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MWTT Chapter 4: Rumors!

Ten people slept on the large bed in the dark room, snoring in chorus. The constant buzzing of insects outside made the night seem extremely noisy.

Sitting among them, Luo Jing sighed. He decided to stop cultivating and lay down to rest. Since he had decided to venture into the mountains tomorrow, he needed to get a good night’s sleep.

Cultivation was a task that consumed both physical and mental energy, as it involved absorbing spiritual energy from the air into one’s body, and the higher the level of cultivation, the more meticulous and mentally exhausting the techniques became. The external cultivation method that Luo Jing practiced was rudimentary and crude, and the cultivation difficulty was perhaps equivalent to a third-grade math problem from his past life. However, even simple problems can be tiring and frustrating when done continuously for a whole day.

Since he had decided to venture into the mountains tomorrow, Luo Jing rested and recharged his energy. Venturing into the mountains was a test for outersect disciples to advance in the Soul Refining Sect.

Most outer sect disciples were not qualified to enter the inner sect. There were nine levels of Refining Qi, and someone like Wang Rui, who had reached the sixth level, already had some influence in the outer sect. Only those who had reached the seventh level of Refining Qi were eligible to venture into the mountains. As long as they passed the twelve checkpoints, they could advance to the inner sect and become inner disciples.

However, the examination is extremely difficult, even if one has reached the seventh level of Qi Refinement, there is no guarantee of passing it in one attempt.

For example, the current number one disciple of the outer sect of Dawn Moon Peak, Senior Brother Changfeng, who is at the seventh level of Qi Refinement, failed the examination three times.

One’s cultivation must reach at least the eighth level of Qi Refinement or above to have a good chance of success.

Of course, with Luo Jing’s cultivation at the ninth level of Qi Refinement, it would be too easy for him to pass the examination, just like eating and drinking water.

The only reason why Luo Jing was hiding his true strength before was that he was biding his time.

Now that he has decided to take the examination and join the inner sect, Luo Jing does not plan to hide his strength anymore.

In the cutthroat world of the demonic sect, as long as one demonstrates enough strength and talent, many troubles can be avoided.

Once his complete mastery of the ninth level of Qi Refinement is revealed, it will be enough for Luo Jing to stand firm in the inner sect.

Even if he encounters someone like Wang Rui, a crazy woman with power, Luo Jing does not have to submit to her, he has the right and confidence to refuse her.

Outer sect disciples have no rights, even if they die, no one cares. Only disciples with power like Wang Rui can be so arrogant.

But inner sect disciples are different.

Even in the cutthroat world of the demonic sect, infighting and internal strife among inner sect disciples are extremely serious matters.

That’s why Shen Qingxuan hopes that Luo Jing will join the inner sect.

Because only by joining the inner sect can Luo Jing have the most basic “human rights” in this cutthroat world of the demonic sect.

Early in the morning, Luo Jing was awakened by the voices of his roommates. M…

Regarding Luo Jing, who is always working hard and diligently cultivating, his roommates don’t like him.

After all, before Luo Jing crossed over, the original owner was also a hardworking person, and had an ordinary relationship with his roommates.

“Everyone is just hanging around in the outer sect, but you are the only one who is working hard?” This kind of thinking makes it strange for Luo Jing to be popular.

But Luo Jing also has no intention of getting along well with these roommates.

He gets up, gets dressed, goes to the courtyard to fetch water, washes his face, and brushes his teeth with salt on a tree branch.

Then Luo Jing puts on a sharp and neat black short-sleeved outfit and walks towards the door.

Due to his acute perception in the Great Completion of the Qi Refining realm, he immediately heard his roommates’ mocking whispers in the yard behind him.

“This guy is acting tough again.”

“He’s dressed so stylishly in the morning, is he trying to seduce a women?”

“Hey… let me tell you guys, a disciple from the Medicine Refining Hall said that this guy and Wang Rui, that senior sister, were together in the room for a while yesterday. When Wang Rui came out, her face was split open, and she had no idea what they did inside.”

“Wow! Her face was split open, they must have had a lot of fun. Looks like Wang Rui senior sister really got a taste of him.”

“But this guy was originally a useless waste, all talk and no action. He’s not worth much despite looking promising. He’s a waste of time!”

Luo Jing rolled his eyes at his roommates’ disdainful and jealous whispers.

Compared to the peaceful and harmonious Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect where his wife belongs, the outer sect of this demonic sect is simply a dung pit.

Dealing with this group of dark and petty people is a waste of time.

It’s like a bunch of flies buzzing in your ear, dirty if you swat them, noisy if you don’t.

Luo Jing hopes that the environment will improve after entering the inner sect.

After all, the people who can enter the inner sect are either experienced disciples who have worked for many years in the outer sect or young, talented demonic cultivators. Even if they are bad, they won’t be as stupid and straightforward as the outer sect disciples.

Leaving his residence, Luo Jing walks quickly between the buildings.

Along the way, he passes many outer sect disciples who point and talk about him.

Thanks to Sister Wang Rui, Luo Jing has gained some reputation in the outer sect of Dawn Moon Peak.

It seems that everyone is talking about yesterday’s incident between Luo Jing and Sister Wang in the Medicine Refining Hall…

Luo Jing calmly walks into the nearest cafeteria, pays twenty copper coins, and orders a dish with meat and soup.

Then, as expected, he hears the disdainful whispers of the disciple serving the food when he leaves.

“…he really hooked up with Sister Wang Rui, he’s so generous.”

“Ugh! Such a parasite, it makes me sick just looking at him.”

Luo Jing ignores them and quietly eats his meal in a corner.

Meanwhile, the cafeteria is crowded and noisy as people come and go during meal times.

The Soul Refining Sect of the Demon Dao has seven main peaks, and countless disciples. Just in the Dawn Moon Peak alone, there are tens of thousands of outer disciples. Not only is there a market at the foot of the mountain, but there are also countless houses and buildings within the outer sect of Dawn Moon Peak, forming a world of its own. In the hazy memories of the original owner, the number of people in the county where Luo Jing’s hometown is located is not as many as the outer disciples on Dawn Moon Peak.

Most of the outer disciples work as laborers and run errands in the mountains, practicing diligently. When their cultivation reaches the seventh level of Qi Refining, they can try to challenge the mountain. The outer sect is considered a reserve of talented personnel for the Soul Refining Sect, or rather, a reserve of expendable foot soldiers. After all, most of the disciples promoted from the outer sect have mediocre talents and cannot reach high levels, and even if they enter the inner sect, they can only be cannon fodder.

However, it is precisely because of this large number of foot soldiers that the Soul Refining Sect can develop and grow to its current status. A sect cannot rely solely on experts.

At this moment, Luo Jing was full and didn’t bother to pay attention to the gossip around him. He planned to go directly to challenge the mountain. However, just as he put down his chopsticks, a fragrant breeze hit him.

The familiar laughter of Wang Rui, appeared in his ear. “Oh my, Junior Brother Luo, what a coincidence!”

Wang Rui, with a band-aid on her forehead, sat down beside Luo Jing without any hesitation, propping her chin up with one hand and smiling, “I didn’t expect us to have such a fate, we even get to meet while having breakfast.”

“Looks like even the heavens are trying to matchmake us,” said Wang Rui with a cackling laugh that sounded like a mother hen. The surrounding outer disciples who were watching the show couldn’t help but suppress their laughter and turned their heads, afraid of bursting out laughing on the spot.