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MWTT Chapter 7: He looks pretty good.

Senior Brother Changfeng, who wore a demonic cloud robe and smiled weakly, explained the situation of the Twelve Demonic Altar levels one by one to Luo Jing.

This was a kind gesture.

After all, they would probably meet in the inner sect later, and it was normal for this guy to come early and establish a good relationship.

Luo Jing glanced at him and clasped his hands, saying, “Thank you, Senior Brother Changfeng, for your guidance.”

After speaking, Luo Jing, who had already calmed his mind and adjusted his state to the most perfect level, stepped out in one step.

He stepped onto the first step of the stone steps.

At the moment Luo Jing’s feet stepped out, demon fire rose up.

As Brother Changfeng said, being burned by this demon fire is indeed extremely painful.

That kind of pain, although not intense, seems to penetrate deep into the bone marrow, making it difficult to endure.

But just a mere pain!

With an unchanged expression, Luo Jing walked step by step towards the top, his steps heavy.
In the mountains, under the gaze of tens of thousands of people, a noisy discussion immediately broke out.

“It’s starting! The first level of the Twelve Demon Altars, Demon Fire Refinement!”

“Hey hey hey…lower your heads, people at the front, we can’t see anything because you’re blocking the view!”

“What’s going on now? Is there anyone with big boobs who can come out and explain? We can’t see anything in the back!”

In front of the Twelve Demon Altars, the noise continued.

The sound was so loud that it gradually spread to the sky, alarming the inner disciples on the main peak.

On the Dawn Moon Peak, floating above the Twelve Demon Altars, the spiritual energy was misty and the demonic energy was rising. Many palaces and houses extended between the steep mountain walls, like a fairy mansion.

And now, many figures emerged from the suspended corridors below the cloud sea.

They were much more relaxed than the inner disciples.

They either sat or stood, standing high and overlooking the Twelve Demon Altars below.

They all seemed to be watching a monkey show, enjoying the subsequent developments.

“Tsk tsk…someone is trying to break through the mountain again…”

“Isn’t it the Changfeng from the outer sect this time?”

“Last month, Changfeng failed to pass the trial. How could he come back so soon?”

“It’s not Changfeng, then who is the challenger this time?”

“I don’t recognize him…”

“But he looks handsome…”

“Hehe…this junior brother looks good, I like him.”

At this moment, countless eyes on the Twelve Demon Altar were fixed on Luo Jing, who was standing tall and attempting the trial. Many inner disciples pointed and laughed like they were watching a monkey show, chatting with each other.

Meanwhile, in a quiet palace above the sea of clouds, a young girl was meditating with a slightly furrowed brow.

She sensed the commotion in the mountain.

“Xiao Die, what’s going on outside?”

The girl was not very old, around sixteen or seventeen years old, and her eyebrows and eyes carried a little bit of gloominess.

Being able to live halfway up the mountain on the sea of clouds and having a separate palace residence was not something that an ordinary disciple of the Dawn Moon Peak could have.

The interruption of the girl’s meditation made her a little angry, but then she saw her maidservant, Xiao Die, running in anxiously, quickly explained.

“Miss, it’s the Twelve Demon Altar again. There’s a challenger who suddenly appeared, who has already reached the third trial without any harm, and he’s at the peak of the Qi refining stage.”

“Are you bothered by their noise, Miss? If so, Xiao Die will go down and order them to shut up immediately.”

The maidservant explained the situation with some fear, afraid of the young lady before her, and spoke with great authority, saying she would immediately go down and order everyone to shut up.

But the young lady frowned slightly upon hearing this.

“A sudden emergence of a cultivator at great completion Qi Refinement Realm? There is such a person among the outer sect disciples?”

Generally speaking, when an outer sect disciple cultivates to the seventh level of the Qi refining realm, they will receive a token from the inner sect urging them to challenge the mountain.

Being able to cultivate to the great completion Qi Refinement Realm in the outer sect without being discovered is an unprecedented event.

The young girl frowned and asked, “What is this person’s background? Have you looked into it?”

Seeing that the anger of the young lady had dissipated, and her attention had successfully shifted to the outer sect disciple, the maid Xiao Die breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she would not be blamed.

She hurriedly explained with a smile, “According to the information that Xiao Die has learned, this person’s name is Luo Jing, and he is a junior member of the Tianhai Luo family.”

“Half a year ago, he entered the outer sect of the Dawn Moon Peak and became an ordinary disciple of the miscellaneous works disciples.”

“Because of his handsome appearance, he was entangled by Wang Rui, a disciple of the outer sect Medicine Refining Hall, and refused to give in during the period.”

“Perhaps he was annoyed by being entangled today. During breakfast, he suddenly showed his great completion Qi Refinement Realm cultivation, seriously injuring Wang Rui and pulling out her tongue.”

“After that, he directly came to challenge the mountain…”

Xiao Die quickly explained the situation.

The young girl nodded and said, “So he is a member of the Tianhai Luo family. If that’s the case, he may have the Luo family’s secret book, the ‘Divine Splitting Magic Scriptures’, which is used for cultivation.”

“But since he is a descendant of the Luo Family, why did he come to our Dawn Moon Peak? Why start as an Outer Disciple… wouldn’t it be better for him to go directly to the Night Sea Peak?”

The girl keenly sensed something strange and said to the maid in front of her.

“You immediately go and carefully investigate the background of this Luo Jing, and see what he experienced before entering the Dawn Moon Peak.”

Entering the Outer Sect and reaching the pinnacle of the Qi Refinement Realm in six months’ time.
Such talent would be difficult to achieve even with the ‘Divine Splitting Magic Scriptures’ of the Luo Family.

Unless this guy already had a strong cultivation base when he entered the Outer Sect.

And those responsible for searching for new disciples in the Outer Sect generally had a cultivation base around the third level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

In other words, before entering the Outer Sect, this Luo Jing had at least reached the fourth level of the Qi Refinement Realm, to be able to sneak into the Outer Sect as an ordinary disciple.

But if he had a cultivation base of at least the fourth level of the Qi Refinement Realm, and he was not too old, and had connections in the Luo Family, wouldn’t it be better to arrange him directly into the Inner Sect of the Night Sea Peak?

Why did he come to the Dawn Moon Peak…to avoid disaster?

The girl dismissed Maid Xiao Die and sat on the cloud bed, pondering.

She had originally thought that this disciple had good talent and might be worth accepting as a disciple to train.

But now it seems that she needs to be more careful and not get involved in unnecessary struggles.

Thinking like this, the girl stopped meditating.

She shook her head as she listened to the occasional cheers and noisy sounds coming from the mountain below.

She also remembered what the maid had said about this person being handsome, and thus being pestered by Wang Rui from the Medicine Refining Hall. Wang Rui was well known even in the inner sect, although she was just an outer disciple. The 53-year-old old lady relied on refining medicine and harvesting the Yang essence to maintain her youthful appearance of twenty-something years.

But although this old lady was lecherous, she never picked inferior prey each year. It seems that this Luo Jing may really be good looking?

Thinking of this, the young girl also became interested and summoned the Spirit treasure pouch with a wave of her hand.

She took out a smooth water mirror from the Spirit treasure pouch, pinched her hands together, and cast a spell. The water mirror then floated up, and the scene of the Twelve Demon Altars appeared on its surface.

A tall figure with a handsome face was walking in the snow and ice of the fourth level of the trial, resisting the killing of wind and snow with great difficulty. Behind him, there were thousands of people shouting in unison.

This scene looked really…

The originally lazy young girl unconsciously sat up straight.


Looking at the man’s figure in the mirror, the young girl tilted her head and smiled, “He looks pretty good.”