Me and my Wife transmigrated together!? Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?
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MWTT Chapter 5: Standing Up for My Wife!

Wang Rui was quite well-known among the outer disciples of the Dawn Moon Peak.

Although most of the outer disciples were shameless, she was particularly shameless. It was said that she devoted all her time and energy to alchemy and used various magical drugs to change her appearance, figure, and skin. This is how she became “somewhat attractive” now.

For many years, she has been hunting for handsome guys in the outer sect. Once she has her sights set on someone, there is almost no chance of escape.

Yes, it’s something she’s been doing for many years.

And this seemingly young senior sister, Wang Rui is actually fifty-three years old. According to her qualifications and age, if she had not focused her energy on alchemy and appearance, she would have entered the inner sect long ago.

But senior sister Wang Rui is not interested in entering the inner sect, she prefers to stay in the outer sect’s Medicine Refining Hall, experimenting with her drugs and face, and hunting for the young disciples who join Dawn Moon Peak every year.

Anyway, the outer disciples have no rights, and even if Wang Rui takes the young disciples’ vitality, or if some of them mysteriously disappear after being played by her, no one will investigate.

And as for Luo Jing’s body, it was targeted by Senior Sister Wang ever since it joined the Dawn Moon Peak outer sect six months ago.

However, the original owner of this body, who joined the Soul Refining Sect half a year ago, was determined to make a name for himself.

Therefore, despite Wang Rui’s many seductions and tricks, he never showed any signs of compromise, making him the one who resisted Wang Rui’s attack the longest.

But even so, the original owner couldn’t hold on anymore.

The reason why Luo Jing traveled to this body was that the original owner could not bear Wang Rui’s pressure and did not want to suffer humiliation, so he hanged himself in the forest behind the mountain in a fit of youthful passion.

In theory, Wang Rui had already forced Luo Jing to death once.

Now, seeing this smiling Wang Rui approaching again, Luo Jing shook his head coldly.

He said, “Senior Sister Wang, oh Senior Sister Wang, why are you doing this?”

“I wasn’t even going to bother with you, but you had to come over… You really are pathetic!”

As soon as this was said, the noisy cafeteria suddenly quieted down.

The outer disciples who had been watching the excitement around them all stared at Luo Jing with strange and suspicious eyes.

Has this kid lost his mind today? Did a donkey kick him in the head? Why is he acting so recklessly?

And Wang Rui’s smile also froze instantly.

Being scolded in front of so many people, even by the handsome Luo Jing, made her face darken.

“Junior Brother Luo,” Wang Rui straightened up and her tone became cold, “it seems that you don’t understand the rules of our Dawn Moon Peak’s outer disciples.”

“Or is it that Senior Sister has been too indulgent towards you these days, making you have a misconception? Do you really think Senior Sister Wang can’t do anything to you?”

“Senior Sister can spoil you, but she can also ruin you.”

Wang Rui coldly said, “Come, strip this kid naked and hang him at the entrance of the Medicine Refining Hall for three days!”

In the outer sect, Wang Rui was a powerful force in the Medicine Refining Hall. There were people who could contend with her, but obviously not including Luo Jing in front of her.

As soon as Wang Rui finished speaking, four Medicine Refining Hall disciples immediately came forward to arrest Luo Jing.

The onlookers were also sneering and contemptuous.

Luo Jing was not the first young person who considered himself good-looking and spoke disrespectfully to Wang Rui.

Although Wang Rui seemed to have no resistance to handsome men, if a handsome man dared to act recklessly and not recognize his position, the outcome would be extremely miserable.

This 53-year-old beautiful Senior Sister who could preside over the Medicine Refining Hall was not a virtuous woman.

However, in the next instant, a surge of demonic energy erupted.

The four Medicine Refining Hall disciples who rushed to arrest Luo Jing were directly shaken away by the surging demonic energy.

A dim and almost non-existent demonic energy armor was attached to Luo Jing’s body, making him look eerie and mysterious.

The cultivation of Luo Jing and his wife is synchronous, but it does not change the qi in their bodies.
Luo Jing, who practiced demonic cultivation, still had demonic energy in his body.

He stood up and looked at Wang Rui in front of him, sneering.

“Heaven has a path you do not take, but you insist on going to hell.”

“This is what you asked for! Since you’re here, let’s settle old accounts, end grudges, and make you, Wang Rui, the prize of my mountain raid today!”

With that, Luo Jing, surrounded by demonic energy, took a step forward and instantly approached Wang Rui.

Wang Rui was suddenly frightened and hurriedly retreated, trying to escape, but couldn’t even muster a thought to resist.

Because the dim demonic energy surrounding Luo Jing was clearly a sign of him reaching the Great completion stage of the Qi Refining realm and that he was about to break through to the Awakening Spirit Realm!

Junior Brother Luo, who had only entered the sect for half a year, had quietly advanced to the Great Completion stage of the Qi Refining realm?

Wang Rui instinctively wanted to escape.

But with only a cultivation base of the sixth layer of the Qi Refining realm, how could she possibly escape?

Luo Jing reached out and grabbed her by the nape of her neck, forcefully pulling her back, and then slammed her onto the ground.


The table in front of Luo Jing was instantly shattered.

The graceful figure of Senior Sister Wang let out a miserable cry and collapsed in the midst of the broken wood.

She begged for mercy, “Brother Luo, spare me!”

Wang Rui’s eyes were filled with fear.

The huge gap in their cultivation made it impossible for her to resist.

And all the outer sect disciples in the dining hall were stunned by this sudden reversal of the situation.

That submissive Luo Jing is actually at the level of Qi Refinement Realm Grand Completion?

He has only been in the sect for half a year, how could he have such strong cultivation?

Could this kid be a rare cultivation genius?

Using the superficial techniques of the outer sect, he cultivated to the level of Qi Refinement Realm Grand Completion in just half a year?

The outer sect disciples in the cafeteria were all shocked.

When they saw Wang Rui being captured, their first reaction was to retreat in panic, afraid of being affected.

Even the several disciples from the Refining Medicine Hall brought by Wang Rui, seeing this scene, all hid in the crowd and disappeared.

Qi Refinement Realm Grand Completion!

How could they provoke such a person as an outer sect disciple!

Within ten meters of Luo Jing and Wang Rui, there was no one else.

Many outer sect disciples were even squeezed outside the door and could only watch from a distance.

Under the gaze of everyone, Luo Jing stepped on the begging Wang Rui with one foot and had a cold look in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

“During these days, you didn’t directly use force against me, so I’ll give you a way out.”

“However, although I won’t kill you, I want to take something from you!”

Luo Jing spoke and bent down, reaching out to pinch Wang Rui’s mouth and said, “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue for me!”

Luo Jing’s angry shout frightened Wang Rui, who trembled and instinctively stuck out her tongue.

And the moment she stuck out her tongue, Luo Jing directly grabbed it. And then pulled hard!

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

A piercing scream came from Wang Rui’s throat. Amidst the splattering of blood, the outer disciples looked on in horror as Wang Rui’s tongue was brutally ripped out! And Luo Jing, who stood in place, coldly snorted and threw the bloody tongue aside.

He sneered, “This tongue is to vent my wife’s anger!”