Me and my Wife transmigrated together!? Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?
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MWTT Chapter 11: I’m really not interested.

Luo Jing held the jade plaque in his hand, feeling quite curious.

But he saw Liu Yunshan smile and say, “Let me teach Junior Brother Luo. The levels of disciples in the inner sect are distinct from those in the outer sect.”

“Junior disciples who have just entered the inner sect, besides those who have special care and are directly promoted into the inner sect by important figures, ordinary disciples must wear the 【miscellaneous】 jade plaque until they reach the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.”

“Holding the miscellaneous plaque, you can go to the White Tiger Hall to receive miscellaneous tasks of the sect or commissions from other inner sect disciples. As long as you complete the task, you can get spirit stone rewards.”

“The inner sect is different from the outer sect in that there are no daily miscellaneous tasks, and daily cultivation is the main focus.”

“But on the vast Dawn Moon Peak, there are still many things that need to be done. At this time, the White Tiger Hall will release commissions and look for people to solve them.”

Liu Yunshan smiled and said, “Inner sect disciples can collect three spirit stones per month. In theory, it is enough for monthly cultivation in the Gathering Spirit Formation.”

“But there are many places where spirit stones are needed on the path of cultivation. Pill, magic tools, various materials, formation diagrams, even martial arts…all can be purchased with spirit stones. Three spirit stones are far from enough.”

“All the canteens, shops, and even the markets at the foot of the mountain in the outer sect are set up by the sect.”

“But the inner sect is different. Within the inner sect, the sect encourages everyone to trade freely. There are about 13,000 people in the Dawn Moon Peak inner sect. After night falls, many inner sect disciples will set up stalls by the Feather Pond in the south of the mountain, selling and exchanging their own things.”

“Junior Brother Luo can go take a look if you have time, maybe you can have an unexpected gain.”

Liu Yunshan led Luo Jing to walk on Dawn Moon Peak, walking on one suspended corridor after another.
Then he took out a pill and said, “This is the Fasting Pill. After taking one pill, you can go for three days without eating.”

Liu Yunshan smiled and said, “Junior Brother Luo, take it first. It is not allowed to defecate and urinate within the inner sect.”

“Disciples who have not broken through the Foundation Establishment Realm must take the Fasting Pill.”

However, Luo Jing politely declined with a smile and said, “Thank you Senior Brother Liu for your kindness, but I’m not hungry at the moment. I’ll talk about it later.”

Who dares to eat the pill given by a stranger when they meet for the first time?

Not to mention this is the demonic sect.

Luo Jing is not that stupid.

Seeing this, Liu Yunshan was not surprised either. He smiled and put away the Fasting Pill, saying, “When Junior Brother Luo receives the Inner Sect Heart Technique later, there should be a Fasting Pill issued together.”

“Everything within the inner sect is based on spirit stones. Silver coins, which are used in the outer sect and the mortal world, are not of much use here.”

“If Brother Luo has free time, you can go to the White Tiger Hall and see for yourself. It’s very lively inside.”

“If you have spirit stones to pay for the reward, Brother Luo can even post a task in the White Tiger Hall to find female disciples willing to come and practice dual cultivation with you… hehe…”
As Liu Yunshan said this, he smiled slightly and said, “As a senior brother, I know of a few women with good reputations.”

“If Brother Luo is interested, you can talk to me at any time, and I will introduce you to them.”
Liu Yunshan’s words made Luo Jing speechless.

“Inside the sect… they still do this kind of thing?”

Isn’t this the same as, you know, that Phoenix thing…

In the markets of the outer sect, there are brothels established by the sect.

In the inner sect, since the sect doesn’t open brothels, everyone just does it on their own?

Liu Yunshan laughed and said, “This kind of thing is very common. The basic techniques in the inner sect are actually quite ordinary, and most of us practice magic techniques on the side.”

“As long as you have enough spirit stones, you can exchange all the magic technique secret manuals in the library for cultivation.”

“The books there are all sorts of things: techniques, formations, sword techniques, spells, and so on. Of course, there are also disciples who exchange dual cultivation techniques and practice together.”

