Me and my Wife transmigrated together!? Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?
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MWTT Chapter 9: Love?

In the sea of clouds, Luo Jing’s face was full of smiles, filled with joy.

Upon seeing how happy Luo Jing was, Shen Qingxuan also smiled slightly and said, “Congratulations, husband.”

After speaking, she closed her eyes first and entered the synchronised state. Then she felt the spiritual energy in her body quickly refining impurities and becoming even purer.

After reaching the peak of the Qi Refining Stage, one needs to first refine the impurities in their spiritual energy before attempting to break through to the Foundation Establishment Stage by using the Foundation Establishment Pill. The purer the spiritual energy is, the higher the success rate of the breakthrough.

This synchronization allowed her spiritual energy to undergo a major refining process, saving her a lot of effort. She could even start preparing for the breakthrough tomorrow.

As she thought about this, she remembered the day when her husband experienced life at the Soul Refining Sect. Getting up in the morning, the noisy ten-person dormitory, and the disdainful glances from the outer sect disciples. The various rumors and sneers she heard as she washed up and went out…

Suddenly, Shen Qingxuan felt a little uncomfortable. Is this the life of a demonic sect? Being ostracized and ridiculed because of Wang Rui’s special favor, subjected to rumors and contempt.

Compared to her husband, her life in the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect was like heaven.

The tranquil and elegant green bamboo garden, as well as the spiritual fruits and spirit springs given by her master, made it easy to practice cultivation and achieve twice the results with half the effort…

After making such a comparison in her mind, Shen Qingxuan suddenly heard the grating, cackling laughter of Wang Rui, like that of an old hen.

From the perspective of Luo Jing, she also saw that disgusting face.

“Hey, Junior Brother Luo, what a coincidence,” Wang Rui said.

“I didn’t expect us to meet even when having breakfast. It seems that even heaven is matchmaking us.”

Wang Rui’s sharp and grating laughter was so unpleasant no matter how many times one heard it.

And that stiff, artificially made-up face of hers was even more revolting, making Shen Qingxuan frown unconsciously.

In the next instant, she heard her husband’s indifferent voice.

“Senior Sister Wang, what’s the point of all this?”

Afterward, it was a one-sided crushing.

That disgusting Wang Rui was screaming as she was pressed to the ground, crying in agony.

From Luo Jing’s perspective, Shen Qingxuan even clearly saw “herself” reaching out and pulling the other’s tongue out, creating a horrible scene of blood splattering.

This scene looked so nauseating and revolting that she should have felt uncomfortable.

But for some reason, as she listened to the old woman’s pitiful screams and saw her being kicked away, a sense of inexplicable pleasure welled up in Shen Qingxuan’s heart.

Then, she heard the cold voice of Luo Jing in her ear.

” This tongue is for my wife to vent her anger!”

Her husband’s voice wasn’t grating, but at this moment, it seemed to resonate in her heart.

Shen Qingxuan was stunned unconsciously.

The following scenes quickly flashed before her eyes: The Twelve Demon Altars, the mountain raid, entering the inner sect…

In the quickly flashing scenes, there were all kinds of terrifying aspects of the demonic sect.
But the woman’s expression remained vacant.

It seemed that those quickly flashing scenes had not left any impression on her mind.
Until the synchronization ended and all the images disappeared.

The woman was taken aback for a moment before hurriedly looking up. “Ah? Is it over?”

She nervously brushed aside her hair from her temples – although the two of them didn’t have a physical form in the Cloud Sea World.

She instinctively averted her gaze and said, “The Twelve Trials were really thrilling. My heart was racing.”

After Shen Qingxuan calmly finished speaking, she used her hand to tidy up her hair from her temples.

Across from her, Luo Jing looked at her strangely and corrected her, “It’s the Twelve Demon Altars, not the Twelve Trials.”

And was it really thrilling? Where was it thrilling?

He had basically breezed through it, okay?

Although some of the twelve levels were indeed a bit difficult, he hadn’t suffered any injuries, just excessive mental exhaustion.

Could it be that what his wife saw was different from what he saw?

Uh… or perhaps the scenes that can only be seen with “eyes” appears really dangerous?

Luo Jing shook his head and didn’t dwell on this matter. He said, “Qingxuan, don’t worry, I’m not injured. The Twelve Demon Altars just looks scary.”

“Now that I have successfully passed the mountain, I will go to the Hall of Dark Lamps to light the Life Lamp tomorrow.”

“Also, we can try to break through. But it may be difficult for me to get the Foundation Establishment Pill. Qingxuan, maybe you can try to break through first with your status in the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect ?”

Luo Jing proposed, “You should be able to easily get the Foundation Establishment Pill with your identity in the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect, right?”

Luo Jing continued to plan for their future, but after he finished speaking, he found that his wife was sitting there in a daze, without any reaction.

Luo Jing became curious, “Qingxuan? Qingxuan?”

He called twice in a row, and the white-robed fairy suddenly woke up.

“Ah? Ah ah ah, right!” In Luo Jing’s strange gaze, the woman nodded quickly, “I will go to my master tomorrow to get the Foundation Establishment Pill and break through as soon as possible.”

“As long as we break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, your days in the inner sect will be better.”

Shen Qingxuan said seriously and nodded.

“Yes, that’s right. Tomorrow, I will go to my master to get the Foundation Establishment Pill.”

“Dear husband, just wait for my good news.”

His wife agreed to the plan without expressing any objections.

Of course, there was no reason to object.


Hesitating, Luo Jing asked, “Qing Xuan, do you have any troubles over at Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect?”

“If you have any troubles, you can tell me. Although I may not be able to help you, maybe I can come up with a plan.”

In synchronous state, one could only quickly watch the entire day’s experiences from the other’s perspective.

And this kind of viewing, like watching a fast-forward movie, can easily flash past and lose many details if one is not careful.

And can only see, not perceive the other’s intentions.

Luo Jing was a little worried and confused.

From his wife’s experiences in the past few days, she should have had a smooth time at Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect, with no one bothering her, and should not have any troubles.

Today, she also had a smooth day.

She got up in the morning, washed up, took a spiritual fruit, and practiced until the afternoon.

In the afternoon, she practiced a set of sword techniques in the courtyard, took a cup of spiritual spring, and continued to practice without incident.

Why does she seem absent-minded now?

Luo Jing’s eyes were concerned.

His wife on the other side smiled uneasily.

“Um… there’s nothing wrong, dear husband. I just lost focus for a moment.”

“The problem with the Foundation Establishment Pill is not big, I will go find my master to get it tomorrow, and it should be easy to get.”