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MWTT Chapter 12: Ruthless Luo Jing

Led by Liu Yunshan, Luo Jing finally arrived at the front of the so-called Hall of Dark Lamps.

This was a towering and magnificent palace, with a closed door that was as high as 66.6 meter and a bizarre demonic pattern painted on it.

On either side of the tightly closed door, stood equally tall demonic statues.

They were a type of demon with a dark purple body., muscular, and sturdy, like a strong man with hands and feet. However, they had no mouth or nose, and only a huge eyeball on their heads, which looked inexplicably creepy, like a monster crawling out of a nightmare.

“This is the most powerful demon under the founder of the soul refining sect, the Ghost Demon Dark Lantern.”

Seeing Luo Jing’s curiosity, Liu Yunshan explained the origin of the statue with a smile.

“Back then, the founder refined twelve demons, becoming the supreme in demonic path and looking down on the world.”

“This Ghost Demon Dark Lantern demon is one of them, and its original form is a kind of lantern demon.”

“Nowadays, the one guarding the Hall of Dark Lamps is also a lantern demon. Of course, it is far from as terrifying as the one the founder refined, but it is not something ordinary disciples can provoke either.”

Liu Yunshan warned Luo Jing, and as he walked to the closed gate, he bowed and saluted.

“Liu Yunshan, a miscellaneous disciple, requests an audience with the lantern master.”

“There is a new disciple named Luo Jing who has successfully entered the inner sect after breaking through the outer sect. We hope that the lantern master can open the door and light the life lamp for him.”

As Liu Yunshan’s voice fell, the closed gate silently opened.

Standing outside the gate, Luo Jing saw nothing but darkness inside, with only a few flickering flames floating in the darkness. He didn’t know how many life lamps were floating there.

Following Liu Yunshan, Luo Jing slowly walked into the Hall of Dark Lamps.

However, he did not see the so-called lantern master. In the dark hall, they could only see the lonely lamps floating around and the ground three feet away.

A bronze lamp floated over from the darkness.

Liu Yunshan quickly bowed and thanked, “Thank you, Lantern Master!”

After speaking, he grabbed the bronze lamp and handed it to Luo Jing with a smile, saying, “As long as you light the life lamp, Junior Brother Luo will officially become an inner disciple.”

“You only need to drip a drop of blood, and your name will also be recorded in the sect’s register.”

Liu Yunshan was full of smiles, and Luo Jing did not hesitate, since he had come this far.

He directly squeezed out a drop of blood and dropped it into the oil lamp.

The oil lamp was lit out of thin air, and vaguely, Luo Jing felt that he had some kind of connection with the oil lamp.

Then the oil lamp floated away on its own.

Luo Jing and Liu Yunshan saluted and left the Hall of Dark Lamps.

But they did not even see the face of the lamp demon.

But it was normal. Luo Jing was just an outer disciple who had just joined. He did not have the face to be welcomed by the master of the Hall of Dark Lamps.

Later, the two went to receive the basic heart technique of the inner disciple, as well as three spirit stones and a bag of Fasting Pills for Luo Jing this month.


“Three Foundation Establishment Pills?” Liu Yunshan saw what Luo Jing had received and was envious beyond measure.

“Junior Brother Luo, this is a good thing! One Foundation Establishment Pill can be sold for ten spirit stones in the market at the Feather Pool!”

“If you can succeed in breaking through in one go, you can sell the other two and make a fortune!”
Liu Yunshan looked at it with envy.

Luo Jing was surprised and asked, “Didn’t you get any when you entered the inner door, Senior Brother Liu?”

Liu Yunshan smiled bitterly and shook his head: “As someone who relied on seniority to advance, how could I receive the same treatment as Junior Brother Luo?”

“The Foundation Establishment Pill I needed to break through was obtained by completing missions and accumulating enough spirit stones in White Tiger Hall for the sect.”

“Only young disciples like Junior Brother Luo, who have great potential, will receive the sect’s favor.”
Liu Yunshan’s explanation made Luo Jing suddenly understand.

It seems that the demonic sect and the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect each have their own strengths.

In the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect, which values order and justice, even if it is on the surface of justice, so pretty much all the disciples of the sect are eligible to receive Foundation Establishment Pill when the time comes, which is highly competitive and scarce.

But in the Soul Refining Sect, there is no talk of fairness and justice at all, and the words “the weak are prey to the strong” are almost pasted on their foreheads.

Disciples with potential receive preferential treatment, receiving three Foundation Establishment Pill directly upon entering the inner sect.