Liu Yunshan smiled and said, “And finding an inner sect female disciple who also practices magic techniques to practice dual cultivation with will naturally be the most beneficial. It’s much better than the usual method of finding mortal women for cultivation.”

“Brother Luo has a bright future and is extremely handsome. Maybe you won’t even need to pay spirit stones, and there will be female disciples willing to practice dual cultivation with you…hahaha…” Liu Yunshan said, revealing a smile that all men understand.

Luo Jing quickly waved his hand and said with a smile, “No, I’m not interested in dual cultivation.”

Really! He has no interest at all!

Seeing Luo Jing’s refusal, Liu Yunshan didn’t say much and just smiled and said, “No problem, if Brother Luo becomes interested in the future, just come to me for an introduction…hahaha…”

He then continued to lead the way.

On the main peak of Dawn Moon Peak, the terrain undulated.

Although it was only one main peak, it was vast and huge, like a suspended giant island, with waterfalls hanging high, clear springs flowing, and even a murmuring lake.

Among the undulating peaks of this celestial mountain, many large halls and corridors were built in suspension.

More than 13,000 inner sect disciples were scattered among them, but it didn’t seem crowded.
After all, the main peak of Dawn Moon Peak was much larger than the outer-sect.

When walking through cliffs or suspension corridors, one could overlook the outer-sect buildings and markets below through the edges.

Standing high and looking down, everything in the mountain seemed as small as a model.

The figures walking on the small paths were as small as ants.

Becoming an inner sect disciple meant being physically superior. Looking down every day, to see the outer-sect disciples down below are really nothing more than ants.

Luo Jing said with a smile, “By the way, Brother Liu, I heard that there are flying boats and cloud-escaping techniques in this mountain that can let you freely enter and leave the vast ancient mountains.

Does the White Tiger Hall have any tasks to arrange for going out of the sect?”

Although forced by the situation, Luo Jing had to join the Inner Sect of the Soul Refining Sect. But his heart was always with his immortal path follower wife. Going to the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect to seek refuge with his wife, where he could eat and drink as much spiritual fruits and wine as he wanted, wouldn’t that be better than being embroiled in the scheming of the Soul Refining Sect’s Inner Sect? If there was a chance in the future, Luo Jing would definitely find a way to leave.

But he saw Liu Yunshan shaking his head and laughing, “As a disciple with the miscellaneous badge, there is basically no chance for you to leave the mountain.”

“If Brother Luo wants to go out and see the world or go home, he must work hard to cultivate. If he can cultivate to the later stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm, or even the higher level of the Awakening Spirit Realm, then he may have a chance to leave the mountain.”

It is common for those who have joined the Inner Sect to want to go out and see the world or go home, but the Inner Sect is different from the Outer Sect.

Outer Sect disciples, after working for a certain number of years for the sect in the mountain, can bring their accumulated money and cultivation back home. The sect arranges a cloud-boat to send those qualified Outer Sect disciples out of the mountain every year.

But once you enter the Inner Sect, it’s different. You become a “person” of the sect. How can you just leave if you want to? Luo Jing roughly inquired about the situation and didn’t ask further, only confirming that the rumor was true.

On Dawn Moon Peak, there are indeed airships and cloud-escaping techniques that can safely traverse the ancient mountains, but Luo Jing doesn’t have the qualifications to go there at the moment.
“In addition, when walking in the mountains, you must not cross the Cloud Sea Line.”

Liu Yunshan, who had already reached a high place, pointed to the sky above and said, “Above the Cloud Sea Line is where important figures such as direct disciples and elders reside.”

“For us miscellaneous disciples, if we trespass the Cloud Sea Line, it’s a serious offense. Junior Brother Luo, you must keep this in mind.”

Liu Yunshan’s warning made Luo Jing look up.

Above, at the mountain waist, a dim magic energy undulated between the mountain peaks, forming a distinct boundary.

Above the boundary, clouds and mist were ethereal, and even inner disciples couldn’t see what was above.

Clear hierarchy.