenly heard a little girl’s laughter behind him.

“You’re so boring,” she said.

“Aren’t you angry about the gatekeeper’s attitude?”

In the next instant, a red figure flashed by Luo Jing’s side.

A pretty little girl sat on a roadside stone in front of Luo Jing, laughing.

“I heard that you climbed the mountain to get rid of that Wang Rui.”

“Before the promotion, he specifically retaliated against Wang Rui by cruelly pulling out her tongue, showing his heartless and ruthless nature.”

“I thought he was a passionate and heroic man who wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense, but I didn’t expect him to be a coward who always said yes to everything and never got angry even when someone disrespected him…it’s really disappointing.”