As for disciples without potential, they are just cannon fodder and must buy their own Foundation Establishment Pill.

However, having received three Foundation Establishment Pill at once, Luo Jing realized that he had to be careful. He couldn’t let himself be robbed and killed…

Inside the palace, a girl who was meditating opened her eyes.

Feeling something, she lazily said, “Come in.”

The palace door opened and the maid Xiao Die walked in with a smile on her face.

“Miss, I have investigated the matter you asked me to look into, and I have found out the truth.”

From the smile on the maid’s face, it seems to be good news.

The young girl asked with interest, “Oh? Tell me, what’s the situation?”

The maid, Xiao Die, said with a smile.

“That Luo Jing is a disciple of a branch of the Tianhai Luo family, and his background is ordinary.”

“There is no big grudge between him and his family.”

“It’s just that he lost his mother when he was young. After his father remarried, he married a fierce and vicious stepmother and had two younger brothers.”

“At home, Luo Jing was not well-treated. He was at odds with his stepmother and younger brothers.”

“It is said that since he was ten years old, he has been sleeping in the woodshed. Even when he started practicing, his treatment did not change much.”

“Last New Year’s Eve, his stepmother lost a valuable hairpin, which was found in the woodshed where he lived. It is not clear whether he stole it or not.”

“Anyway, Luo Jing made a big fuss at that time and was eventually beaten by his father and expelled from home. He also publicly swore to break all ties with the Luo family.”

“Afterwards, Luo Jing, who had nowhere else to go, spent money to find connections and came to our Dawn Moon Peak as an outer disciple.”

“According to the disciple who led Luo Jing into the outer sect, Luo Jing had only reached the second level of Qi refining at that time.”

“In just six months, he was able to reach the completion stage by relying on the simple techniques of the outer sect… this kid’s talent is indeed not bad, he was underestimated by the Luo family.”

Xiao Die recounted the insider information about Luo Jing, making it clear to the young girl.

However, the narrative made the girl laugh.

“His mother passed away, and his stepmother mistreated him… Luo Jing’s experience is just common.”

“I thought he had some dispute with the Luo family and came to Dawn Moon Peak to escape.”

“I didn’t expect it to be for such a reason… It’s normal for him to be a mere side branch disciple and be expelled from the family by his father, and he wouldn’t receive any preferential treatment even if he went to Night Sea Peak.”

“Someone like Luo Wanqiu, with a high opinion of herself, wouldn’t even spare him a glance.”
The girl spoke, and her smile became brighter: “But everyone has underestimated him. When Luo Jing joined the sect, he definitely had a cultivation level higher than the second level of Qi Refining.”

“If he could truly rely on the shallow outer sect techniques and go from the second level of Qi Refining to the great perfection in six months… with such talent, even if he cultivated the Luo family’s side branch techniques, he would still achieve something.”

“I speculate that when he entered the outer sect, he already had a cultivation level of at least the fourth level of Qi Refining.”

“Coming to the outer sect of Dawn Moon Peak, where the spiritual energy is more abundant than outside the mountain, and with the assistance of the outer sect techniques, he could achieve the great perfection in Qi Refining in just six months.”

“The outer sect techniques of Dawn Moon Peak are still shallow, but they are stronger than the Luo family’s side branch techniques.”

“He was able to reach the fourth level of Qi Refining with the help of the shallow techniques of the Luo family’s side branch at such a young age, indicating his impressive talent.”

“With such cultivation and talent, he endured such humiliation and still remained calm and collected. He’s a ruthless person.”

“If I’m not mistaken, the reason why this kid didn’t show off his talents and deliberately acted weak in front of the Luo family was to exacerbate the conflict with his stepmother.”

“Only because he didn’t have strong talent was he driven out of the family by his father. If he were a genius, his biological father and stepmother would have pampered him.”

“Now that Luo Jing has been expelled from the family, he can cut ties with the Luo family and make a name for himself in the demonic path with his talent and temperament.”

“Now that he has severed ties with the Luo family, when his cultivation improves, he can directly return home and kill his malicious stepmother and two younger brothers.”

“As everyone knows, he is the abandoned son of the Luo family and was driven out by his stepmother’s framing. He has an irreconcilable hatred towards her. If he kills his stepmother and her whole family, no one will be able to accuse him.”

“To be honest, he’s a vicious and decisive character, but unfortunately, he’s naturally rebellious and difficult to tame,” the girl said, clapping her hands.

“Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep him around and cultivate him, but now let’s forget about it,” The girl shook her head and expressed regret.