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MWTT Chapter 8: Joy!

Night fell, and the stars were everywhere.

The outer disciples of the Dawn Moon Peak, who had been noisy all afternoon, became even more lively.

However, people have already dispersed from the Heavenly Terrace of the Twelve Demon Altars and gone back to their own homes.

But the mountain challenge during the day has become the hottest topic among the outer sect disciples at this time.

Everywhere one looks, the outer sect disciples are enthusiastically discussing the matter of Luo Jing’s mountain challenge.

“I’m telling you guys, Senior Brother Luo Jing is really strong! He walked up to the Twelve Demon Altar’s checkpoints with his head held high, step by step, without any injuries!”

“Don’t just talk about injuries, he didn’t even let out a cry of pain, he’s simply a tough guy! A top G!”

“That’s right, I heard that the checkpoints in the Twelve Demon Altars not only test the body but also the mind. Even if the body can bear it, the tests of several checkpoints can be excruciating to the bone marrow.”

“But Senior Brother Luo Jing silently passed through all twelve checkpoints in one breath, which is truly admirable!”

“And he’s so handsome and young…sigh…who knows which inner disciple sister will be lucky enough to be with him. It’s really enviable.”

“Hehe…inner disciple’s sister? I’m afraid even the inner disciple sisters can only envy him. With such an outstanding young talent like Senior Brother Luo Jing, even those high and mighty direct disciples might be moved.”

“Tsk tsk…direct disciples huh…if I could attach myself to any one of them like Senior Brother Luo Jing, his future achievements would be limitless.”

“If only I were as outstanding as Senior Brother Luo Jing.”

Amidst the Outer Sect, it was noisy and bustling with endless discussions. In the morning, Luo Jing was still a small-faced, soft guy who mooched off others, but by nightfall, he seemed to have become the hero of the entire Outer Sect.

Within the Outer Sect, whether one had gone to watch the trial on the mountain or not, everyone had to say something about Senior Brother Luo in order to show that they were not left behind and were part of the trend. Although the vast majority of people had never seen Luo Jing, not even one in ten had witnessed the entire trial on the mountain with their own eyes. But in the noisy atmosphere of the entire Outer Sect, it seemed as if everyone had personally witnessed Luo Jing’s trial on the mountain.

Whenever someone mentioned Senior Brother Luo, they all gave him a thumbs up. The nine roommates who slept in the same bunk bed with Luo Jing became the focus of everyone’s attention, with people filling the yard inside and out just to hear their stories.

“I’m telling you, Senior Brother Luo is so diligent. After finishing his chores every day, he immediately used to go back to his room to cultivate, never slacking off!”

“I told you earlier that Senior Brother Luo, being such a diligent person, was not someone to be underestimated. It was only a matter of time before he entered the Inner Sect. But I underestimated his talent. I didn’t expect him to silently cultivate all the way to the great completion Qi Refinement Realm!”

“Let me tell you, that Senior Brother Luo is a true hero, a tough and unyielding man of iron bones…”

The Outer Sect was filled with bright lights and lively crowds. For this group of Outer Sect disciples, every trial on the mountain was a huge event.

In the entertainment-lacking mountain, the most popular activities are joining the crowd and bragging.

But at the moment, this has nothing to do with Luo Jing.

He is lying in the room arranged for him in the inner sect, feeling extremely sore and uncomfortable all over his body and soul, as if being pricked by needles.

The Twelve Demon Altars’ challenge not only tests one’s physical and mental strength but also cultivates their soul. Even for those in the eighth level of Qi refining, it is not an easy task.

Luo Jing spent the whole afternoon climbing the 1200-level stone steps before finally reaching the end with great difficulty.

Luo Jing also knows why the Inner sect of the Dawn Moon Peak constantly urges the outer disciples in the seventh level of Qi refining to challenge the mountain.

In this process of challenging the mountain, the demonic energy in the body of the mountain challenger will be triggered, tempered, and purified.

Although it cannot immediately improve one’s cultivation, after the mountain challenge, even if the challenge is failed, further cultivation can be twice as effective.

As long as they keep challenging the mountain, the disciples in the seventh level of Qi refining can quickly break through to the eighth level.

As for the suffering that outer disciples endure during this period?

Do the outer disciples of the Demon Sect still have human rights…

“Ah… I finally entered the Inner sect.”

Luo Jing, lying in bed, felt weak and exhausted.

When he passed the level and reached the top of the stone steps, a light descended from the sky and lifted Luo Jing up.

The light was like a completely transparent sightseeing elevator, taking Luo Jing higher and higher, watching the Twelve Demon Altars and many buildings outside the outer sect of the Dawn Moon Peak getting smaller and smaller.

Finally, Luo Jing arrived at the lowest point of Dawn Moon Peak, by a pool of water.

There were many inner sect disciples who came to greet him, or rather, to watch the show.

But these inner sect disciples were more reserved, unlike the noisy and crowded outer sect disciples at the foot of the mountain.

They stood in various places in the mountain, observing the newly promoted Luo Jing and whispering to each other. They all had a sense of superiority and held themselves very high.

The person in charge of welcoming Luo Jing was an old man with white hair and a middle-aged appearance.

He was wearing a magical cloud robe that only inner sect disciples could wear and greeted Luo Jing with a smile.

“I am Liu Yunshan, the guide of Junior Brother Luo. Congratulations on your promotion to the inner sect. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me anytime. However, it is already late today. Junior Brother Luo should rest to relieve fatigue. Tomorrow morning, I will come to take Junior Brother Luo to the Hall of Dark Lamps to light his life lantern.”

Under the guidance of this senior, Luo Jing, who was weak, dragged his tired body to the residence arranged for him in the inner sect. It was a very remote small house in the mountain, without a courtyard and not luxurious, very simple. But at least it was a separate house, so he didn’t have to sleep in a big dormitory. And there was the most basic protective array.

Liu Yunshan smiled and left the jade symbol for opening the door of the small house before leaving.

Near the small house where Luo Jing was staying, there were also two or three similar small wooden houses. However, the houses were all ten yards apart and far from each other.

When Luo Jing used the door-opening jade token to unlock the formation of the small wooden house, he saw a few neighbors nearby standing at the door, staring at him. He smiled and nodded to them as a way of greeting.

Luo Jing then pushed open the door and locked it from inside before collapsing onto the bed to rest. For him, entering the inner sect was not difficult, but passing the tests on the Twelve Demon Altars was torturous to his body and mind.

Finally, after resting until midnight, Luo Jing felt that the pain in his body had subsided significantly. In his consciousness, he heard a faint calling.

Without waiting any longer, Luo Jing immediately sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and focused, entering a state of cultivation. His consciousness then drifted away.

In a trance, Luo Jing found himself in a vast sea of clouds. He saw the white-robed fairy sitting under a green willow tree in the clouds. Seeing his girlfriend, Luo Jing smiled.

“Qingxuan,” Luo Jing shared his joy happily, “I successfully passed the Twelve Demon Altars and was promoted to the inner sect!”

“Moreover, during the trials on the Twelve Demon Altars, my magical power was tempered, which saved me a lot of time.”

“Let’s synchronise, and you can also skip the step of tempering magical power.”