Me and my Wife transmigrated together!? Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?
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MWTT Chapter 10: Fairy Under the Moon.

On the path of cultivation, the Foundation Establishment Pill is an important pill for breakthrough past the Great Completion of the Qi Refinement Realm.

Without the Foundation Establishment Pill, it is almost impossible to succeed in a breakthrough.

Even in a large sect like the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect, it is not easy for just any disciple to quickly obtain the Foundation Establishment Pill.

Of course, Shen Qingxuan is different.

As a direct disciple of an elder, she has certain privileges, so she is full of confidence.

And when Shen Qingxuan returned to normal, Luo Jing also put down his worries and continued to talk about business.

Although this mature, calm and orderly wife rarely appears to be absent-minded, people are not machines and occasional absent-mindedness is normal.

After discussing some of Luo Jing’s ideas for promotion to the Inner Disciple, the dream meeting ended and they both returned to reality.

In the Green Bamboo Garden, Shen Qingxuan opened her eyes.

After not seeing Luo Jing’s worried and curious eyes, she inexplicably breathed a sigh of relief.


“Why do I feel pressured?”

The woman sitting on the cloud bed furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

In the dream world, she subconsciously avoided Luo Jing’s questioning and didn’t explain why she was absent-minded.

Because even she herself didn’t know why she was absent-minded.

Since childhood, she had been taught by her parents to study diligently and try to do everything perfectly, and this was the first time she had encountered such a situation.

” This tongue is for my wife to vent her anger!”

As soon as this sentence came to mind, Shen Qingxuan couldn’t help but stand up, feeling uneasy and restless all over her body for some reason.

“Is this sentence weird?”

The white-clad fairy walked back and forth in the room under the moonlight, but no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out what was strange about this sentence.

And whenever she thought of this sentence, she really couldn’t suppress the discomfort all over her body.

She even felt her face getting hot.

This was not right.

She walked into the courtyard and washed her face several times with the clear spring water, feeling the burning sensation on her face gradually dissipate.

However, the reflection in the water showed a blushing face with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth.

A smile?

The white-clad fairy stepped back in panic, touching the corners of her mouth, but found that she wasn’t smiling at all.

Did she just see it wrong?


The white-clad fairy stood under the moonlight and muttered to herself.

“Yes, I know. That sentence, if you have to say it, can actually be considered a love confession.”

“Men often say things like ‘doing something for my wife’, it’s normal.”

“But why did I have such a strange reaction when I heard it this time?”

She had been pursued by men before, and had heard more cheesy lines than this, but she had never been moved by those men’s words.

When she got married to Luo Jing, the two of them followed the emcee’s script and even made real vows of eternal love and loyalty, promising to never separate, no matter poverty or wealth. But at that time, she only felt embarrassed.

Why was she so confused and restless today because of a very ordinary sentence?

Was there some strange magic to these words?

What’s even stranger is that even Luo Jing didn’t think there was anything wrong with that sentence…

he didn’t even care! Why am I so concerned about this sentence?

Under the moonlight, the White-robed Fairy stood motionless all night, thinking more and more about it, her heart getting more and more restless.

She had always been a serious person, wanting to do everything perfectly. But this time, she really couldn’t figure out why she had become like this because of a simple sentence.

It doesn’t make sense! Standing still until dawn, the first ray of sunlight fell on her, and she suddenly woke up.

“Huh? It’s morning?”

Looking up, Shen Qingxuan stared at the rising sun in the eastern sky in amazement, wondering if she had mistaken it.

“I stood here for most of the night?”

The White-robed Fairy realized this and suddenly felt a little guilty.

If her husband saw her standing here daydreaming like this tomorrow night, how would she explain…

On a sunny morning, the grand sound of a bell echoed through the mountains.

The sleeping Luo Jing immediately opened his eyes.

After a night of rest, the negative state brought by the Twelve Demon Altars had finally dissipated.
Luo Jing now felt clear-minded and full of energy.

Getting out of bed, the empty wooden house was quiet, with only Luo Jing in it, without the usual noise of snoring or bickering from the communal sleeping quarters in the outer sect.

This wooden house was very large, even bigger than the big communal sleeping quarters where Luo Jing slept with ten people.

There were no walls to divide the wooden house, and one could see from one end to the other at a glance.

There was a desk, a bookshelf, a large bed for resting, as well as a cloud bed and cushions for cultivation, screens… even the closet was filled with elegant and complete demon cloud robes, showing the treatment of an inner disciple.

Even the lowest-ranked inner disciples enjoyed benefits that outer disciples could not.

Under the cloud bed used for cultivation was a Qi gathering formation that could be activated with spirit stones, but Luo Jing didn’t have any on hand at the moment.

Dawn Moon Peak was already full of spiritual energy, much more than the mountains outside, and coupled with the Qi gathering formation, cultivation was much faster than outer sect.

Luo Jing went to the closet and took out the demon cloud robe and put it on.

At this point, Luo Jing was considered an inner disciple of the Soul Refining Sect

On the all-black demon cloud robe, there are dark red demon clouds embellished, and on the back is the fierce demon shadow, which is the uniform of the inner disciple.

Wearing the demon cloud robe, Luo Jing took two steps in the room and really had a bit of the temperament of a demonic cultivator.

Outside the door, the voice of Fellow Apprentice Senior Liu Yunshan, whose hair was all white, sounded.

“Fellow apprentice junior Luo, are you awake? We should go to the Hall of Dark Lamps to report.”
Liu Yunshan was very polite.

After seeing Luo Jing push open the door, he even hurriedly smiled and saluted: “Good morning, Junior Luo.”

Although Liu Yunshan, who had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm, dared not show off in front of Luo Jing.

After all, Liu Yunshan had practiced hard in the outer sect for thirty years before he relied on seniority to improve his cultivation and finally entered the inner sect. After reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm, he hardly made any progress.

In front of young people like Luo Jing who had already achieved the Great Completion of Qi Refinement at a young age, Liu Yunshan’s attitude was very humble.

And Liu Yunshan was so humble, Luo Jing didn’t show off either.

He smiled and returned the courtesy, saying, “Good morning, Fellow Apprentice Senior Liu. Today, I have to trouble Fellow Apprentice Senior Liu to lead the way.”

Liu Yunshan smiled and said, “Junior apprentice is too kind… This is your waist badge. You have to wear this badge. This is the symbol of our inner disciple’s identity.”

As he spoke, Liu Yunshan handed over a small and exquisite jade pendant.

The jade pendant was small and vaguely carved with the characters “misc.”.

Curious, Luo Jing asked, “What does this ‘misc.’ mean? Is it the identity of a miscellaneous disciples?”

Is the Soul Refining Sect so straightforward?