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MWTT Chapter 21: Beast Keeper

The guiding jade talisman did not fly very fast. Luo Jing flew for a whole night to cover the distance of over 1500 miles and only arrived at his destination when the eastern sky was turning pale.

When his feet touched the ground again, Luo Jing couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

The feeling of flying for the first time was very novel and interesting, but after a while, it was just the same.

After all, Luo Jing could only slightly control the direction of the guiding jade talisman’s flight, but he could not control the actual direction of the flying tool.

This magical tool flew over the mountains with Luo Jing following the predetermined route.
The real feeling was more like being on a plane without a cabin.

And it wasn’t a fast one.

Even though the cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Realm had begun to leave their mortal bodies and had spiritual power to protect themselves.

But when Luo Jing’s feet touched the ground, he still felt his cheeks being blown stiff and tingling.
After standing still for a while, Luo Jing finally felt his breath return.

And the inner sect disciple who was on duty here was not surprised by this.

When Luo Jing was resting in front of the wooden house, the disciple had already quickly packed his luggage and stood in front of him wearing a Demon Cloud Robe.

When Luo Jing regained his senses, the disciple handed him a token and said, “This is the mountain patrol token, which must be worn at all times.”

“Although there is a boundary array set up around the feeding area, which is enough to scare away ordinary monsters. But those fire fox cubs in the array are not easy to deal with.”

“But there’s no problem as long as you wear the patrol token and don’t actively provoke those fire foxes. In theory, there is no risk to your life.”

Luo Jing was taken aback by the disciple’s casual instructions.

“In theory?” he repeated in a whisper.

But the guard disciple grinned and said, “A beast is a beast, unpredictable in their moods. I see you didn’t bring your magical tool, so you must have just entered the Foundation Establishment Realm. Let me give you a warning: don’t get too close to the monsters.”

“The foxes in these mountains may seem harmless, but they are inherently cruel and evil. When you feed them, be sure to strictly follow the feeding manual and don’t get too close to those beasts.”

After hurriedly giving these instructions, the guard disciple immediately activated the jade talisman and flew into the air.

“Good luck to you, Junior Brother!”

The guard disciple, who had flown away, had a face full of gloating.

That smiling face was as if he had seen another unlucky person.

Seeing this, Luo Jing couldn’t help but feel a bit speechless.

A reward of 100 spirit stones…

It was not so easy to earn.

Not only did he have to endure for three months, but he might also face danger.

Standing in front of this wooden house, Luo Jing looked down at the forest below and the mountains in the distance, shaking his head slightly.

With the departure of the guard disciple, Luo Jing was now the only person in the mountain.

The wooden house he was in was built on a sturdy ancient tree that could only be hugged by ten people, and was about 66.6 meter off the ground.

In Luo Jing’s previous life, this could be considered a high-rise building.

Inside the wooden house, everything was extremely simple.

There was a wooden plank bed without sheets or bedding, and nothing else except for this bed, making it a truly bare-bones home.

There are no protective prohibitions or gathering spirit arrays, so poor that it’s unbearable.

First, Luo Jing walked around the wooden house and took out the eight formation flags carried in the spirit treasure bag to set up the Eight Ghosts Chaotic Mind Formation around the wooden house.

He added a safety measure to his temporary residence.

Then he opened the breeding manual and followed the map recorded in the manual to walk around the breeding area.

He carefully and meticulously checked all the boundary monuments, confirming that each monument was intact.

These boundary monuments make up the large array of the breeding area, emitting an ominous atmosphere and scaring away approaching monsters.

If there is a problem with the boundary monuments, Luo Jing, who lives inside, will be in danger.

After confirming that all the boundary monuments were intact, Luo Jing began to patrol the land he was in.

He stood at the highest point of the breeding area, overlooking the vast jungle below, verifying the map marked in the breeding manual with the scenery he saw.

According to the records in the breeding manual, there were fifty-six young fox cubs living in this mountain hollow surrounded by mountains.

This is a kind of ferocious and brutal demon fox, born with the ability to control fire. Although their lifespan is not long and they don’t understand the way of cultivation, adult fire foxes can rival cultivators in the later stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The Soul Refining Sect has been raising monsters in the Vast Ancient Mountains for nearly ten thousand years.

Once the foxes in the mountains give birth to their cubs, they will send them to this place and hand them over to the cultivators of the Soul Refining Sect for feeding.

When they reach a certain age, these fox cubs will naturally be driven away from this place by the great array.

Along the way, Luo Jing also saw three or two foxes wandering in the mountains.

These foxes are all fiery red in color, looking quite small and cute. However, their eyes are a creepy blood red, making people wary.

When Luo Jing had his back to these foxes, he could clearly sense their dangerous killing intent.

Each of these foxes that he encountered seemed to want to attack Luo Jing!

But the aura emitted by the patrol token made these foxes not dare to approach.

However, the feeding ground is not small. Luo Jing quickly walked around the mountain and estimated the size.

This feeding ground surrounded by mountains is about ten miles in diameter.

The mountain forests are dense with snakes and insects, and there are several places where the trees are lush and the miasma is rising.

But there are also beautiful places. One of them is a waterfall hanging from a cliff, flowing into a winding river in the forest.

And below the waterfall, the surging mountain spring has formed a pool of water.

The water flows into the mountains, forming a small river. Occasionally, wild beasts can be seen drinking water by the river, and they are not afraid of Luo Jing.

Luo Jing even saw a majestic white-headed langur lying near the river with a goat not far away.

The fierce beasts in these mountains seem to have some kind of consensus not to kill at the watering hole.

After walking around the feeding ground, Luo Jing roughly memorized the situation of the entire feeding ground.

For the next three months, he would be living here, and he must have a clear understanding of everything in these mountains.

Finally, after a complete tour of the feeding ground, Luo Jing returned to his high wooden house in the forest under the cover of the night.

The wooden house was suspended twenty zhang above the dense forest.

After making a rough note of some of the things he noticed during his tour, Luo Jing sat cross-legged on the cloud bed and began a day of practice.

Outside, the cold wind howled in the mountains and the leaves rustled, as if weeping.

The weather was bad in the mountains tonight.

Luo Jing did not see the sunset. When he returned, only dark clouds covered the mountains.

Looking at the cold and violent wind outside the window and the heavy dark clouds hanging low in the sky, Luo Jing knew that it was going to rain.