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MWTT Chapter 6: Twelve Demon Altars.

The cold snort from Luo Jing left the surrounding outer disciples confused.

His wife? Since when did this Junior Brother Luo have a wife?

And how does tearing off Senior Sister Wang Rui’s tongue relate to venting his wife’s anger?

People were curious and confused, but no one dared to speak. The dining hall was quiet, like a cemetery, with only Wang Rui’s cries of pain and sorrow echoing like a slaughtered pig.

Luo Jing scanned the surroundings with a cold eye and kicked Wang Rui, who was constantly wailing, away.

He said coldly, “Get out of here! Go heal your wounds!”

Although the sect didn’t care about the outer sect disciples, Luo Jing did not take her life. Wang Rui had been in charge of the outer Medicine Refining Hall for so many years, so she must have had some backers in the inner sect.

Even though he cut her tongue off, Wang Rui would still be able to recover from the injury in a year or two, but she would eventually grow it back.

If Wang Rui was killed, it might completely alienate him and put his promotion to the Inner Sect at risk.

Another interpretation of the survival of the fittest in the demonic sect is that the strong prey on the weak. With Luo Jing’s current cultivation, as long as he doesn’t create a huge commotion, even if Wang Rui’s connection in the Inner Sect were to be her own mother, she wouldn’t dare provoke Luo Jing for just cutting off her tongue.

Who would want to provoke a young man with such great potential and the cultivation of Qi Refinement Realm Grand Completion? With these thoughts in mind, Luo Jing snorted and ignored the fleeing Wang Rui, walking straight out of the cafeteria.

At this point, his aura had already calmed down, and the faint demonic armour had disappeared. Wherever he went, all the Outer Sect disciples hurriedly made way for him, not daring to stop him.

It wasn’t until Luo Jing had walked away that the discussions here erupted.

“Wow! Luo Jing is actually at the peak of the Qi Refinement realm?”

“What a strong talent! Hasn’t he only been in the sect for half a year?”

“This kind of talent is unheard of!”

“I heard that he had an ancestral legacy before he entered; maybe his family is actually very powerful?”

“Uh… I heard that his family is just a small branch of the Tianhai Luo family, very insignificant, or else he wouldn’t have been assigned to the Outer Sect.”

“But no matter what, he’s about to enter the Inner Sect.”

“Right, right, right, I heard him say it just now; he’s going to challenge the mountain today!”

“Isn’t that exciting?!”

“Let’s go, let’s go! Hurry to the Twelve Demon Altars to watch the show! It’s been so long since a disciple challenged the mountain!”

Inside and outside the canteen, discussions erupted, and everyone was thrilled. Not only did they witness a big event today, but they would also be able to see someone challenge the mountain later!

For outer sect disciples, challenging the mountain was a major event, and those with time would go to watch.

Soon, the news that Luo Jing was going to challenge the mountain spread among the outer disciples of the Dawn Moon Peak.

When Luo Jing walked to the steps outside the Twelve Demon Altars, many onlookers had already arrived one after another.

Looking back at the outer sect disciples’ residential area in the mountains, the houses and buildings were crowded with people, and many of those who wanted to come and watch were still on their way.

In this lively outer sect, Wang Rui, who had fled in embarrassment, was no longer a topic of discussion. Everyone was eager to watch the mountain challenge.

The Twelve Demon Altars were the highest point of the outer sect of the Dawn Moon Peak.

Beyond the Twelve Demon Altars was the residence of the inner sect disciples, floating high above in the air.

Standing at the huge steps of the Twelve Demon Altars, Luo Jing looked up and saw a vast and magnificent mountain floating in the clouds above.

On the mountain, waterfalls cascaded down, spirit grasses covered the ground, and spiritual beasts roared, creating an extraordinary momentum.

That is the real main peak of the Dawn Moon Peak.

Once you go up and become an inner disciple, it’s not so easy to come back down.

The outer disciples of Dawn Moon Peak can slip down to the market town at the foot of the mountain from time to time, enjoying their freedom and being unrestrained.

But for the inner disciples, cultivation is their main focus. Once they go up the mountain, it’s hard to come back down.


Standing on the huge steps, Luo Jing’s eyes were cold.

If it weren’t for Wang Rui’s constant pressure, he wouldn’t have come this far.

Outer disciples at the seventh level of Qi Refining cultivation are not allowed to be lazy.

Like poor Senior Brother Changfeng, who failed three times and was seriously injured each time he attempted to pass through the mountain.

Do you think he wouldn’t want to cultivate to the eighth level of Qi Refining before attempting to pass through the mountain with a higher chance of success?

It’s just that the order from above forced Senior Brother Changfeng to try to pass through the Twelve Demon Altars each time after he recovered from his injuries.

Now standing in front of the huge thousand-step stone stairs, looking at the sea of clouds at the end of the stairs, Luo Jing took a deep breath.

He had made up his mind.

He must pass through the Twelve Demon Altars and advance to the inner sect.

Then he would find a way to quickly improve his cultivation until he could steal his own life lamp!

And in front of him, there were 1,200 steps in total, with a demon altar every other section on both sides of the stone stairs. There were a total of twelve demon altars, representing twelve tests.

In theory, at this moment, Luo Jing’s cultivation has reached the Qi Refinement Realm Grand Completion, so he shouldn’t have any problem passing the test.

He stood in front of the mountain gate steps for a long time, constantly regulating his breathing, to make his spirit enter the most perfect state.

Luo Jing always plans before acting, likes to be fully prepared and tries to never act recklessly.

Even if, for him passing the mountain test should be a piece of cake, he will never allow himself to be unprepared!

And during the time Luo Jing was regulating his breathing, behind him, on the mountain and in the forest, people had already crowded together.

All the outer disciples who could come, came to watch the show. The scene was even bigger than when Senior Changfeng attempted the mountain test.

After all, it was rumored that this new disciple, Luo Jing, who had just joined the sect, had already reached the Great Perfection of Qi Refining Stage.

But at this moment, there was suddenly a commotion in the crowd behind him.

“Senior Changfeng is here!”

“It’s Senior Changfeng!”

The commotion in the crowd kept spreading to the sides, making way for Changfeng.

And the original number one disciple in his memory, finally came to Luo Jing’s front.

The pale-faced man was wearing a red and black demonic cloud robe. Although he was still an outer disciple, he had already received the demonic cloud robe awarded by the sect, making him extremely conspicuous among the outer disciples.

It had only been a month since Senior Changfeng failed to pass the mountain test. This senior brother should still be recovering from his injuries.

Now he heard the news and rushed over, being the only person brave enough to walk out of the crowd and approach within ten meters of Luo Jing.

But in the midst of all the attention, this sickly senior brother, Changfeng did not come to provoke him.

He looked at Luo Jing in front of the stone steps and showed a weak but friendly smile.

He said: “The first level of the Twelve Demonic Altars is the Fire Refining level.”

“After stepping onto the stone steps, demon fire will rise up and burn your flesh.”

“Although this demon fire is painful, it will not harm your fundamental being. You just need to hold on to your heart, do not release the demonic energy within you, and allow it to burn you, then you can easily pass through.”

“If you release the demonic energy to resist it, the fire will grow stronger, making it difficult for you to move forward, causing excessive consumption of internal energy and making it harder to pass the subsequent levels.”